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It’s early yet, and we’ll be hearing updates all night.  I just read the most perfect post about the elections.  Not a Mean Girl said it just the way I feel,  All For One and One For All.  You have to go read her article, it’s quick, and to the point.  Most of all it speaks my feelings so well. 

In any case, the campaign is now over and those who make things happen can get down to business and try to come up with some solutions.  Best of all, we don’t have to listen to any more terrible campaign commercials, YEE HAW.


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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

thanks for pointing us over there that was great.

The Grandpa said...

Thanks, Eric.

We all need to remember this night.

maggie's mind said...

That was a great read, and I couldn't agree more. I wrote something similar. I know some are hopeful while others are scared, but I hope that we can come together now that it's been decided.

Kel said...

Wow, wow, wow . . . the results are in and I'm thrilled, awed, blown away. We are watching the wrap up of the day from Beijing, China, where I am posted for two weeks performing an audit for my company.

It is truly fascinating to be in a country other than the US to watch this sort of thing unfold. One gets a completely different perspective, and different feel, and tonight the focus of the CNN China Bureau is how the news of the election is playing out around the world.

Randy says he's "cautiously optimistic," and hopes that this charismatic young president will be able to repair the poor image of the US that has developed during the W. Bush years.

Chinese TV is stressing that China was the first country to express its warm congratulations and deep pleasure that Barrack won the election.

NotAMeanGirl said...

Thanks Eric :) This election has both given me hope in mankind and yet makes me... apprehensive ... that we're not up to the task ahead of us. It's huge in scope but God... wouldn't it be grand?

jena isle said...

It was of mixed emotions that I watched the speech of both candidates and it was touching and heart warming.

Speaks of nobility and greatness.

LceeL said...

Everything last night was handled with class and elan. I am so proud of the American people. We have, finally, grown up.

Now we all have to pitch in and help. get involved and stay involved as much as we can. Because he won't be able to do this alone.

derfina said...


Anna M Blanch said...

Thanks for adding me to your blog list. Nice post! I just posted about something that happened here last night after the election results came in that wasn't so grand, if you want to check it out.

Lilly's Life said...

You must be relieved. I think its great news and both candidates showed such class and love for their country in their speeches. Now things can start being mended. Amazing to watch as Kelly said.

Eric S. said...

@ Barbara, no problem, I have nothing but respect for the post Not a Mean Girl made.

@ The Grandpa, You are so right. We all need to remember this night as a moment in history.

@ Maggies Mind, I think people are mostly hopeful. I have noticed McCain followers are not in as bad a mood as I would expect. I think things will be interesting, I just hope everyone can keep the positive outlook. I read your post, it was perfect, and fit the mood right.

@ Kel, I bet it was interesting, especially in China. What is the feeling toward America over there. I am hoping for the best, and willing to wait because nothing will happen overnight.

@ Not A Mean Girl, surprise, no problem your post fit my feelings perfectly.

@ Jena, I know what you mean, but am feeling pretty positive after the reactions I've seen so far.

@ Lou, you are so right. McCain has my respect for how he handled that, and Obama was inspirational. Now like you said, its up to us to pull together and make things work.

@ Derfina, You got it girl.

@ Anna, No problem it was my pleasure. I'll check out your post.

@ Lilly, Yes indeed, relief is foremost, but it is more relief that the process is over. I am looking forward to seeing some positive action, and as you say mending. I can imagine it is a little different watching it from your perspective.

redchair said...

Wasn't it wonderful! And so emotional and uplifting. Definitely one of the best Presidential elections we've ever had.

AngelBaby said...

You can still change your post to a meme even after it posts so don't worry about it, OK? If you need some help let me know.

Wasn't the election amazing! I could not stop watching it. Wow! We watched history in the making!

Love and Blessings,

Kel said...

Folk here in China are very enthusiastic about Obama, they believe that his interesting life (family in Kenya, childhood in malasia, growing up in Hawaii, subsequent adcademic, lawyering, and political acheivements) have shaped a more world-oriented person who understands what it is to be scratching for money, and and struggling in a one-parent family, and yet hold personal ethics and community values to an incredibly high standard.

People are smiling and very eager to talk with Americans about it.

Eric S. said...

@ Vikki, it was pretty fascinating. Now all we have to do is see what happens next, and keep him to his word.

@ AngelBaby, The day is almost over, and there will be a new post up soon. We'll see I might still make it a meme.

@ Kel, that's pretty interesting. Nice to know they are interested in what happens within our politics. We hear so much, but you never know what to believe.


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