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Tis Monday once again.  And such a rough week it has been, throughout the blogosphere.  So many things have happened over the past week, it’s hard to take it all in at times.  So many times we get caught up in our own problems and trials that we fail to notice what is going on around us.    We have a strange little community here, with relationships that are both real and heartfelt.  We may never meet a blogger face to face, shake hands, or share a lunch.  But I think at times we know each other better than many real life friends. 


I was visiting LouCeel this week, and found out about a missing blogger.  I had never been to this site before, but had to go see what was up.  When I arrived at So Grateful to be Mormon, I was shocked and taken back to read an agonized, pleading post by the bloggers 18 year old daughter Aleese.  Her mother has been missing since the 27 th of October.  They are scared and worried, they just want to know what has happened, and want their mother, known by her readers as Beany, home.  Here is a link to the story on the  local TV station in Anchorage Alaska KTUU.  There are currently 100 comments on the post, and number 98 is from Aleese.  I can not do it justice, but just know I wanted so much to give the poor girl a hug, and dam near left me crying.  She wants to write a song, and is actually asking if anyone would mind her posting it on her mothers blog.  Please Aleese, write your song and post it, give yourself an outlet.  My heart goes out to this family, and I am hoping for a positive outcome.  I just can’t imagine the torment going through their lives at this time. 


As I was trying to catch up on some of my regulars, I visited Writing From the Inside Out.  Barbara, who is a regular here also, has suffered a loss of her own.  One of he close friends she met on line, has passed away.    We become such good friends with people we meet online, and it can tear you apart when you loss one of them.  Especially in such a traumatic way (You’ll have to go to her site to read the story, it’s not mine to tell).  Here I was feeling sorry for myself with what was happening to me, and so many others were suffering also with troubles of their own.  I now feel a little guilty for not keeping up with what was going on around me and not sharing my compassion for others.   Barbara, I’m so sorry for your loss. 


How is it that we can get so attached to the people we meet on line, and have never even met them face to face.  Its kind of funny that we can correlate something that has happened to us during a normal day, with what a fellow blogger has been going through.  Lilly wrote an article about this just last week.  I got a real big kick out of it.  Any of you that frequent Lilly’s Life know how she writes with her unique sense of humor.  You have to go read her article, Blogging Baffles the Brains.


Here is a brand new mil-blog.  CPT Rob Yilesca’s wife is keeping a blog about their trials.  He has just been severely injured by an IED, and she is keeping a blog about his treatment and recovery.  If you get some time, go by and drop a comment, give them some moral support, and thank him for his service.

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AngelBaby said...

Wow, what an awful week, I hope the find Beany soon and she's alright. Boy, I had no idea that so much was happening. I was busy trying to get my site back up again. Your post here makes me wonder why I was so wrapped up in my own problems when others have much bigger ones than I do. Thanks for sharing this.

Love and Blessings,

Lilly's Life said...

Eric yes I saw Kathleen's (Beany) site. That poor family. Everyone was looking at her posts to try and see if here were any clues to what may have happened.

I think maybe that people in the blogosphere share a lot about themselves, sometimes far more than even people we know well may. I think that people connect in all sorts of ways. What it does make me wonder is if something happened to someone and they just stopped blogging you may never know what happened.

We just have to be careful that we keep it all in balance.

I hope things are going well with your daughters Eric. And thanks for the mention - appreciated.

June Saville said...

Eric I really respect your feelings for others. I think that at the moment many people throughout the world feel as though they are in a kind of limbo. What will happen next kind of stuff.
It's amazing too that in those times things often occur that affect us badly and seem to make more of an impact than ever ...
Lilly's right of course - we must keep things in balance. But sometimes it's easier said than done.

Eric S. said...

@ AngelBaby, me too, I'm hoping, but it just seems that too much time has past. I hope their family can handle all the stress, my heart really goes out to them.

@ Lilly, Your right of course, it is important to keep things in perspective. I guess the hard part of blogging is not being able to help out. I know if it were friends of mine around here, I would be out helping with the search.

@ June, Thank you, I was told one time by a very wise man, that compassion is the greatest trait a person can have. Your right, got to keep it in ballance

rocksnowhite said...

I for one am glad you took some time to catch up with everything and made the rest of us be aware of everything else was going on around us, even miles away, but virtually so close. the fact that you spread the kind word about what is happening made you spread some positive energy on those souls by making the rest of us part of their stories.

Cloudia said...

This has been one heck of a week!
Hoping that things start to improve for all.
Your words about blogging relationships echoes what Travis wrote today. We are all linked, aren;t we?
Best wishes from Waikiki-

Eric S. said...

@ Rocksnowwhite, Thanks, I like to write about things that touch me. These posts definitely touched me, and made me feel a great deal of compassion for them.

@ Cloudia, yes I hope things improve also. You know our on line relationships are unique in and of themselves. It's hard for people who do not blog to understand. I have noticed a lot of bloggers talking about it lately.

jena isle said...

Thanks Eric for sharing these great blogs. I come to know about new blogs from your posts. You are a generous and kind person.

Happy blogging.

Eric S. said...

Jena Thank you, I find new blogs all the time, and I like to share them. This week has been (for a lack of a better word) touching.


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