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Monday again, and such a wonderful week ahead.  This year has gone by so quickly, it boggles my mind.  To think Thanksgiving is upon us once again. 


You may have noticed I changed the title to Monday Night’s Writers of The Web.  I decided that since invariably it is at night when I write all me posts, I might as well name it to suit.   Ok, Ok, quit nagging, I’ll get on with it.  I have found some good blogs to read, and Some I have been reading for quite a while.


First off, one site I visit regularly, The Walking Man, who write some very thoughtful and thought provoking prose.  You can count on some very astute, well thought out writing at his site.  I can promise he’ll get you to thinking about his topics when he write poetry.  Well He has completed a novel, Big Sur Resurrection, and posted it for reading.  To be honest I have not read it yet, but to gauge by his normal writing, it will be excellent. 


Some blog’s I stumble across, some are suggested to me, and some just simply find me.  Pinetown’s First Lady Living Life in Lassen County in the White House, wheh that’s  a mouthful, is one of those whose author found me.  Allison, has left a few comments here, and I have come to find she is a kindred spirit.  Allison is a fellow small town person, who loves the mountains and outdoors.  She writes of her memories, and shares beautiful pictures of the countryside around her.  Pay her a visit and say hi for me, if I haven’t already.


Now I have the pleasure of passing on a site recommended by Defina of Life in the River.  I shared Derfina’s site a little while back, and she is one of my regular reads.  She's always good for a down to earth hearty laugh.  Anyway, Derfina recommended Attack of the Redneck Mommy today.    Naturally being the inquisitive person I am, and constantly in search of good blogs, I paid a visit, besides who can resist a title like that.   Let me tell you, this is a great blog, especially for those of us with the ingrained redneck tendencies.  You’ll be in for a treat of some down home country humor, some reminiscence, and a little sorrow.  All written very well, and actually a pleasant read.  I love Redneck Mommy’s sense of humor, and blatant, out in the open style.


Lastly, some of my Plurk friends are having a blog contest.  Not a Mean Girl, and a few others I will list shortly, wanted to help people over the holidays.  They came up with an idea for a contest, where they select winners from commenter's on their blogs.   What is the prize, well it will be wrapped Christmas presents.  It’s easier for me to give you the link to her article, and you can read for yourself.  The rest of the bloggers, some of them my friends from Plurk, taking part in this are,

As Kat Knits

Passion Parties by Alana

PQ Nation

Confessions of a Middle Aged Surburban Diva

Popping Bubbles

SU Comments

Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mom

I Read Banned Books

The Daily Douz


Puntiglio Bookshelf

Three Ring ‘Surf’Ace


Andrea’s Internet Cafe.

So pay them a visit and leave a comment, but first go by Not a Mean Girl’s site and read up on the rules.

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derfina said...

Great links as usual, Eric. And thanks for the linky lurve!

redchair said...

Great fun Eric. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for sharing those cool sites.

I also want to wish you and your family and very lovely Thanksgiving.

Peace and blessing for you all.

confused said...

excellent choices my reading list is expanding..:)

Not The Rockefellers said...

Thanks, Eric for some good finds.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Peace - Rene

Eric S. said...

@ Durfina, You're quite welcome. Thank you for suggesting Attack of the Redneck Mommy.

Hi Vikki, thank you and a great big happy Thanksgiving back to ya.

Alexys, Thank you so much and happy Thanksgiving along with peace and blessings.

Confused, thanks, and your welcome. Happy Thanksgiving.

Not the Rockefellers, Happy Thanksgiving to you too. They are good reads.

the walking man said...

The year did pass by a bit to quickly, I must agree.
But they all seem to be rushing since I passed fifty.
Brother give me my supple youth back,
lest I rush headlong unto sixty.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thanks for the nod Eric...I appreciate it.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,

Giving gifts would be a good project for christmas. You're visiting blogs that I have never read before, thanks for introducing them to us.

Best regards.

Eric S. said...

@ The Walking Man, Thanks for the visits, I'm reading your book, and enjoying it.

@ Jena, I've been getting around to quite a few different sites lately. Now if I can just get myself back into writing I'll be doing fine.

Redneck Mommy said...


Thanks for including me on your list. You just made my night.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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