Happy Thanksgiving

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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.  I think back to what Thanksgivings of the past have been for me.  The one thing that always comes to the fore front is FOOD.  Lots and lots of scrumptious tempting food.  Food and family is what Thanksgiving is all about for me.  spending time with family around the diner table, stories of their lives, and memories from the past. 


The Thanksgivings I remember the most were the ones back home in Colorado.  My Step Mom would spend all day cooking and preparing a massive feast.  We all worked at the station until noon on Thanksgiving day when Dad would close.  Just a short drive back to the house, and everyone from the family was all in one place.  We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting, and sharing stories of what had happened with each other through the past few months. 


Mom and Dad had a really big front room, and two big tables.  Mom would spread all the food out for everybody to serve themselves.  The shear amount of food was breathtaking.  We would have turkey, ham, roast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, macaroni salad, and vegetables of all kinds. There was one thing Mom made every year, that was not very traditional Thanksgiving food, except for us.  Dad loved Escargot, and passed that taste on to many of us kids.  Mom made four big trays of Escargot, and we would fight over who got the last few, they never lasted very long.  Of course she would have all kinds of deserts, two or three kinds of pie and cakes, all home made.  How she managed to cook it all is beyond me.


After literally stuffing ourselves to the point of not being able to move, we all sat around talking.  I think it was one of the few times of the year when we all talked for long periods of time.  I do so miss those dinners.


I hope everyone of you has a wonderful, happy, and memorable Thanksgiving.

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Monday Night’s Writers of The Web


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Monday again, and such a wonderful week ahead.  This year has gone by so quickly, it boggles my mind.  To think Thanksgiving is upon us once again. 


You may have noticed I changed the title to Monday Night’s Writers of The Web.  I decided that since invariably it is at night when I write all me posts, I might as well name it to suit.   Ok, Ok, quit nagging, I’ll get on with it.  I have found some good blogs to read, and Some I have been reading for quite a while.


First off, one site I visit regularly, The Walking Man, who write some very thoughtful and thought provoking prose.  You can count on some very astute, well thought out writing at his site.  I can promise he’ll get you to thinking about his topics when he write poetry.  Well He has completed a novel, Big Sur Resurrection, and posted it for reading.  To be honest I have not read it yet, but to gauge by his normal writing, it will be excellent. 


Some blog’s I stumble across, some are suggested to me, and some just simply find me.  Pinetown’s First Lady Living Life in Lassen County in the White House, wheh that’s  a mouthful, is one of those whose author found me.  Allison, has left a few comments here, and I have come to find she is a kindred spirit.  Allison is a fellow small town person, who loves the mountains and outdoors.  She writes of her memories, and shares beautiful pictures of the countryside around her.  Pay her a visit and say hi for me, if I haven’t already.


Now I have the pleasure of passing on a site recommended by Defina of Life in the River.  I shared Derfina’s site a little while back, and she is one of my regular reads.  She's always good for a down to earth hearty laugh.  Anyway, Derfina recommended Attack of the Redneck Mommy today.    Naturally being the inquisitive person I am, and constantly in search of good blogs, I paid a visit, besides who can resist a title like that.   Let me tell you, this is a great blog, especially for those of us with the ingrained redneck tendencies.  You’ll be in for a treat of some down home country humor, some reminiscence, and a little sorrow.  All written very well, and actually a pleasant read.  I love Redneck Mommy’s sense of humor, and blatant, out in the open style.


Lastly, some of my Plurk friends are having a blog contest.  Not a Mean Girl, and a few others I will list shortly, wanted to help people over the holidays.  They came up with an idea for a contest, where they select winners from commenter's on their blogs.   What is the prize, well it will be wrapped Christmas presents.  It’s easier for me to give you the link to her article, and you can read for yourself.  The rest of the bloggers, some of them my friends from Plurk, taking part in this are,

As Kat Knits

Passion Parties by Alana

PQ Nation

Confessions of a Middle Aged Surburban Diva

Popping Bubbles

SU Comments

Random Ramblings of a Stay At Home Mom

I Read Banned Books

The Daily Douz


Puntiglio Bookshelf

Three Ring ‘Surf’Ace


Andrea’s Internet Cafe.

So pay them a visit and leave a comment, but first go by Not a Mean Girl’s site and read up on the rules.

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Just Another Silent Sleepy Sunday

Crazy Weather clouds

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What is it about grey weather?  The kind that has a high clouds obscuring the sun, preventing it from sending it’s warming, soothing rays to us.  This type of  sky seems to carry with it a sense of silence that is somehow comforting.    I have been sitting here today enjoying the coolness of this unusual day.  When I noticed that everyone in the neighborhood must be feeling the same way.  The kids across the street, normally quite boisterous in their playful antics, not always appreciated, have been calmly going about their play.  The partiers down the street, normally playing their music loudly, and having a number of people coming and going, are quiet.


That’s all right, I’ll take the peace and quiet as often as I can get it.  I didn’t get to go hunting this weekend for reasons beyond my control.   Now that makes two weekends in a row that I missed the simple pleasures of nature and solitude.  I guess someone felt sorry for me today, and is letting me enjoy myself without having to go elsewhere.  It’s not often we get to enjoy the peace and quiet of a Sunday so I’m making the best of it.


I have warmed up the charcoal grill, and started some baked potato's.  I prepared my famous, at least to me, steak marinade, and have had two huge venison steaks marinating for the last 3 hours.  We have been listening to old country music all mourning, and really just having a wonderful day.  There is something nice about old country music and a charcoal grilled meal that just seems to make the day worth while.


I have been pretty bad about posting last week, I have no excuse, just nothing to say.  Hopefully that will change for this week, and I’ll get some fun stories out.  For now enjoy some of the music I have been listening to.


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What Are Memories Anyway

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Memories are those special treasures we save and collect over the years.   Think of them as tiny grains of sand, collected, compressed, then carefully polished and perfected.  Slowly the grains of sand build, improve, and become a flawlessly alluring pearl.  We keep our pearls safe and secure, tucked away in the vault of our mind.  Frequently pulling them out to admire and view in just the right illuminating environment.  We treasure our pearls, appreciating their smooth perfect texture, and comforting appearance.  Sometimes we even share our pearls of thought, nostalgia, increasing their value by doing so.


This is the time of year when that small town in the mountains of Colorado would place barricades at the top and bottom of 4th st.  One of the steepest streets in town.  Only the resident on that street were allowed to drive down it.  It provided one heck of a sledding hill.  The street usually had a pretty solid base of packed snow, turning to ice on top. 


We would break out the old sleds, wax up the runners, being sure there were no burs to slow it down. After bundling up against the cold, we carried the sled to the top of the hill.  It was a short walk for us, just 2 blocks, but always seemed to take an interminable amount of time to get there.  Once at the top, we sat on the sled, lined up as close to each other as possible, and let her rip.  Racing down the hill as fast as gravity would propel us, screaming, hooting, and generally making as much noise in the process as we could.  Then back again to the top to do all over again.


When we tired of sledding, at the bottom of the street, the town had a large vacant lot.  They had built up an earthen dam all the way around a very large portion of the lot.   The Fire Department would hook up fire hoses to the hydrant, and fill the whole thing with water.  It took some time for it to freeze over, but eventually there was a very nice and large ice skating rink.  It was large enough you could play a game of hockey if you wanted. 


I remember vividly all the towns kids spending every available minute at these two places in the winter.  I learned how to ice skate there, not very well mind you.  There was something comfortable and warming to the soul about the winter fun in our small little town.  There was a fire barrel there to provide heat.  I can only think of a few times when there was no parents around to supervise.  Winter was such a large part of our life’s, that everybody took part in the responsibilities of keeping all of us kids occupied.


Unfortunately, at some point in the early 80’s, someone at the town decided there was too much liability attached to the activities.  From that point on kids were not allowed to sled on the street, and the ice skating rink was never filled again.  It’s sad to think that some silly little word like liability would take away the good wholesome fun of local kids. 


We wonder why our kids get into trouble these days, go figure.

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Monday’s Writers of the Web

Winter Wonderland...

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Monday once again, yes that one day that means a fresh start to a new week of prospects and possibilities.  At least that is how I have been trying to look at it lately.  This feat is not always easy though because Monday has such a bad reputation.   The one advantage I have, is my Monday’s Writers of the Web series. 


Last week, I was slacking, and took advantage of the bad weather, and power outages.  Sounded like a good excuse at the time, but caused me a fair amount of guilt throughout the rest of the week.  If you noticed, I did not make very many posts last week, including failing to post Monday’s Writers of the Web.  I can’t explain it, but after Monday I just couldn’t get in the mood.  So I’m going to start this week out right, and get my Monday series completed and happily posted.


This week is going to be a lot of poetry once again, and a little of writing.  My first share is Ponderings From The Pond. This site has a wonderful collection of poetry.  The Princess of ponderings, writes some very powerful articles.  I particularly enjoyed a post from October, titled Bonnie Voyage.  Its all about the changing of the season, and shares some wonderful thoughts.   I found this site through Black Tie and Sneakers, one of my regular reads.

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Thanks, But!

There is a proliferation of blog awards these days.  I understand the purpose of them, and appreciate the thought.  But there is a form of blogging torture that goes along with them.  You see, when you receive one, you have to decide on  5 to 7 blog friends to pass it on to.   How is a person to choose just a small number of friends to pass it along to.  I read close to 300 blogs from all over.  Trying to chose just a few of them to pass it on to is similar to visiting the dentist for a root canal without anesthesia.


I have received over the past few months, a total of 5 blog awards for various things.  I have been putting off making the appropriate posts for the awards due to my perplexity on the subject.  First off, I do not feel quite deserving of the honor.  I know people are just trying to show some appreciation and friendship, but.  Please do not pass on to me the torture of selecting just a few friends to recognize above all the rest.


I have noticed the above badge on many a blog lately.  Vikki created it some time ago, and posted something similar, but far more eloquently written,  on her blog.  The badge has taken on a life of its own since then.  I contacted Vikki and asked permission to use her badge, and she said “Grab it, that’s what I created it for.”  So I will be placing it in a prominent location on my side bar so everyone can see it. 


I have also been tagged by other bloggers for a few memes.  I will write responses to some of these, but will not “tag” another blogger.  When I do a tag post, anyone who wishes to continue it may, but I decline to force it upon someone else.


Thank you to all who have passed on awards to me.  Please do not take this as anything other than a polite, thanks but no thanks.

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A Simple Cold Morning in The Woods

Tree Against Night Sky
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It was a brisk refreshing, 32 degree’s, with a slight breeze out of the south west. Sky was clear and the stars vibrant. The moon had set hours before, leaving the terrain strangely lit only by the stars. I walked in towards my hunting stand. Critters rustling in the trees and bushes created a welcoming sound to accompany me. Trudging through the soft deep sand, the kind you might find at the beach, is silent yet appealing. It takes a little more effort to walk through the sand, trying to steer clear of the cactus and thorn bushes. Bordered on all sides by oak and mesquite trees, with just the single two track running through the middle. There are times I enjoy the hike in more than the actual hunt, there is something genuine about it. It’s a short trek, no more than a mile, but the enjoyment is interminable, and ever so satisfying.

We try to get into our blinds no later than 5:30, usually around 5:00 AM. That way we can get our selves situated and comfortable for the lengthy wait to come. Surprisingly, Saturday morning I waited less than an hour to see some activity. The early morning was  just starting to light the landscape. That time of morning when there seems to be dim grey lights trying to vanquish the night sky, yet the sun had not yet broken the horizon. I noticed a slight movement along the tree line, not much more than a grey flash of something. Slowly, I lift my binoculars, to scan the tree line, being careful not to make any movement that might give my solitary presence away. Sure enough, there are two deer making their way up the edge of the trees, cautiously watching  for predators or other animals. I watch, fascinated by their confidant clean movements. No wasted effort, purposeful, yet cautious. I sat in wonderment at the way wildlife moves in their own terrain. It’s a unique beauty that’s hard to describe, sleek yet effortless.

The deer, both does, slowly walked pausing frequently to feed on the plentiful sprouts of grass, leafs, and corn.  Ever watchful yet seemingly comfortable in their surroundings.  They took 45 minutes to travel a short distance of a couple hundred yards.  Enjoying myself so much, I forget the morning chill that had caused my breath to appear like a light fog as I exhale.  Anyone who has spent time in the outdoors know that time between first light, and the sun actually becoming visible is the coldest.   I noticed none of the cold, even though just minutes before I was shivering from the damp Texas morning air.  The two deer spent hours in the field in front of me,  slowly joined  first by one, then five more doe from another direction.

I had 8 deer in front of me, all does, three obvious yearlings, two elderly ladies, and thee middle aged young ladies.  All simply beautiful, displaying varying shades of grey and tan-brown.  I wish I had a video camera, for times like this are so interesting and rewarding.  I watched them all morning until they finally disappeared into the woods, one by one. 

I was hunting for a buck, and had no desire to take a doe this early in the season.  I decided to wait a little longer, it was only 9:30 AM, a buck might still walk out to explore the field and corn feeder.  I was able to open a soda, and eat my candy bar.  sitting there astounded at the wonderment of the morning beauty.  This is exactly why I love hunting.   It has nothing to do with killing an animal.  More so the  simplicity of  submersing myself in, and enjoying, the beauty of nature.  I considered myself lucky, to have seen so many deer already. 

While enjoying the morning sun shining in on my face, I heard some noise coming from the tree line to the south of me.  I grabbed my binoculars and started scanning, trying to locate the source of that rustling noise.  I could hear twigs cracking and breaking, and the noise of leafs being stepped on or pushed out of the way.  Moments later, a solid black wild boar stepped out of the trees, and walked unceremoniously toward the corn feeder.  There is not much beauty in the movement of the hogs.   they just bull through anything in their way, and travel to the intended destination.  Pretty soon the hog was munching on some corn left behind by the deer. 

Suddenly there was a fluttering of wings and feathers, and the chortling of turkeys.  One by one about 20 turkey come out of the same tree line, moving cautiously.  They were obviously intent on getting their own fair share of the corn.  The turkey seemed content to move up beside the Boar and start munching.  The boar on the other hand was going to have none of that, not wanting to share his morning meal.  He started to chase a turkey off, and then turned on a second one.  I was then amazed to see all twenty turkey launch a dedicated attack on the boar, covering him in a flurry of  flapping wings.  Using their sharp spurs, and beaks to persuade the boar to relinquish his selfish thoughts.   I sat stunned and amazed, watching as the 200 pound boar gave up and left.  The turkeys then continued their trek through the field forgetting the corn they had just fought for.   I had never before seen turkeys take on a wild boar.

Was my weekend productive? I think so even though I did not get a buck.
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Thank You; Seems Too Little

Veterans Day 2007 poster from the United State...
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On this day, Veterans' Day, we think of and thank those who have given freely of themselves.  Those who have served our country and therefore our ideals.  Men and women alike, have sacrificed more than we could ever know to serve their country, and protect our freedoms.  The Soldiers, Sailors, Marines,Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen have given up time with their family and loved ones in order to protect and defend our constitution and way of life.   They miss the births of their children,  the firsts word, walk, and so much more.  Many have given willing everything, their life, all for a simple word.  FREEDOM, one little word that has such strong meaning, these men and women are willing to  lay down their life for it.

I say THANK YOU to all Veterans and those currently serving, but continue to think those two words are simply not enough.  How is one to express the gratitude of living in freedom due to a perfect strangers ultimate sacrifice.  The only answer I can come up with is to not forget. Never forget the pain and suffering, not only by the service members, but also by their families.   Their sacrifice is what allows us to do the things we enjoy and cherish.  

I found a few videos on YouTube that says it all.  Remember freedom isn’t free.

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Time for a Restful Weekend

Morning Forest

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By the time this piece is posted, I will be at the deer lease. I am setting it to post at  5:00 AM.  At that particular time I will be hiking in to my blind where I can sit quietly and wait for the sun to rise.   Why am I doing this, heck I don’t know, I guess just to make myself feel connected to the blog.  In some small way share my early morning anticipation with my readers.   There is something special about the early morning darkness of the great out doors.  The crisp fresh air, morning due, or maybe even a little morning frost on the ground.  To me, there is nothing better than an early, early morning hike through the woods.  You get such a wonderful view of the stars and moon, and the startlingly bright and bold sunrises.


This weekend will be for my rest and relaxation.  I plan on hunting every morning and evening, and possibly getting some fishing in during the middle of the day.  I’m sure there will be the friendly game of poker between my hunting buddies, brother in law and his son, and myself.  Of course you can’t have an outdoor excursion with out the faithful Hibachi, for a quick little  meal here and there. 


One advantage of hunting, is there is a considerable amount of waiting.  Plenty of time to think and contemplate, maybe reminisce a little.  I am looking forward to the weekend, especially since I missed opening day due to everything that went on last week.  It’s always nice to get back to your roots, and recharge the old batteries.  If I get some extra meat for the freezer, so much the better.


I am taking my ancient lap top, (an old 64 MB, slow as molasses computer).  There is no internet connection though,  the darn thing really is not a very good internet computer anyway.  So I’m only going to use it to compose a few items of writing, and see how the refreshing feel of the wide open country affects my creativity.   I’m hoping for some interesting ideas for my fiction stories.  Perhaps some character development or plot and scene building.  What better place to come up with strong rich content than as far away from the everyday worries as possible.


While your reading this post, I’ll be thinking of you, and will try to send you some of my peace and quiet.  Wish me luck, and I’ll respond to any comments when I get back.

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Uh Oh, Mother Reads My Blog

Picture 104
Image by Schweerchichi via Flickr
Last week after the posts about NM, Mother called me.  “What is going on?" with that unmistakable tone that she has when I have done something wrong.  You see I didn’t call her to tell her what was happening, because I didn’t want to worry her.  When she told me that she read my blog, I thought  OOP’s I guess I should have called.  I keep forgetting that she reads my blog because she never leaves a comment.   So I’m sorry Mom, I’ll do better at keeping you up to date.

My mother is now retired, and living in New Mexico, the picture above was taken from her front yard.  She is in the process of writing her memoirs, and they are fun indeed.  She has had an interesting life, growing up for a good portion of it in Columbia South America.  My Grandfather was a Dam Engineer, and traveled quite a bit.  He was able to take his family with him on some of those larger construction jobs.  I hope someday, she will let me post some of her memoirs here for everybody to enjoy.

I’ve told many a story about my father here, now for a little about my mother.  She was a registered nurse, and worked in the local hospital, back when there was a real hospital in town. It was not very big, if I remember right, is was only six rooms on each side. One side being the hospital rooms, the other side, nursing home rooms.  There was an Emergency Room slash Operating Suite, OB/Nursery, X-ray machine, Laboratory, Kitchen, everything your would expect in a hospital.  The Doctor, yes one and only one, was our neighbor, and Mother was the Head Nurse.  After Doc Mac died, she became the director of the facility.

Being our mothers children, we had the run of the hospital.  I sometimes wonder if  the staff enjoyed our company as much as they acted like they did, or if we were  just a pain in the butt .  I know the seniors liked us, for they seemed to look forward to our regular visits.  I can still remember rolling one or two of them into the day room to watch television or play a game of checkers. I used to love to sit and listen to their stories, and imagine what it had been like in their time.  We were young, and I imagine a good source of a laugh or two.  I can also remember a few wheel chair races between my brother and I, being cheered on by staff or one or two seniors.

Mom and Dad were a big part of the Ambulance service in the area.  Mom was an instructor for EMT’s.  Before I was 12, I attended more training classes for EMT’s than most of them on the job now.  The fun part was when we got to take part in the training.  That was usually in the form of being a victim.  My sisters, brother and I were the predominant victims at most of those classes.  We had been bandaged, splinted, and back boarded, more than anyone could possible imagine.  We became quite talented at showing the EMT’s the easy and correct ways to do many of the tasks required.  There were times when Mom would set up mass casualty training for different agencies.  We would get to play the part of victims, complete to full make up, with bones sticking out and blood all over. 

The funny thing is that for as much time as I spent hanging around hospitals as a youngster, I cannot stand them now.  There is something about the atmosphere, smells, and feelings of a hospital that drive me crazy.  Now I avoid hospitals as much as possible, sometimes to my own detriment.
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“Dona Nobis Pacem”

peace globe“Dona Nobis Pacem” - Latin for “Grant Us Peace”.  Today is the Blog Blast for Peace. It Seems entirely fitting after the events of the last few days.  We Americans, have a new president, and a strong and vibrant hope for the future.  No matter who you voted for, now is the time for us all to pull together, and fix the problems that weigh so heavily on all of our minds.   A solid proactive start was made by John McCain with the profoundly gracious concession speech he made.  These troubled times are going to require everybody to set aside petty differences, and work together to achieve an admirable goal. 

That is exactly how I see peace.  People working together, no matter their personal beliefs to achieve a common interest or goal.  To achieve peace it is going to require us all to take a step back, and open our minds to see the diversity, and accept each other without judgment.  If we accept each other, as we are, with compassion and understanding, we just might find out that everybody desires the same thing.  

I have been reading a lot of blogs lately that are talking about the uniqueness of the blogging community and the relationships we have.  I even made a post about it a little while back.  One of the comments, I believe it was form Jena Isle, mentioned that everyone should have a blog.  Perhaps then we could all realize that we are not that different.  The Internet, is a truly diverse community, and could very well be the way to get things rolling.  When you think about it, we talk with people from all over the world.  I have friends from other countries, provinces, and states.  It amazes me at times how much we all have in common.

I dream of a day when there is understanding, compassion, and peace world wide.  I don’t really believe it could happen within my life time, but I can dream of it for our children and their children's sake.  We have an opportunity to start some changes.  It is going to be up to us to follow through, and give our governments the chance to prove themselves.

Quote of the day:
Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted. - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Results are still out.

several small American flags

Image via Wikipedia


It’s early yet, and we’ll be hearing updates all night.  I just read the most perfect post about the elections.  Not a Mean Girl said it just the way I feel,  All For One and One For All.  You have to go read her article, it’s quick, and to the point.  Most of all it speaks my feelings so well. 

In any case, the campaign is now over and those who make things happen can get down to business and try to come up with some solutions.  Best of all, we don’t have to listen to any more terrible campaign commercials, YEE HAW.


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Monday’s Writers of the Web

When the sun hides...

Image by TonyƧ via Flickr

Tis Monday once again.  And such a rough week it has been, throughout the blogosphere.  So many things have happened over the past week, it’s hard to take it all in at times.  So many times we get caught up in our own problems and trials that we fail to notice what is going on around us.    We have a strange little community here, with relationships that are both real and heartfelt.  We may never meet a blogger face to face, shake hands, or share a lunch.  But I think at times we know each other better than many real life friends. 


I was visiting LouCeel this week, and found out about a missing blogger.  I had never been to this site before, but had to go see what was up.  When I arrived at So Grateful to be Mormon, I was shocked and taken back to read an agonized, pleading post by the bloggers 18 year old daughter Aleese.  Her mother has been missing since the 27 th of October.  They are scared and worried, they just want to know what has happened, and want their mother, known by her readers as Beany, home.  Here is a link to the story on the  local TV station in Anchorage Alaska KTUU.  There are currently 100 comments on the post, and number 98 is from Aleese.  I can not do it justice, but just know I wanted so much to give the poor girl a hug, and dam near left me crying.  She wants to write a song, and is actually asking if anyone would mind her posting it on her mothers blog.  Please Aleese, write your song and post it, give yourself an outlet.  My heart goes out to this family, and I am hoping for a positive outcome.  I just can’t imagine the torment going through their lives at this time. 


As I was trying to catch up on some of my regulars, I visited Writing From the Inside Out.  Barbara, who is a regular here also, has suffered a loss of her own.  One of he close friends she met on line, has passed away.    We become such good friends with people we meet online, and it can tear you apart when you loss one of them.  Especially in such a traumatic way (You’ll have to go to her site to read the story, it’s not mine to tell).  Here I was feeling sorry for myself with what was happening to me, and so many others were suffering also with troubles of their own.  I now feel a little guilty for not keeping up with what was going on around me and not sharing my compassion for others.   Barbara, I’m so sorry for your loss. 


How is it that we can get so attached to the people we meet on line, and have never even met them face to face.  Its kind of funny that we can correlate something that has happened to us during a normal day, with what a fellow blogger has been going through.  Lilly wrote an article about this just last week.  I got a real big kick out of it.  Any of you that frequent Lilly’s Life know how she writes with her unique sense of humor.  You have to go read her article, Blogging Baffles the Brains.


Here is a brand new mil-blog.  CPT Rob Yilesca’s wife is keeping a blog about their trials.  He has just been severely injured by an IED, and she is keeping a blog about his treatment and recovery.  If you get some time, go by and drop a comment, give them some moral support, and thank him for his service.

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Distraction, Takes its Toll


Image by bogdog Dan via Flickr

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and helpful thoughts after my last post.  N-M is still in the hospital, and will be for a little while.  She has gone through her first surgery, and is recuperating.  She has a broken arm, skinned or de-gloved hand, some pretty serious road rash, and a ton of bumps, bruises, and scratches.  Her hand is the worst, and she may still lose her pinky.  The doctor says he’s trying to save it, but is not very confidant that it’s going to work.


We do have some new concerns.  Evidently she has had a reaction to some of the medications, and has quit breathing a couple of times.  They are working to figure out what is going on, and what the cause is.  They are also going to be doing some more tests because she thinks the nurse is her cousin, and a few other strange inconsistencies.  One of the biggest problems we are trying to deal with is her serious depression now that she has these added burdens.  We are worried to say the least, because she does not see how lucky she was.  She is choosing to see how unlucky she is, and feeling miserable.


I feel like I need to explain my last post.  Even just a few short years ago, I would have never, ever opened up and spewed forth my feelings.  I have been changing a lot  lately, and I credit this blog as one of the reasons.  I was raised to not show any feelings or emotions, for they give away your weaknesses.  It’s not like I was told that is the way to be, it was what I saw being demonstrated to me.  When all this happened the other day, I felt like I needed to get it all off my chest, and the first place I turned was my blog.  I felt at the time if I didn’t share it, I was going to close some of those doors I had just recently opened.  This blog has turned into a form of therapy in a way.  It gives me a sounding board for my thoughts, and since I’m not a good talker, it’s easier for me to write them out.   I’m staying positive, and trying to keep my feelings a little more open, but its not always easy. 


I’ll try to keep everybody informed, and keep working on those closed doors in my head.  Hopefully things will settle down a bit, and I’ll get some good stories going again.   Again thank you everybody for your thoughts and prayers.

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