Wednesdays Rant - Stop the Negative!

I know, I said I wouldn’t do much political stuff here.  Well I have had just about enough of all this negative campaign add crap I can handle.  Both sides are going at each other like rabid dogs, sneaking up from behind and trying to bite each other right on the ass.  Pardon the turn of phase but it’s just a great big load of crap.  It accomplishes nothing, but making people look the other way.  Why is it that Politics has to be such a nasty, low down, dirty mess. 


Both presidential candidates are acting like pre-teens in middle school, scrapping for the attention of that newly acquired interest, girls.  They are wasting unbelievable amounts of money, not to mention energy on something that is completely counter-productive.  We need a little old wizened woman wearing glasses, and walking with a cane to step in, grab both of them by the ear, and make them behave.  That little grandmother figure, that everyone knows or has experienced.  You know the one, the one that won’t take any back talk or disrespect from anyone.  Someone who could make these two act like the leaders they want us to believe they are.


Well I found a site, that just might make them stand up and take notice.  I signed up with, and while browsing their selection of causes and actions found Halt Negative Campaign Adds.  The nice part about it, is it’s suggesting that the two candidates take the, close to, $90,000,000.00 dollars they plan on wasting for negative adds, and give it to organizations to help stop homelessness.  Even the Wall Street Journal suggests that negative campaign adds are ineffectual.  I know they do nothing for me, except perhaps, cause a loss of respect, as if they could afford any more of that. 


With our current economic situation, and all the other problems we have going on.   You would think these two would be focusing their efforts on making a difference.   Both McCain and Obama seem to be sliding down hill in my opinion.  I don’t want to hear about history, what they voted for here, or there.  I want to know what they plan to do to address the issues right now, and how they plan to do it.  I’m tired of hearing about how they want change, I want to hear about how they plan to change things.  I would love to see a little honesty for a change, and some positive efforts. 


We teach our children to be respectful toward each other.  Not to slander, or dig up dirt.  We look down on gossip, and back biting.  Yet here are the two “adults” that are running for our nations top political position acting worse than our kids ever dreamed of acting.  Send them a message, go to the Stop Negative Campaign Adds, and sign the petition.  Lets try to get our candidates to start acting their age.  Perhaps we can accomplish something good in the process.

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Jena Isle said...

I totally agree with you Eric. Even locally, our policians do nothing but bicker, "fight" in public and call each other names. Politics need not be that dirty. Gone were the days that real gentlemen had occupied the white house, like Abe weashington? Was it that long? lol...

We are closely watching the campaign ads from both parties, even if we won't be able to vote, and I am sad at how they conduct their campaign. It is exactly as you have described.

All we can do is to pray that you would eventually choose the lesser evil.

Good luck.

Jena Isle said...

btw, that should read: ABE WASHINGTON...


Not The Rockefellers said...

I say, stand them both up in front of Judge Judy! ;D

Peace - Rene

Hear! Hear! Great Blog.

Liara Covert said...

It is not up to you to change other people. You can only change your own perception and self-understanding. Regardless of what seems to be going on around you, peace or conflict is a reflection of what you feel inside yourself. Whether you are content in your current state of mind or whether you choose to change, is completely up to you. External events and interactions only serve to distract you from what matters.

forsythia said...

You're right. It's tiresome. We've all had more than enough. Not to point fingers, but one of the comments on your blog sounds like a horoscope. I received a comment from the same source; it was obvious the person or search engine hadn't really read or understood the post.

Lilly's Life said...

Very well said Eric. Politics is the same all over the world. I will have to check out sounds interesting. How are the seven new borns and their mother going?

maggie's mind said...

The negative and the half truths and untruths get really annoying and make it hard for average folks to sort out the truth. I read and look at unbiased non-partisan sites to keep up, but not everyone does, and it's a shame that I feel it's the only way to know for sure.

tashabud said...

Hi there, Eric. Odd that you wrote a political post. It's odder, stil, that I wrote a political post also.

I understand your frustration very well about those negative campaigns. As much as we hate them, I'm afraid they're not going away.

I posted these two short videos in my latest post that you might like to see. The messages behind the videos make perfect sense to me. But that just me.

It's good though that you rant about your frustrations, so that things will not pile up in your chest to the point that you sick. I visit a few political blogs to express myself there too. You might want to visit Matt-Speak, Vulcan's Hammer, and The Bobo Files. You'll be in good company there, I think. You can click at their blog sites in my Tasha's Take blog roll if you're interested at all.

Hope you feel much better that you got that out of your chest.

Good Day,

Mark Antony said...

Brilliant observations Eric! I think this nonsense campaigning occurs every election, both sides of the Atlantic! The old lady you mention might even think of putting her name forward for election, the nation can do no worse it appears!

Eric S. said...

@ Jena, It is sad that the political area must survive around such a juvenile approach. I am surprised they ever get anything done. I'm sure Abe Lincoln and George Washington are rolling over in their graves.

@ Not The Rockerfellers, Now that sounds like a good idea LOL. Thanks.

@ Liara, We can not basically change other people, but we can have an influence on their behavior and actions by the method and content of our behavior and actions. So if we speak out out, and declare our displeasure, especially with those whom are vying for our political positions, we can have an effect.

@ Forsythia, Yes we do get tired of all the negative campaign adds, and all that comes along with it. I do have some diverse commentators, and all discussion seems to stimulate different lines or trends of thought. Sometimes, it is best to read behind the message if you know what I mean.

@ Lillly, It is a sad reality of politics., is a really neat site, and I will probably be fairly active in it. The fantastic seven are doing great, along with their Mother, thanks for asking.

@ Maggie, A person surely cannot go by what the candidates say. It's good that you explore and investigate the truths for yourself. It is the only truly correct method for making a decision in the political arena, or life for that matter.

@ Tasha, Yes I know, I am not one to harp on political happening. Too many people can get way too carried away with it. This particular subject though is pretty neutral, and one of my pet peeves. I will have to head over and check out your post, I have been a little slack lately and not been keeping up with my blog reading. Simply not enough time with all that has gone on.

@ Mark Anthony, Thanks. I would vote for the old lady, Ha ha. I wish politics could be more "civil" and respectful.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
Every time a see one of those ads for either candidate, I loose a little bit of respect for them and question why they’d participate in that kind of tabloid nonsense. Whether it’s by the creation of their publishing or campaign director or not, the candidate is the only one we see in the driver’s seat.
You’re absolutely right and good for you.

Eric S. said...

Hi Vikki, I completely agree. Even if it is simply a tactic of the campaign manager, it still reflects on the candidate. The sad part, is we have no other candidate to choose. In my eyes, they both have lost way to much respect.

the walking man said...

Eric I personally credit this type of campaign back to the Nixon era. A fallout from Watergate where the gloves could come off and the issues became more character then substance oriented.

One good thing from this current financial meltdown is that neither candidate can raise as much this month as last. May this trend continue.

Judi "Jlo" Moran said...

Amen to that one, Eric!
Thank goodness there are only 11 grueling days of this stuff left!

Eric S. said...

The Walking Man, I wish for a return to sensible values, and ethics in politics. OMG did I say ethics and politics in the same sentence?!!! Talk about an oxymoron!

Judi JLO Moran, No kidding, I will be so happy when this election is over.

Momisodes said...

I couldn't agree more. I fear that with each election it gets worse. It's hard to watch TV anymore, and I'm having difficulty sifting through finger-pointing and half-truths.

Eric S. said...

Momisodes, unfortunately, it seems that is all that is being presented to us. finger-pointing, and half-truths. And with the current times, you would think they could straighten out their act.

Kel said...

Amen. Yup, Judge Judy would be just the gal to straighten 'em out.

Eric S. said...

I keep thinking of that one old woman, I always picture her as a small somewhat bent over person who had this lively glint in her eye that is unmistakable. A person who gained the respect of everyone because she had lived through it all. But at the same time would take no crap from anyone. She would grab the misbehaving kids by the ears, give a little twist to let them know she meant business, and drag them over to some neutral place. Force them to shake hands, and play nice. Someone who no person in their right mind would disobey. Someone who can generate more fear than a drill instructor on the first night of basic training.


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