The Season Tis Almost Upon Us

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My favorite time of year, deer season starts this coming weekend, and I can’t wait.  If you noticed, I didn’t make any posts this weekend.  That was because we were making final preparations, and one last trip out to the Deer Lease to get everything ready.


For those of you that were around for my last post about the Deer Lease, you’ll remember the owls.  Well they had grown, and were of flying age.  How ever they still had not vacated the premises, even though we had left notices of eviction, *giggle*.  They were just a little stubborn, not willing to give up their home they had found and loved.  We had to “remove” them, which was interesting to say the least.  Owls can be pretty aggressive, but luckily these were not that bad.  But I can tell you, it was pretty spooky going in that door with them still in there.  Once out the door, they accepted their eviction without too much of a fuss, other than the few profanities they spewed forth.  I don’t know what they were saying, I don’t speak Owl, but I am sure it was not complimentary.


I managed to get a couple of pictures of one of the Owls with my camera phone.  He hung around for a little while, making a fuss and flapping his wings at us.  He was intent on being sure we knew he was displeased with our actions.  In the picture to the left, he is hissing at us, and walking around flapping his wings, about 15 feet from the blind.  They can make quite the racket when they want to.  It sounds almost like a hissing snake, or cat.


Here, he is peeking around the tree, waiting his chance to get back into the blind. Sorry guy, all the windows are closed now, and there is no way to get back in.  You would not believe the mess they made.  We had carpet  on the floor to help keep it quiet in the blind.  The owls, four total in this blind, had accumulated about 3 inches of feces', and skeletons of their victims.  We had to pull the carpet out and throw it away, replacing it with scraps we brought for the shop.


Other than the Owls, everything was still working pretty good.  We brought a new heater for the camper, and a couple of heaters for the blinds.  Yes I am getting spoiled in my old age, and have heat in my hunting blind.   We saw a few deer, mostly does, but one big buck.  Just managed to get the juices flowing, creating a little anticipation.  We have a whole bunch of wild hogs on the property, and I intend to get some good pork meat this year also. 


Once season starts, I’ll have to figure out how I’m going to handle my blog posts.  I guess I’ll set up some kind of schedule, and prepare some in advance.  There isn’t exactly anyplace to hook up to the internet in out there.  Anyway, starting next weekend, I will be away from the computer just about every weekend until January.  So if I don’t get back to you right away on comments, I will when I return.

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Lilly's Life said...

You sound excited Eric about the coming hunting season. Shame those pesky owls cannot read though. They sure do some damage as well. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about blogging. It will do you good to have fun every weekend and I am sure you will have lots of stories to share with us on your return.

tashabud said...

Loved your story about evicting your unwelcomed tenants. Yup, they were definitely cursing and spewing expletives at ya. Hahaha.

You sound just like my honey here. Almost every weekend since the last part of August he was away readying and hunting. He's home for a few weeks before he heads up north to Yellowstone to hunt for a Buffalo.

Good luck to you and don't worry about blogging. Just go enjoy yourself and don't even think about blogging for a couple months.


The Grandpa said...

Enjoy yourself, Eric. I don't hunt, but I used to fish at night. S's uncle does both, and says he's in heaven either way.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Enjoy yourself. My husband loves this too. Just have fun. :)

Vixen said...

Ugh, owl feces. Good hunting, dear friend.

confused said...

nothing like a little battle with some owls..enjoy young man..and regale us with stories when you get back

my3sons said...

Huntin' Season is upon us.

I work with all men and the guys here have already been at it. I think black powder started this last weekend. Good Luck to you.

Eric S. said...

@ Lilly, yes indeedy do I am excited. It's one part of the outdoors, and the country that I can still have. Not to mention the benefit of stocking up on some meat. I'll only be gone on weekends, because I still have to work, but I'll still be blogging, no worries.

@ Tasha, They were kind of fun. To think I saw them a little over a month ago, and they were too young to fly then. They may be messy, but soo pretty.

I'm jealous of your hubby. He gets to have all the fun, and someone to take care of the meat too. Ohh that sounds wrong, LOL. I hope he has luck with his buffalo. I love buffalo meat, it is so lean and healthy, like elk.

@ The Grandpa, I enjoy the hunting, but it is really just an excuse to get out of the big bad city, and back to my roots. I am such a country boy / redneck whichever you choose.

@ Sandee, I will, Did your hubby have any luck, or had the season started out there yet.

@ Vixen, yup it was pretty nasty. At least they gave us some comic relief. Thanks

@ Confused, I will, and I'll try to bring back some fun and hopefully funny stories too.

@ My3Sons, Ohh you have to listen to the guys bragging all the time huh. They have had bow archery season on for the last month. Someday I'm going to try archery, but the bows are not very cheap. Thanks

spicymist said...

***I don’t know what they were saying, I don’t speak Owl, but I am sure it was not complimentary ***
awesome. happy hunting. once when i was playing badminton with my bro, an owl had come and sit on the net. we thought , it was a stuffed one, since it was hardly moving but then it was foloowing the movement of the shuttle with its eyes. :P i petted its throat n eve then , it didnt move. i guess it must haff been very old.


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