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Monday is here once again, and we all survived the weekend.  At least I hope everybody survived the weekend.  Of course it’s time to get back to my Monday’s Writers of the Web where I share sites I have found, or that have been shared with me. 

Since this weekend seemed to be such a reminiscent time for me, it’s only appropriate that the first site I mention is a memoirs.   I put out the call on Twitter for any one with a short story, blog novel, or poetry site form me to add tonight.  Well I got a good one for you, The Life of Jenny and Margaret, are the memories of a woman growing up in 1930’s  rural Kansas.  You have to go to her August achieves, at the very bottom to start the story.  The very first post is about her and her friend exploring an over grown street across from their property.  While walking up the street, picking flowers, they come across a seemingly mystical cottage, with a wizened old woman.  Who might this woman be, the Wee Wee Woman, or perhaps the Wicked Witch from Hansel and Gretel.  You’ll have to go read the post to find out what a young girls imagination saw.

The next site I wish to share is one that was given me by one of my friends at Plurk, my helpful bibliophile, Butterflylitgirl.   This site has a number of short stories, and fiction to read.   Aston Daigle, is in the process of writing a Na No book.  What’s a Na No book you ask,  He explains it on his site like this.
“The month of November is National Novel Writing Month. They have an annual contest, where writers try to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. They’re motto is, ‘no plot, no problem.”
Sounds interesting doesn’t it.  Well he’s not just going to write one Na No Book, he’s going to write two.  He has already started his October Na No, and it’s described as
“The October book, the one I started this morning, will deal broadly with the themes of terror (although it won’t be a horror or terror story), persecution and, if time permits, redemption.”
He has a few other short stories and fictional writings on his site.  I’ll be spending quite a bit of time at Aston Daigle, exploring and reading all I can.

Now, on to a story based in my home state.  Denver Cereal, is authored by Claudia, and is just what it sounds like, a cereal blog novel.  If you want a very good introduction to it check out Claudia’s FAQ page.   She post’s pieces of the chapter through the week at Denver Cereal, so you can enjoy a little bit, more or less each day.  The completed chapters are posted in their entirety  at Stories by Claudia on Saturdays.  I am thinking of  Denver Cereal as almost a daily drama, or soap.  This is going to be fun to try and catch up on, and then follow.  She mentions that her inspirations were Tales of the City, and Sex in the City.  This find is also courtesy of  Butterflylitgirl .

I mentioned last week that I was watching Poetry Playplace and her 30 poems in 30 days project.  She just happens to be Butterflylitgirl, AKA Megan, and has taken on the challenge of writing a poem each day for 30 days.  Each poem is based on a specific assignment, and Megan does a wonderful job of explaining each assignment, and giving useful links to help in completing each assignment.  I know from talking to her on Plurk, that she some times struggles with the poems, and deals with the same inspirational issues the rest of us deal with.  Her poems are full of feeling, and paint an interesting picture.  One of my favorites is a poem about some time she spent in a Laundromat, watching people, it’s called Laundry Day.  If You want to follow along with Megan, and participate you are more than welcome.  Megan even told me that it’s OK if you don’t do a poem a day, but if an assignment speaks to you by all means join in.

Healing Yourself Heals the World, is a site authored by Holly Ord.  Holly is following Megan in the 30 poems in 30 Days project.  Her poems are stark and clear, they paint a picture worth seeing.  She also makes a few post’s about how hard it is to do this project.  Holly says that 30 poems in 30 days has reclaimed her creativity.  You should check her site out, and read her poems, they are well worth the visit. 

The final site I want to mention is Zen Moments.  It’s full of heart wrenching and thought provoking stories.  There is only so much I can say about this site, for it leaves me in a state of introspection each time I visit.  You have to visit and read some of the stories to understand what I mean.  There is one in particular that struck a cord with me, The Cab Ride I’ll Never Forget, and I would recommend that everyone  read it.

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confused said...

nice job have given me some interesting places to go thankyou..:)

Liara Covert said...

I must say that make many marvelous suggestions. It will take some time to explore these! You offer ideas for daily meditations, inspiration and even the challenge of novel writing with a deadline for those readers who desire that. This blog is a wealth of knowledge. Just goes to show that you can have a room with a spectacular country view and expand your senses in ways to take in aspects of the wide physical world.

the walking man said...

Denver Cereal!!! It is a captivating read. I look forward to each episode. That it is a true serial, writ the week of post, is a beautiful thing because you can sense that Claudia is as surprised as her readers in the development of the ongoing story, and risky in that changes can not be made to memory so all of the "facts" have to fit the events already posted.

Yay Denver Cereal!

Alan said...

Hi Eric, Many thanks for your lovely comment about Zen Moments We really appreciate it.

We are just finding our feet as bloggers - not having done this before and have been catapulted from 20 page views a day to 200,000 in the last couple of weeks!

We welcome stories submitted by readers and any suggestions for how we can improve.

Warm wishes

Alan Lewis

Eric S. said...

@ Confused, Thanks I like to share the sites I find, Much like you have been doing. It's always fun to find new and interesting reading material.

@ Liara Covert, Thank you, I started blogging as a way to keep the family informed of what I was doing. I often shared links with them of sites I found interesting. When I started this blog, I decided to continue in a little bit larger way. A person can always expand their knowledge by reading, not to mention it's just fun. I like fiction sites and poetry because some day I would like to write a novel myself.

@ The Walking Man, Yes, I'm going to have a fun time getting caught up with her cereal, not to mention the other stories she has. I was pretty captivated with her description, and thought Wow what a challenge.

@ Alan, I do so enjoy your site, and thought everybody would enjoy it. It's great that you accept submissions from readers. Keep up the good work.

redchair said...

This is great Eric. I'll definitely check out several you list here that really struck my fancy. I love the quality of writers and subject matter that you've found and are suggesting here also. Thanks blog buddy.


Denver Cereal said...

Gosh, thanks for the link to Denver Cereal. I am blushing at the Walking Man's words. That's very kind.

Denver Cereal is about 500 words posted Monday through Saturday. It's very dramatic, but most people find that there's a character or two that speaks to them.

I am enjoying writing it, so don't see a real ending - if there is one, it hasn't shown itself to me yet.

Thanks again! I appreciate the link - we are small and growing!

Claudia from Denver Cereal

Lilly's Life said...

Thanks Eric. I will be checking these out too - the one about the Zen Moments stands out for me and I read the 'Cab Ride I'll never forget' from Dooc's site - oh, its an amazing story and a must read for everyone! Tear jerker!

I also just checked out the Life of Jenny and Margaret - enjoyed that immensely. Brilliant writers around aren't there?

You are incredible - to be able to cover this wide range of blogs but a BIG THANK YOU because you are making it easy for your readers.

I signed up to Twitter but I'm all a twitter and havent quite worked it all out yet...seems like everyone is doing so though.

Are you going in the contest? How many writing contests are around I wonder - that would keep you busy.

Where is Ms Kelly these days?

Mike Foster said...

Great job, Eric, looks like you were as busy as ever. Always appreciate your excellent suggestions and will find the time to make a few visits.


Kel said...

Geez dude . . . where DO you find the time!?! Full time (overtime) job, hell-of-a-load of house and yard work, and Chiua-pup management, and still you have time to scope this many new sites nearly every week.

WHEW . . .

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, the laptop went down hard last week and is only today bad in my grateful hands.

Anyway, luv ya.

Kelli-Jo said...

I meant "back" in my hands . . . . sigh

queenlint1 said...

Hey Cowboy!
I love this feature! Problem is that I spend too much time reading and not enough working!

I'll loan you "Turd Curls and Toni" or "Daddy's Coal Lessons" if you ever get to publishing them on your blog!


Eric S. said...

@ Vikki, Loved your last competition, amazing art work. Thank you, these are some good site's and I'm sure you'll like them. Your welcome Blog Buddy LOL.

@ Denver Cereal, My pleasure, I have got a lot of catching up to do on your cereal. I can't wait to get really into it. I'm sure you'll keep growing from what I've seen so far.

@ Lilly, Zen Moments is one of my fav's. That 'Cab Ride I'll Never Forget' Is one I nearly broke up on. Twitter is one of those quick comment tools. I think of it as a place to make announcements. I don't know about any contests as yet, I need to get my feet under me solidly first. Kel has been real busy, and has been having a little lap top trouble too.

@ Mike, Thanks Mike, I love finding them, and why not share. You'll enjoy many of them I'm sure.

@ Kel, Time, what is that? This is usually the result of my nocturnal nature. I am up to all hours of the night most every night. I was beginning to wonder if you had been on another big world wide business trip. Computer problems are a pain in the CPU if you know what I mean. Luv Ya right back.

@ Queenlint1, Thanks, I know what you mean, I have to force myself to stop some times. I'll get with you on your "loan", Thanks

Kel said...

Well, I was up in Vancouver, Canada on business the week before heading out to Mother's place.

But I am headed to China the first two weeks of November. To Beijing! Woo hoo, my first trip to China!!!! Though the task I'll be performing won't be much fun. Oh well, that's the cost of the opportunity for travel.

Eric S. said...

I hope you get to see the site's, hopefully the Great Wall.

Judi "Jlo" Moran said...

What a great way to encourage and support other writers.
This is so important - we need each other!
I will check out some of these recommendations.
Enjoyed my first visit to your lovely blog.

Kel said...

Yup, aim to get out to the Great Wall with Randy the one full weekend we are there. The rest of the time I only really get out at night, after work, as we walk out to a restaurant. But I'm working on setting up a tour guide for Randy so he can see as much a possible while there, and pick out REALLY cool restaurants for the evenings.

Eric S. said...

Kel, I hope you get some good pictures. Then I can talk you into doing a guest post.


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