Mondays Writers is Postponed

We are having a new delivery tonight, So my regular Mondays Writers of the Web will be postponed until later. Check Chihuatude to learn the story of our new delivery.  We’ll be back soon, thanks.

Chi's 034


LceeL said...

My goodness, that's one preggers looking puppy.

forsythia said...

Looks like she's getting some shut-eye now. She's gonna need it!

derfina said...

Bless her heart! She looks like she's fixing to pass a watermelon! Here's to a swift and painless delivery.

Eric S. said...

@ Lou, yes she was very very prego.

@Forsythia, she really didn't get much rest, and neither did we.

@ Derfina, LOL, I had said exactly the same thing a couple times last wee.

Liara Covert said...

This is a glimpse of a phase of one of this life's perceived miracles. You know, I read somewhere that the japanese figured out how to implant a fertilized egg in a man and he gave birth through the caesarian section procedure. And no, this was not a science fiction movie! Wonder if you have ever considered this kind of experience? You can also live vicariously through others. You always have choices:)


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