A Little Sunday Fun

I found a fun little site today. I was browsing the blogosphere, and came across a link to Someecards.com.  You can browse cards that have already been made, or make some your self.  The best part is it’s simple, easy to use, and free.  Got something you've been wanting to say to someone, here's your chance.
Some cards that were already made:

And here’s one I made.

A person could really have some fun, and say what they think.  Ever wanted to send someone a card with just the right saying. Well just go check out Someecards.com, and have a little fun.


queenlint1 said...

I love these, Cowboy!! The last one reminds me of a ranch sign in Joliet, Montana:

"Tresspassers will be shot, hanged and burnt. The remains will be turned over to the Marshall for prosecution".


Lilly's Life said...

What fun Eric p thanks for the link. Err and remind me not to mess with you! I am off to make a card.

June Saville said...

You could sell those cards Eric - they're so chuckle-producing and meaningful!
I've just posted on 70 Plus and Still Kicking about an amazing Australian decision to help save our economy. We're teetering here now too. See what you think.
June in Oz

Eric S. said...

@ Queenlint1, They are fun, since you mentioned it. I remember a sign posted on a gate out in the country back home. It had a bullet hole in it, and you could tell it was shot from the direction of the house. The sign said simply, "This gate ranged for Sharps .50", A perfect statement to give potential trespassers pause to consider mortality.

@ Lilly, awe shucks girl you have nothing to worry about from me. You fall into that "friends" category.

@ June, The cards are fun. Can we have your political leaders? We'll trade, I'm afraid though you would want more for the trade because you would come up short. Your probably better off over there, than we are here.

By the way, I have a niece in your neck of the woods. Kel's daughter lives down under.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Eric,

Now I'm afraid but that was a cute card. I do hope they have some about rambling mountains and bubbling streams.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
Really funny! Great idea and thanks for the link.

my3sons said...

Thanks for the link. I love it.

BTW my favorite is the bicycles.

Eric S. said...

@ Jena, don't worry, you don't have anything to be afraid of, You fall into the friend category. They have all kinds of cards, or you can make your own.

@ Vikki, They are funny aren't they. There fun to play with also, all kinds of options.

@ my3sons, my pleasure, I got a kick out of the bicycles one to.

Liara Covert said...

Imagine your world is like a greeting card. You create the environment, add color, perceive a partiular background at a given moment, and choose to step into very creative dimensions of activity. Your life is a choose-your-own adventure that is so engaging, you never choose to put this down!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Oh this looks fun. I will check it out. Hey, I see you write on Helium. I used to do that but didn't have time. I had the top rated story once, it was cool!

Kel said...

Fun stuff!

Eric S. said...

@ Liara Covert, I like your thinking. That sounds like a good idea for a blog post.

@ Barbara, It is a lot of fun. Yes I have written a few articles there, and added my one and only poem. I have one article that is top in its category, but there are only 5 others LOL. I have to get some more time to go back and write a few more, I really like their writer prompts. Leave me your Helium profile link, and I'll got check your stuff out.

@ Kel, Yep sure is.

tashabud said...

Those are pretty neat cards. I'll try to visit the site some other time when I have more time. Right now I have to go finish butchering a second deer that hubby got this past weekend. He'll be going again this weekend for an elk. He already filled his 2 antelope tags and 2 deer tags. Only the elk tag that he hasn't filled yet.


Eric S. said...

Wow Tasha, you will not be lacking for meat this year. Kudos to the Hubby. Sounds like you have been working pretty hard, but the rewards will be free meat. Wish him luck with the elk.

When you get a chance, you'll love playing with those cards.


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