I’ve Been Thinking, Can you Smell the Smoke?

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I’ve been thinking about a few stories I might write for the blog. I know, thinking can be dangerous, but I have kept a fire extinguisher nearby incase of fire.  I have a number a ,very interesting, comical, and fun stories from my “prior life”. There are even a few truly terrifying ones too.  I was wondering if you, my readers, might be interested in them.  I would have to fictionalize parts of them (to protect the innocent, and probably the guilty too) but it might make for some fun reading.  If you would be interested in something like that, please leave me a comment, and I’ll start working on it. 

Actually I have already been working on some of them, in my head, but have not put anything down on paper.  The reason this came up, is I have hit a solid wall, of seemingly impenetrable stone, on my short story that I was working on.  I just can’t get the flow going.  A few writers have told me, “write about what you know, that way you may be able to come back and find that wall missing a few stones”.  I thought that sounded like a good idea, and started digging through some of the old dusty and discarded memories, tucked away deep inside my head.  Boy let me tell you, things are definitely dark and dusty in there, and lacking a little organization. 

I have noticed that many of you seem to like my childhood memories, and ruminations.  That led me to wonder if a few of those unusual “happening’s” from my life in LE, might be interesting also.  Some of the stories a fun and funny, and some are sad and solemn, yet others are tension filled and terrifying.  There is quite a range, and with 9 years in LE, quite a selection.  So if your interested, let me know, and I’ll get serious about it.  If you think it’s something that should be kept locked up, say so, I’ll listen.

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derfina said...

Let us have'em, Eric-and thanks bunches for the mention on Monday! *smooches*

confused said...

what are you waiting for?..:))))))

Lilly's Life said...

Eric, yes of course we would LOVE to hear your stories. Peoples own life stories are the best. In fact you have alluded to some events in the past before and its always left me curious I have to say. The great thing is that we bloggers come from all corners of the globe and it's great to hear about others' lives. We have all had events in our life that we might regret, love to do over or sit back and wonder how we survived. But that is the beauty of living so go and write them as only you can. Cannot wait. Oh and by the way thanks for your comment you left for Des, I read them to him this morning and it did him a power of good - thank you!

Not The Rockefellers said...

Free them. Sent them out to do their work. That's probably why you are blocked. It's amazing what a little "cleaning out of the cobwebs" will do.

Peace - Rene

Kel said...


LarryG said...

sounds like you've got opportunities to blog, I would say "go for it" or in the words of Snuffy Smith "Great Balls O' Fire! Times A-Wastin"

Judi "Jlo" Moran said...

Absolutely I'm interested in the personal stories of a mountain boy.
Please grace us with your memories - the more variety the better!

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
I’ll be here to read them. I love personal stories of life experiences. In fact , I think they’re the best kind of stories and told from them heart in a way fiction can’t match.

Vixen said...

I would love to hear your stories. You are a talented writer and I enjoy reading what you say as much as how you say it!

Have a wonderful weekend. Now get writing!

Eric S. said...

@ derfina, You got it, and it was my pleasure.

@ Confused, OK, coming right up.

@ Lilly, first off girl, Your dad is the greatest. Now I will get down to writing, stories are on their way.

@ Not The Rockerfellers, so be it, freedom they shall have.

@ Kel, Duh, Law Enforcement LOL. Got ya sis.

@ Larry, sounds like, Times are a wastin,

@ Judi "Jlo" Moran, STMB Memories coming up.

@ Vikki, Oky doky, but I hope you don't regret it. LOL

@ Vixen, Thank you, and YES MA-AM.

June Saville said...

G'day Eric
Go for it mate!
How about approaching your stories in the same way you do now with your writing ... Let the ideas flow and then go back and re-write, re-write.
My lecturers in creative writing often used to start off with new students by suggesting they begin a 'flow of consciousness', meaning just sit with pen or keyboard and write whatever comes into your head. That's a great way to get things going. The stories that follow may not have anything to do with what comes out at the time - the process simply teases the right side of the brain out of hybernation.
I find that writing about life events really puts things into perspective too.
A lot of the stories on my blog Journeys in Creative Writing are from that source - inside inner recesses of my head!
Main thing is Eric - get started. There's nothing depending on it but a lot of good fun.
June in Oz

Liara Covert said...

Everything you write is meaningful. You have a life force which you transfer into the words you chose to share. Different parts of you have different levels of awareness and understanding. You mention you may divulge stories about your 'prior life.' How you view yourself a this moment is the result of everything you have done before. All your writing is a way ot learn more about yourself, to align the parts of you that already know all there is to know about you with those parts that are still on a learning curve. You are your own transformer and thrive in the driver's seat.

tashabud said...

I'm all for it Eric. Life stories are the best as Lilly and Vikki had said. No fiction stories can match real life stories. I'll be sure to come to read them. I may always be the last one to read them, but I'll be here one way or another. Just space them out a bit, so I have time to catch up. Hehe.


Eric S. said...

@ June, G'Day indeed, thank you so much. I have always struggled with the "process" of writing, but have been working it out much more lately. I like the idea of just letting it flow, and then going back with edits in mind.

Yes I have many stories, locked up down deep in the intimidating depths of my mind. The hard part is giving myself permission to let them out, and to share. I'm working on it and making some good progress though.

Your right of course, the main thing is to get started.

@ Liara Covert, you are right of course. My "prior Life" is all part of who I am today. The hard part is deciding to share that which one holds as secret and private. Partially due to my training and partially due to my upbringing, I have trouble at times with sharing those things about me. I am learning, and it does bring a new light to what I view as myself.

@Tasha, thank you. You are so right, life can never match fiction. I have found that fiction has to believable, and real life has the tendency to be almost unbelievable.

It does not matter weather you are the first or last to read them. I am just happy you enjoy them. You are one of my first good friends on-line, and I value you for that and so much more. Thank you

Kel said...

"Duh?!?" Harrruummmph

tashabud said...

Aw shucks, Eric. Your comments made me a little choked up. Thanks for your friendship as well.


Eric S. said...

@ Kel LOL

@ Tasha, Sorry, don't tear up. LOL Thanks so much


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