Time, There’s Just Never Enough!

I always seem to lose time to all kinds of little things through out the day.  I end up spending more time at work than ever intended, and then get home feeling a little worn and used.  Then of course there are the little house hold chores to do.  Have to eat somewhere in there also.  Then I can sit down to the computer and catch up on my overflowing in box.  By the time I get done with everything and figure out a post, it’s already late.  Makes it kind of hard to get out to some of my favorite social sites like Plurk to play around.

I used to hang out in Plurk and follow conversations all the time.  Lately I have been very bad about going there.  Now I’m trying to get back into Plurking because it is fun.  Unfortunately I can generally only make it over there on the weekends.  They have this thing called Karma, the more you Plurk and the more friends you have the higher your Karma goes.  The only problem is that when you slow down or take a sabbatical from it, your Karma goes down.  Normally I could care less about Karma except for the extra cool emoticons you get after a certain level.

What I’m finding now is that many of them don’t want to have anything to do with me either because I left for so long, or because I have NO Karma now.  I have even tried to be nice, and drop a few responses on different Plurks.  The only thing that happens is the conversation stops, as if I have the plague or something.  Maybe I’m just being to pushy, who me I don’t think so.  I think maybe my problem is I share too many pictures of my dogs.  Oh well I’ll keep trying, but only when I can, for a person can lose hours to Plurk if their not careful.

Even when I stopped Plurking, I still followed a little of what was going on through a blog called Plurkiverse.    It is a blog devoted to Plurk, and the author is probably one of the more active members, KDFrawg.  But there is no substitution for actually being there and taking part in a conversation.

I also use Twitter, but that is more of what I consider to be an “announcement” thing.  Most of my Tweets are automatic, like when I post to my blogs, Live Writer notifies Twitter.  Also when I comment on something at Mixx or submit something to Mixx, they notify Twitter.  Twitter for me is more a promotion tool, and Plurk is for fun.

There is one thing that I have wondered from the first time I started Plurking.  How do all those people get the time.  I mean some of them are on there every time  I log in, and other just a few hours a day.  I just don’t seem to have a few hours a day, or maybe I’m just not Plurkicated (dedicated to plurk) enough.

Anyway, if you are ever interested in total random conversations, swing by Plurk and see what it’s all about.  You can even hang around and Plurk-lurk, just to see what is being talked about.

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Lilly's Life said...

Eric, I neither plurk or twitter. It takes hours to do all this stuff. If you really like doing something (and it's legal, he he) then you should. My issue is I keep finding more and more blogs I like and before you know it time goes. I think a lot of people don't work and spend all their time on their computer or something. That is very unhealthy and isolating. I don't really do all the social networking things (link referral, diggs, entrecard)that you are meant very well because it's not fun to me. I would rather stumble across blogs and just enjoy the writing. There are a lot of people on the net out to make money out of others without them realising it if my recent experience are anything to go by and it disturbs me greatly. Just chill and stick to the things that make you happy and if thats Plurking, then why not? By the way I wish I had looked at your links and seen 100Acorns earlier. I read about it in a magazine and it will be finished just when I get started. Have a great weekend.

Kel said...

Well . . . I think I shall happily NOT become Plurkilated. I remain very grumpy about time spent on the computer. Though it has been a true gift to have discovered some brilliant writers, thanks to you, in the blogiverse.

I'll be seeing mother Tuesday. I'm flying over to drive her to the eye surgery Wednesday. I'll call while there.


spicymist said...

aye social networking sites are addictive even if you have ur exams the next day, u cant just stop scrapping or snooping arouund ur crush's scrapbook :)) or writing on people's wall. I *almost* flunked my bio exam cos of that and so i switched over to blogging and reading blogs. Random blog hopping does work since i found ur blog by clicking on the "next blog" button at the top right. And you find time flies only when you have work to do. When you dont have routines to keep u busy, ull find , ur bugged n find urself looking at the watch agan n again to check the time. usually this happens more during boring lectures :P why desnt time fly then!!

forsythia said...

I left a comment earlier---an extended whine about the eternal feud between new technologies and me---plus a compliment on your blog's new look. Then the computer, or the dog, or a howling coyote ate my blogwork. See what I mean?

Eric S. said...

@ Lilly, I know what you mean, but I'm trying to spend just a couple of hours on Plurk for fun. It's like an escape from normal for a short period of time. Blogging is stil my first "love", because you have so much freedom with it, and a chance to just blurt out your thoughts. I spend far more time reading blogs than I do anything else, except work.

100 Acorns is so cool isn't it. I first found it a few months back, and have watched it for a while. I first started watching it just because it was Yoko Ono's site, then I started getting into her posts. Haven't gotten the guts up to post a comment on it yet.

@ Kel, I don't think you would like Plurk anyway, it's almost too random sometimes. But you do find new sites through it and Twitter also.

I talk to you when you get to Moms, and you can show her how to get onto my blog and leave comments. By the way she has a lot more done on her memoirs, but she has not sent them to me yet.

@ Spicymist, When I first started using Plurk, I lost a few nights completely. Then I just had to back away from it for awhile to recoop. My focus is on my two blogs and work, but a person has to have some fun in there once in awhile.

I'm glad you found my blog, and of course your welcome anytime. I wondered if anyone had just happened onto my blog. I have hidden the blogger bar at the top, now I wonder if I should put it back up.

Eric S. said...

@ Forsythia, sorry I hit the wrong button and boom it published my comment before I was done. I know what you mean about fighting new tech, I fight with my computer regularly.

By the way congrats on your new house, enjoy enjoy, enjoy.

maggie's mind said...

I really enjoy Plurk because I enjoy connecting with the other bloggers that I read beyond just comments back and forth on blogs. It's not for everyone, but I am able to pop in once in awhile throughout the day and sometimes stay on too many hours at night. Still, I enjoy it, and I have the time to spend, so I do. It's all about choices. :)

Eric S. said...

Maggie, I like it too, but more because it is so random and funny at times. I can't say there are that many blogging friends over there, except you of course. I used to really get into it and lose all track of time. That's why I had to back out for a while so I could get other stuff done. Now I'm just going try to spend a little time there on weekends, and if I get an easy night.

soulMerlin said...

Well Eric - I suspected it, but I'm now convinced that you're mad. What is it with Plurking??

Not only that, but Twitted Minx and Stumble reminds me of a young lady I recently observed, weaving her unsteady way out of a bar in one of our rodeo town centres.

The old sage strokes his whiskers, deep in thought "Beth!" he commands, "Fetch me a pigeon. I feel a message coming on."


Eric S. said...

Henry you crack me up, LOL. That's great I never looked at it that way, but all the silly names for these sites are rather funny.

How long will it take the pigeon to deliver the message?

spicymist said...

obviously i read ur blog. im following it. :p and you read the worng article on my blog :)) the one i wanted to pimp was the second to last one. neway u write awesome n i try 2 keep track of ur blog regularly

Anonymous said...

Me thinks that you're spending much too much time on the confuser! I used your link to go look at Plurk, I can't see me Plurking.


Eric S. said...

@ Spicymist, I know you read my blog, he he. Sorry I posted the comment on the wrong one, I read all of them.

@ Tinaleigh, yo sis, now you know there is no such thing as too much time on the computer. Yea I can't quite see you at plurk, maybe after you retire.


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