Pretty Ivy Only Wants To Play Outside

Many of you know I have a huge soft spot for kids. Especially Kids that are sick or in need. Friday, Lou Ceel did a Haiku about a little girl who only wants to play outside. Ivy is a pretty little two year old girl who wants to be just like all the others.

What is the problem you ask, well Ivy has a rare immune deficiency disease. The disease keeps her inside, away from other children, and potential infections. You see Ivy has a hard time fighting off these infections. Yet she is receiving treatment for some of them that is making it even harder for her immune system to fight off other infections.

The truly sad part is there is a treatment available that could make all the difference to little Ivy. The treatment is an IV transfusion of immune cells to bolster Ivy’s own weakened cells. For some reason, the Australian National Blood Authority, has refused to make this treatment available to little Ivy. There have evidently been numerous requests, all to no avail.

Can you imagine what little Ivy’s life is like, being locked up inside, never allowed to play with other children. All for fear of contracting a simple common virus or infection that is routine for other children, but may be lethal to her. Yet a small child who understands not the reason why, can never enjoy the life all children should have.

What can you do, go to this site, read her story, then take two minutes to fill out the petition for Ivy Girl. Perhaps if they get enough people in support of it, the Australian National Blood Authority will allow this sweet young girl a chance at a normal childhood. You can also go visit Ivy’s mums blog post about this petition and see for your self, what simply putting your name on this petition means to them.


maggie's mind said...

Always glad to see another name going on the list. I linked and signed the petition on Friday, too. Hope we can all help Ivy!

redchair said...

Glad you wrote your blog about this. It's really sad. Why hasn't the Australian government and public jumped on this and corrected the situation?

Eric S. said...

Maggie, Yeah I know, I hope the petition works. The more names they get the better.

Vikki, I wish I could understand the thinking behind their decision. To me there is no way such treatments should be withheld from children.

Veronica said...

Thankyou Eric for posting this.

According to Tiff, the reason behind their thinking is that Ivy won't die without this treatment. They don't care that she will have no quality of life (in and out of hospital, stuck at home to avoid catching anything else), they just care that she isn't likely to die from her health issues.

Eric S. said...

Veronica, Thanks for stopping by, I gathered that from Tiff's blog. It still makes no sense to me, even kind of pisses me off. A child should not have to suffer so when other options are available. I just hope we can knock some sense into the Australian National Blood Authority before Ivy loses too much of her childhood

soulMerlin said...

I remember the film "The Boy in the Bubble", one of the first films of John Travolta's career. Well it was moving in fiction, but really devastating in real life. I will go to your links and read and fill out the petition.

thank you so much for this post


Eric S. said...

Henry, I know I was thinking about that movie when I first read about Ivy. What aggravates me is some board believes that just because the little girl will live with the treatment she does not deserve it. I say to them "You call that living?"


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