The Power of The Blogs, WOW

There is a certain feeling of fulfillment when you find out that something you tried to help with worked.  I just came from Tiff’s blog, Ivy’s Mom, Her blog is , Three Ring Circus.  After reading a few of her posts and learning about all she has to deal with, I can think of no better name for her blog.  The good news is that it seem all the attention from a number of different blogs, and 1100 people who signed the petition, did the trick.  

Ivy got her IVIG treatment, and is now home again.  The people who make the decisions saw the petition and approved Ivy’s treatment, it seems we have a little power of persuasion after all. 

Evidently it may take up to 6 infusions before any changes are experienced.  At least she has that chance now, and a chance to be a little girl, to play with other children, to run around outside, and so many other things that children should be able to do. 

Veronica over at Sleepless Nights,  started the whole process, and then others jumped on the band wagon and blogged about it also.  I originally read about it on LouCeel,  and joined in the effort.  I am just surprised that it all happened so fast, happy, but surprised. 

Thank you to everyone who helped out, and who signed the petition, it really did make a difference, and allow little Ivy to get the treatment she needed.

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Lilly's Life said...

What a great story that is and it's wonderful that people will come together to help each other out through the internet. Lets hope that things go smoothly and there will be more happy news soon for this family. Well done for joining in to help. There is another wonderful story of a blogger who was recently in a plane crash with her husband and seriously burnt. They have four young children. Bloggers from all over the world have been raising money and drawing attention to this blogger's plight. Her story was in the NY Times about the power of blogging and the tight networks formed. Says a lot about what human beings are capable of.

maggie's mind said...

Wasn't that just the coolest thing to be a part of and to see happen so fast? I put up a little mention that Friday, too, signed the petition and couldn't believe my eyes when just the next Tuesday, boom, approved. Bloggers are not to be messed with because they can make stuff happen. ;) Such good news for little Ivy.

Kel said...

Applied will, community focus, a magical ending! Well done.

tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
This is a wonderful news. It's exhilirating, indeed, to be part of it.

I tried many times to get to your blog, but it kept going off line on me, so I thought perhaps your area got affected by the hurricane. Hope all is well with you.

Eric S. said...

Lilly, isn't it great, I knew we had a "voice" but was very surprised at the speed of the final outcome. Mostly I'm just happy Ivy has a chance to be a child.

Maggie, yeah don't mess with us huh. ha ha. I love that we were able to do some good, and give that little girl a chance to be a child.

Kel, Thanks, the magic is yet to be seen completely. I hope this treatment works as well as promised.

Tasha, thanks, I did not know there were problems, my internet was intermittent, but I figured Google, where our blogs are would stay up. I wonder what was going on.

AngelBaby said...

Blogging has become very powerful around the world. Big companies and people in general are starting to listen to the bloggers.

I hope and pray that her treatments will go smooth and everything will turn out well for her.

I have tagged you so come by and see.

Love and Blessings,

Eric S. said...

AngelBabyI hope her treatments go well also.

I checked out your tag, it may take me a while to figure out what to write.

Um I feel the gears slowly turning in my head, oops, I smell something burning also, LOL.

soulMerlin said...

thanks Eric ~ I've popped over to three ring circus and left a comment. It's good when people win :)


Eric S. said...

It is nice when people win, especially in circumstances like that. I hope they are doing well, I have not been by for a few days.


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