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Oh is it Monday again,  I ask as I’m sitting here looking at the clock on my computer telling me it’s 10:44 PM.  Well it seems that I must procrastinate on all things, and wait for the last possible moment to write  my posting. One of these days I am going to write a whole weeks worth of articles in advance, and save them as drafts to post as the week progresses.

I usually find the sites I write about by checking commenter’s on other blogs I read regularly.  Then when you find a good one, simply go through their blog roll and see what comes up.   This week many of the sites I’m going to suggest  I have followed for a while, and found though just one or two blogs.  The first of which is The Truth About Lies, by Jim Murdoch an author from Scotland.  I know some of you already visit his blog, because I have seen you in the comments as I lurked around.  Jim has published some books, including Living with the Truth.  Jim posts articles about writing, like Jewelweed, an article about where his stories come from.  It is an interesting look into how his story ideas materialize.

From Jim’s site, I followed some of his blog roll, and found Dragoncave, by Art Durkee.  He describes himself as “A wandering musician, artist, and writer traveling across the face of the earth and sharing what is encountered”.  He writes well thought out articles, with plenty of information.  Many of his articles, and I’ll keep calling his work article because they are very in-depth,   exposes his opinions, and the reasoning behind them.  He also posts poems about places he has been like San Francisco, including pictures to add to the effect of the  poem.

Jim also led me to Mythology-Fairy Tails, by Daryl Lorette, an actor in film, television and theater.  The site is filled with, for a lack of a better term, studies of the ancient gods, goddesses and their homes or realms.  It is kind of fun to browse through and read up on some of the ancients, and their activities.  I have always had a curiosity of the ancient mythology, that I can only attribute to my eldest sister.  I suppose it could also be due to some of my reading material, but some of that I can blame on her also. She was the first to steer me that way by sending me books about Epona the Celtic Goddess of  Horses, and The Bard, both very good books.

The next site I have found in the side bar of many a blog.  Black Tie and Sneakers, by Canadianredneck, is a poetry site.  He has very interesting and thought provoking poems, such as The Winds of Change.  I love to read poetry, but will never attempt to produce that wonderful prose.  I enjoy finding new poets, and have always been amazed at their talent for capturing those feelings of life with intricate words and phrases.  How they do it is beyond me, so I will stick with reading and enjoying their work.  He also contributes to The Society of Midnight Wanders, a collaborative blog that showcases poems from many different poetic bloggers.

The Mil Blog for the week is Richard’s Mil Blog, by LTC Richard Phillips, and he discuses the facts of life pre and post deployment.  There are some truly moving  articles in this blog, and it is well worth the visit.  His most recent posting is about how the troops deal with a death within their ranks.  I can assure you of a few tears, and that proud feeling we get when thinking of our soldiers. Kel you may not want to visit this one.
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indungg said...

hemm,..aku biingung...

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,

Yes, Jim Murdoch's blog is a source of valuable information and knowledge.

I will have to visit the others eventually.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy blogging!

Anonymous said...

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Eric S. said...

@ Indungg, I don't know what that means, I'm sorry.

@ Jena,Jim's pretty cool, i like his stories and posts. You'll like the others, happy blogging.

@ H, I'll get with you and see what you have in mind. Thanks.

Kel said...

I am pleased that I participated in some small way in seeding your interest in mythology and the myriad elder Gods and Goddesses. I'm sure I had less positive influence on my wee-ist brother also ( LOL ).

Yes, I have been choosing not to go to mil blogs right now . . . though I feel conflicted about that. Half of me wants to understand what Dom may be facing, but the other half just wants to keep Mum's head buried quite thoroughly in the sand.

I hold to the old adage, "No news, is Good news."

Eric S. said...

Kel, I think that old adage is what we were raised on. And you had more influence on me than you can imagine. You being the oldest, and I the youngest. It is human nature for youngsters to develop idols.


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