I May Never Fly Again

If this bug was the cost of flying, I shall never ever set foot on an airplane again. I’ve pretty much decided that the airplane had to be where I got this nasty little bug. I don’t know what it was, if it was the flu, it was the worst flu I have ever had, or I’m just getting old, (nope not possible). So now I guess I have one more excuse not to fly, HA!

I will say that flying into Las Vegas gave me inspiration for another trip. Nothing to do with airplane’s though. I would love to drive up to Nevada and explore the desert. Flying over it was breathtaking. It looked as if it had been sculpted, carved and painted by an artist. You could almost see the chisel strikes and brush strokes. The varied and vibrant colors along with the the impression of textures is hard to explain.

That is something a little more my style. I could probably spend months exploring and enjoying the beauty of the desert. To be able to hike around and camp and enjoy all there is to discover seems to me to be a real vacation. Being the loaner I am I would probably go by myself, for I don’t think I could convince my wife to go with me, she is not the out doors type. I could easily imagine myself out there having a blast searching around looking for those things that have never been seen before (at least by me).

Well now that I’m feeling better, I have a lot of catching up to do. I will be visiting everybody as soon as I can, and saying thanks to you all for your words of encouragement and support. Besides I have to find out what I have been missing, and get caught up so I can continue my Monday Writers of The Web.


LceeL said...

Sorry about the bug, boy. Flying over Nevada is special, isn't it. There's a rather thick book by John McPhee called "The Annals of the Former World" that explains the Basin and Range formations in and around Nevada. Of course, it explains a lot of other stuff, as well, but if you have a good dictionary nearby, it IS a fascinating read. Until I read him, I never knew what the word 'schistus' meant. Hell, I'd never even SEEN the word.

tashabud said...

Hello Eric,
It's good to see you out and about again among your blogging friends. I don't envy you getting sick with the flu. I always like to stay near the windows when flying because I like to look at the view below, so I know what you mean about the scenery in that part of the country being so beautiful. Just make sure that you have lots of water when you go stumping in the desert. I watched this guy who has a reality show about the outdoors, where he gets dropped in the desert or anywhere remote and he has to try to survive living on nature. Anyway, he got dropped off somewhere in the Utah desert and he had to drink his pee to survive. EW!!!! LOL.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
I get sick everytime I fly! In fact I think it's the only time I get sick. It's all that recirculated air we have to breath in for however long in flight. There's a 100 plus people on those flights! Maybe we ought to bring our own oxygen tanks. That'd work!
Feel better,

Eric S. said...

Thanks Lou, I'm always up for some interesting reading. I just loved the look of the terrain, it was absolutely breathtaking. I'm such an outdoor type anyway, it's right up my alley.

Tasha, we have more in common, I watch the same show. My wife gets grossed out by it all the time. I keep telling her though that its a survival issue and I bet she would do some of it if she had too.

Hi Vikki, I still need to visit your blog and Lilly's to see what I have been missing. The bug thing just give's me one more excuse not to fly, I'm still not over it. I'm not even sure I would fly with my own O2 bottle now!

jenaisle said...

Hi Eric,

It's good to know you're back. I am imagining the Nevada desert and it seems I won't survive if I would be left alone. But I agree the landscape is breathtaking. (from what I've seen in pictures and in films -those great cowboy stories.) Perhaps someday I will be able to see in person.

We have been missing your Monday's Writers of the Web. Welcome back and all the best.

Vixen said...

So glad you are feeling better. Here is a little link love to make it even better!

Eric S. said...

Jena, I know I know, I have been slacking and not keeping up with my Mondays writers. Not to worry, I will be continuing, I seem to be getting my feet back under me now, and will be much better I Promise.

Vixen, thank you so much, I truly deserve the slow -poke award. I am a procrastinator, and it does not help when I'm sick, I know pretty weak excuse. I will do better, thanks for all the comments.

thefoolonthehill said...

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Kel said...

I generally do pretty well flying, but the two times I've gotten ill were genuine horror stories. Still, I don't have much choice in the matter when it comes to my work for PSI, so its best for me to rigorously discipline myself to look forward to plane trips.

I love the desert colors and textures, but abhor heat, dry air, and stinging plants, bugs, and other critters. So I haven't been eager to hike or camp in desert YET.


Eric S. said...

Thefoolonthehill, Cool thanks for the info. I get sick probably once a year, this could come in handy. Anything to speed the recovery process. Thanks for stopping by, and your welcome anytime.

Kel, I don't envy your job for that reason. This is the first time I got sick, I'm still sure it was from flying. I guess though you have to make the best of anything. As to the desert, I would love the dry heat compared to what I deal with now. I think hiking and camping through it would be extremely fun and adventurous.


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