Grandson Returns

I know it’s supposed to be Mondays Writers of the Web, but Jordan, my grandson, and his parents came back today for a final visit before heading back to NC.   If you don’t mind, I will post some more pictures of him.
Jordan Destiny and Eric
Jordan kneeling with Destiny and Grandpa Eric
Jordan kicking the ball for Des
Jordan kick’s the ball for Destiny.  She loves that dam Wall Mart smiley face ball, and will chase it all around the yard.  She picks it up and brings it back to whoever will throw it or kick it for her.  Destiny was in seventh heaven having Jordan here to play with her.  Jordan has a pretty good kick, and then he loved to chase her around the back yard.
Jordan and Des
Jordan and Destiny
Jordan talking to Destiny
Jordan and Destiny
We got to spend a couple of hour with them.  I got Jordan out in the front yard and convinced him he could out run his shadow.  He spent about thirty minutes running around with me trying to out run that dam shadow.  I was having a blast, and a hard time keeping from laughing.

Jordan’s Dad, K gave me a funny video of Jordan dancing, so I thought I would share it with you.

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Jena isle said...

These are awesome pictures Eric. Your grandkid indeed is having a grand time. And he's a cute, healthy boy.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful pictures.

Happy blogging.

Jena Isle said...

That should read, 'THESE wonderful pictures". Typo.

redchair said...

These pix are great and your grandson is so precious. I have to say- I especially love 'Destiny's' pose for the photo in picture one between the two of you. What an expression! (Yah, he's people too!)

Great post.

Kel said...

Kids and dogs . . . what a great combination! Do you remember Poochie; a handsome short-haired terrier mix, black and white, good sized? You and Todd were very small when Poochie decided to stay with us, but he lived to a ripe old age with our family, and it was his daughter, Patsy, that moved with you kids and mother to Arkansas with Richard.

He was the most loving and patient dog. You and Todd would lay all over him, wrestling with each other across his shoulders and back, and sometimes falling asleep arms draped across him.

He used to help Whiskey raise the regular litters of kittens (as Amy #1 would always abandon her litters to be adopted by Whiskey), keeping them out of trouble and out from under our and the horses' feet.

What a great dog. I have so many fond memories of playing with Poochie and watching you younger ones play with him.

He was a leggy, half-starved, half-grown pup when he "followed" me home one winter day from school(excaped at least twice, but I eventually got him home *wink*). He was one of those poor dogs the city folk would bring up into the high country and dump. Lucky for us, as he was the BEST of dogs.

maggie's mind said...

Aw, looks like fun times. I'm thrilled you got to spend some time together just enjoying the day and having fun together.

Eric S. said...

@ Jena, Thank you we had a lot of fun. I'm going to miss the little guy now that their heading back.

@ Vikki, Yes she is a wonderful dog. She loved Jordan, because he had the energy to play with her so much.

@ kel, I do remember Poochie, and heard the story of how he decided to stay with us from Dad on a number of occasions. You know how he loved to embellish a story to his benefit.

Patsy came along, as I remember, when Pooch jumped the neighbors fence, wore himself out with Patsys mother and couldn't jump out. Dad had to go let him out when he got home.

Destiny is very much like Patsy, but plays with a ball instead of a Frisbee. She is just as patient and loving as Pooch was. She always seems to be happiest when there are children around.

@ Maggie, Thanks it was fun, and hopefully the memories will last until we get to see them again. He's such a sweet boy, and he is very active and adventurous.

Mike Foster said...

The proud grand pop! Looks like you have a Beckham in the making...


Green Business Ideas said...

nice blog

forsythia said...

That was pretty good dancing. Enjoyed the pictures of Jordan playing ball with Destiny. We used to have a standard schnauzer that loved to play with those big colorful balls. She was so funny to watch, but then she'd get too crazy. She'd always ended up biting (puncturing) the ball.

Lilly's Life said...

Gorgeous photos Eric. Jordan sure does have star quality - the dancing was priceless. And you have an enormous backyard to mow! Lots of room for Destiny and your other dogs.

confused said...

enjoy..this time with grand children only comes around once in life

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Jordan is too cute! His dance reminded me of my son at that sweet!

Eric S. said...

@ Mike, Thanks, he is quite the card

@ Green Business Ideas, Thank you

@ Forsythia, it was pretty fun wasn't it. Yea Destiny really likes soccer balls, but they can get a little expensive. they usually last about three months. I have to let just a little air out of them so she can get a good hold on it.

@ Lilly, Thanks he does have a certain showmanship. Yes the back yard is large, and in need of mowing. That is one of those chores I don't particularly enjoy.

@ Confused. thanks I am enjoying it, and making the best of what little time I get.

@ Barbara, Thank you, I just loved the dance when I saw it. I wanted to get a video of him acting like Spiderman, because it is so funny.

ButlerWifey said...

What a little cutie he is! My niece lives in NM and we're on the east coast, so it's hard, but they are coming to visit next month to celebrate her 2nd birthday!

Eric S. said...

Hi Butler Wifey, thanks he is a cute little tyke. It's tough having that distance, keeping family apart. I'm happy for you that you'll get to see your niece. 2nd birthdays are so important, its the first one they are likely to remember.

tashabud said...

Cute grandson you have there. He can dance and kick a ball like a star soccer ball player--great kicking form. It sounds like you had a grand time with him and with your kids. Good for you.

Eric S. said...

Tasha we certainly did have fun, I just wish they were closer so we could see them more often. He does have good form doesn't he.

soulMerlin said...

Funky Heavy Metal Groovy!!

I love being a grandad - all the joy and none (well a bit) of the responsibility.

You look a v proud grandad...

And Destiny is great too (don't want her to go off in a sulk)



Anonymous said...

LOL !!!! Oh yeah, I remember that day, when Dad had to over to the neighbor's to lift Poochie back over the fench. Can't remember the neighbor's name, but I sure can remember how vexed he was because his bitch was in heat and he was sure he knew WHY Poochie was all worn out. LOL !!!!

We were all pretty impressed the ancient fellow (Pooch Dog) managed to get over the fench and still have enough energy to "entertain" his Lady Pup *wink*

Eric S. said...

I have noticed, in the K-9 world, where there's a will there's a way, especially when it come to the heat cycle LOL


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