Another Change of Clothes

I have been having problems again, between the comment icon being hard to find and my numerous tweaks causing my page not to load in Internet Explorer.  So what the heck right I had found this template and had been working on it in a test blog for quite a while.   I tested it in all the browsers I have loaded, and it seems to work fine.  So I thought since the problems seem to be getting worse, why not go ahead and make the change.

It went pretty smooth, except for a few minor issues, that were easily fixed in the settings section.  On the Test site, I had a popular posts widget, but it was so slow to load, I decided not to use it.  I know not everybody has a super fast  machine, and it can get aggravating waiting on a blog to open.  I did keep many of my widgets, but intentionally lost a few of them also.  I finally got the widget showing all the blogs I’m following to work, I hope it does not slow things down too much.

If you check some comments, you’ll find that they show MyBlogLog avatars.  If you don’t have an account yet, you should sign up, it’s a great community similar to BlogCatalog.  It’s a good way to find new blogs, and meet new people.  You can also follow blogs through them, and they have some great statistical information.

I guess I’m getting a little better at this, because it only took me two hours to get it all set back up.  One of these days, I keep saying that, I’m going to get serious about learning some HTML and CSS.  I think it would be fun to develop my own template, and use it.  Guess what kind of theme I would use.  You got it, I’ ld come up with a more worn looking Blue Jean theme, with three sidebars.  I like having the larger sidebar on top, and the other two below it.

I’m going to keep looking for a way to add a popular posts widget to the tabbed navigation one.  I know it can be done, I think I have even seen one, I just need to learn how.   Give me enough time, and I’ll get things really figured out then I can start having fun with the template design.

If anyone has any trouble loading my site, please let me know.
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Lilly's Life said...

Perfect Eric.No problems now. I love that header and now I can come read your posts. Two hours to do all of that? My hats off to you. I so have to learn some more on that side of thing as my blog is due for an makeover.

Eric S. said...

Lilly thanks, I was driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I messed up on the other one. The I just figured that I really liked this one I had been testing, so what the heck.

I guess practice helps, I certainly have had plenty of it lately. Most of what I do is cut and past from tutorial sites like Blogger Buster. The more you do that, the you start figuring out what makes things work. Now I just have to get serious and pick up a few more books, then I can get a good understanding of HTML and CSS

maggie's mind said...

I think I actually like the new look even better! And I know that I love being able to find the comment button. Congrats on another new look. :)

Eric S. said...

Thanks Maggie, I really like the look of this one, I know it's a little dark, but that suits me also. I'm such a night owl I have to wear sunglasses for a full moon.

BTW, I'm trying to get over to Plurk a little more often, but not succeeding. How do you manage it?

ShawnD said...

I like this template Eric, it's easy to read and it loaded fast on my laptop. (You know how I've complained how slow my laptop is.) I saw that you went to my blog. What do you think about the setup? I got a blog posting on myspace telling all my friends about the setup and it's got a link to the sight and I think three of my friends already went to it so I'll be waiting to hear what they have to say on Sunday. I know the Bible isn't your thing but maybe the notes will help break it down and help you understand. And every-now-and-then I'll do a study on a topic like anger or something like that. Maybe between books. (Matter of fact that sounds like a great idea). Happy Blogging.

Jena Isle said...

Great theme. I like it. Congrats and happy blogging.

Vixen said...

I really like this one better. Not just that you got the kinks out, but overall its very pleasing to the eye.

But I just want you to know Eric, your blog changes clothes more often than a 17 year old, teenage girl.

Kel said...

Whew, nice and fast upload with out having to run the gamut of error messages first! Good job, Rico!

I'm parked in an "Admirals Club" for the first time on my travels. It's a frequent flyer lounge for American Airline flyers. I don't quite have enough air time annually to get a free membership, and I'm too damn cheap to cough up the $50 day's guest pass to have explored it before. But they sent me a "complimentary" day pass not long ago, and I've got a long enough lay over in LAX to decide to check it out.

Its pretty cool, I guess, a trifle hoity toity, but its completely separate from the hustle and bustle of the regular concourse, so it's a bit quieter, and they have free coffee, nuts, fruit, cheeze & crackers, bagels, and breakfast cereal. A private bar, Wi-Fi, and lots of good-sized end tables with power outlets prominently displayed so that quite a number of folk can diligently be working away on their laptops as they sip their drinks.

Well, time to wrap up and head to my plane (home thank gawd). Love you.

Krokodil said...

This all sounds terribly complicated. I know I used to understand it, but now have forgotten most of it since I was gone for so long. I'll check it out after exams in November and get the widgets.

Eric S. said...

Shawn, Thanks and yes I checked out your blog. Not bad, a little out of my realm. I don't have any problem with the Bible, I have a problem with the way some people choose to interpret it, or follow when its convenient. I hope you continue writing your stories, please don't give up on that.

Hi Jena, you've been pretty busy huh. Thanks.

Vixen, OUCH, a 17 year old changes about 4 times a day. I know from first hand experience, LOL. Thanks.

Admiral Kel, I like the sound of that. At least you got to try it out for free. I suppose if you were in the right line of work that required all those convinces it would be worth it. I'm with you though, no way I would spend that kind of money just to sit there and have a drink. Glad your finally getting home. Love ya.

Krokodil, Thanks for stopping by. It's not too bad once you get used to it again. Good luck on your exams, and have a great time.

Mike Foster said...

Gee, Eric, every time I visit you it seems like you have a new look. I actually like this one a lot. And the page loaded just fine.


forsythia said...

Do you remember that old Lucy-and-Ethel episode where they went to work boxing chocolates. They did fine until the manager speeded up the line. That's how I feel about all the new technology. So many new things to learn; so little time. I think I'll just lie down until the mood passes. I like your new look, but I think I howling coyote would be a cool addition.

Eric S. said...

Mike, Thanks I know I change a lot, but I think this one will be here for a while.

Forsythia, I loved that episode. The line started going so fast they couldn't keep up, then they started eating the chocolates so as not to back things up. Most of this was pretty simple stuff, cut and past. It helped that I had done it so often lately that I knew where in the code to put stuff.

I like the idea of a howling coyote, I'll have to see what I can do about that.

Kel said...

Yup, happy indeed to be home again. AND its a very quiet weekend because the hubby is off in the wilds of the nevada desert with a buddy who is a rocket-launching hobbiest (really big rockets!). So I have the house and yard to myself for two days . . . nice.

I got in quite late last night (after 10 pm), after a 12-hour day of travel . . . (sigh), so I started the morning last night by turning off the alarm! Ahhh . . . heavenly it is to sleep in!

Spent the day reading, and gardening, and feel good and tired tonight, so the only decision left is whether to stay up long enough to catch the 9:45 "Dark Knight" movie, or tuck myself into an early bed with a warm mug of milk with whiskey & nutmeg and the book.

Decisions, decisions. LOL !!!

Eric S. said...

Kel, I think the warm milk, whiskey and nutmeg, along with a good book would win out. At least you got a chance to do your yard work, I know you love it. I, on the other hand loathe yard work, might be because of the heat.

I hope you get to spend some time with RandDawg before you have to be on the go again.

soulMerlin said...

Hi Eric ~ Yes...this one is the one I wanted you to have....on the other hand I like the mountain morning sort of maybe you could alternate two templates? (Probably drive everyone mad...sorry)


ps thanks for your comment on Our Harvest, I've replied to it. (as you know, I'm very bad at responding to comments)

all the best


Eric S. said...

Hi Henry, How about a theme that changes with the times of day. That would really mess with people Ha Ha Ha.

Thanks, when I found this one, I just loved it. Everything is where I wanted it, and it had the wide top side bar with two under it.

soulMerlin said...

no doubt about're a cyber-geek.:)



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