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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called present.

After all the encouragement and kind words from my friends here, I have been working on a story I had started some time ago. When I finish the first chapter, and put it through my editing then my sisters editing, I will be posting it. How ever the first post will not be here on Ruminations. Jena Isle has asked me to do a guest post on one of her sites, Gewgaw Writings. So I will send her the first chapter to post . I will then add chapters here as I complete them. I can't explain how good it made me feel to have someone ask me to do a guest post on their site. This is all so new to me, I feel like such the beginner, I'm experiencing emotions I'm just not familiar with.

I can tell you this, the story is based in the future, but you'll feel like you've gone back in time. I dreamed up the idea about a year ago, and started writing it down. Building a character base, and developing a story line. I never dreamed of putting it out for the public to see, for I think of myself as a reader not a writer. I always wanted to write a book, but never took it seriously. I still don't consider myself a writer, I am just an amateur, tinkering with his thoughts. If I manage to create something you all will enjoy reading, so much the better.

I will be doing some new things here each week. I'm going to engineer them to help me improve my writing, and would appreciate constructive critique at any point. If you catch me messing up, give a shout out, and let me know so I can correct my bad habits.

So much has happened to me this week that I'm still reeling from it. I have made more friends here in the blogosphere than I imagined possible. One of the reasons I think is because I am opening up a little, and letting people know who I am. I have received two more awards, one from Jena Isle of Random Thoughts, and one from Soul Merlin of From Dusk 'Till Dawn. I will be doing post for them a little later on, and sharing the link luv with more of my deserving friends. I don't want to crowd the awards together, I think it would make me look stuffy or big headed, and I'm not. But it is important to pass on the honor, so I will do my award posts, spread out over a few weeks. Thank you both, I am honored and flattered beyond imagination.

As an interesting bit of news, check this out,

Mia Farrow reporting from the Darfur Olympics. What, Darfur Olympics, Really go check it out and see what I'm talking about.


Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric, Wow, I can't wait to have your story in my site. It would be great to host one of your creations. I'm excited and eagerly waiting. Thanks for accepting my invitation. Looking forward to it. All the best. BTW, you deserve the award. Congrats.

ShawnD said...

I can't wait to read and I hope you accept my proposal you will make an excellent writer.

tashabud said...

That's so wonderful Eric. I can't wait either. When is the time frame? I'll be patiently impatiently waiting. LOL.

With Mia Farrow's campaign, if we do what she says, are we punishing China or is it the adverisers and the athletes the actual victims in the end of this campaign?

Eric S. said...

Jena Isle, Thank you. I am working on it in my "free time", which usually means between 12:00 AM and somewhere around 3:00 - 4:00, LOL so it's going a little slower than I would like. But have no fear it's never far from my mind, and Ideas are flashing all the time.

Shawn, thanks, I'm still thinking, LOL. I have much to do, but I'll make an effort to squeeze it in. It's the least I can do for a neighbor.

Eric S. said...

Tasha, Thanks and I don't know the time frame yet. I wanted to answer you in an individual way.

Your statement, is exactly why I posted about Mia Farrows project the way I did. I agree with you one hundred percent. China already has the Olympics, and it's to late to change that. The advertisers have already paid for their time space. The broadcast agencies are the one that will make the money from them, not China.

I don't think it reasonable to expect the majority of people to "boycot" China. Every one of us can most likely look anywhere within a few feet of us and see something that was made in China. The cheap labor is to attractive to greedy large corporations.

So how do we shine light on what is happening in Darfur? I don't know for sure, but getting people talking about it can't hurt. I figure the only way to start anything, or change anything, is to discuss it. I posted it in a generic way, without and opinion, to stimulate discussion.

Now I'll get off my soap box, and thank you for starting the discussion.

Eric S. said...

Dang, I hate when I make a mistake. "an" opinon. I think ultimately the victims are those in Darfur.

tashabud said...

Hi Eric, I don't know the solution to this issue of Darfur, either. There have been discussions about it for a long time now, yet nothing has been done. I think that the only way for this country's problem to get resolved is for the existing government, if there is even a legitimate one, to be changed. It makes me so angry because the international community is not doing anything. The U.S. is giving the international community every opportunity to take charge, but no one is doing that. The other countries are always waiting for the U.S. to take action. And when we do that, we are seen as bullies. Because that's what that country needs--is a government change. How do you go about in achieveing that? Well you know what we did in Iraq to change the leadership there? Well, we're seen as the bad guys and bullies. So, what do we do? Nothing. We'll just be doing humanitarian work there without any real solution in ending the warring and sufferings of the people of Darfur. At least, in Iraq, there is hope for real peace in the near future. But in Darfur, I'm afraid that there's none until perhaps the U.S. and the international community come together to intervene with their military might in order to install peace and order in that country. I don't see dialogues to be able bring peace to Darfur.

BTW, I finally posted a reply for your comment in my blog. We must have been posting at the same time because after I posted mine, I saw that you just posted one of yours that wasn't there while I was writing my comment.

Eric S. said...

Tasha, I think your right. Something should be done, but not by one country alone, US. We have a bad enough name now, and our hands are full with the troubles we're the ordeal in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some sort of coalition would be great. The problem is who is going to form it? What exactly is the UN's purpose anymore? Who will be the one to start the ball rolling? Is it too late already? There are so many questions that have no simple answer.

Here's a link to an interesting post. http://insidecandy.co.za/2008/08/06/letter-to-the-sand/

Eric S. said...

Note to self, try to make sure your awake when replying to comments.

"We have our hands full with the troubles and ordeals going on in Iraq and Afghanistan."

tashabud said...

Hi Eric.
I went to check out the site--very interesting and informative. It appears that the entire African nation is in turmoi. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. My husband has a lot of contracted white South Africans working under him. They have told us that the black Africans have driven almost all of the white Africans away from their countries. So now the white South Africans have no home or country to call their own. Even if they still have families in one of those African countries, they don't seem to be considered as citizens of those countries.

BTW, did you watch the music video of Alan Jackson's "Remember When"? If you did, did you like it?

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours!! Very interesting.

Kel said...

The question of why China has not used its significant influence on Sudan to try to halt the genocide underway in Darfur is only one the very many complicated socio-political issues about which much of the Western world is vexed with China.

There is also the ongoing occupation of Tibet, the refusal to acknowledge Taiwan's assertion of indepence, the hard-line censorship of media, the frequently deadly oppression of members of Falong Gong, the suppression of freedom in religion generally, and many more human rights abuses.

However, I accept the Dalai Lama's assertion that there is also much good, and much of value, in direct engagement with China, and that it is only via direct engagement with the PEOPLE of China that the intiation of needed change will happen.

So my hope for this Olympics is that the people of China will have the opportunity to meet and interact with as many folk from countries as possible.

Kel said...

" . . . from "other" countries."

Sigh . . . .

Eric S. said...

There are so many issue's involving China. I agree the only way to make a difference is to be able to get them to understand what is happening because of their help.

The question is how.


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