To Fly or Not To Fly, Depends On The Reason

Final Loadings
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Flying is one of those things I absolutely loathe. It’s not that I’m afraid of flying, it’s more because of the difficulties involved in actually getting on a plane. There is the check in process, and then the security, however necessary it may be. And then of course the interminable wait to finally board the plane. Naturally there is that little fault I seem to have, I need to be in control. I’m a terrible passenger, and feel sorry for any one who has me as a passenger in their vehicle.

I do on occasion convince myself of the need to fly to some distant destination. Usually due to something I have to do, like a family funeral, wedding, or something of that nature. In the last three years, I have flown twice, and prior to that the last time I flew was in 1989. Now for the first time in a very long time, I’m going to fly because of something I want to do. This weekend, I’m flying to Vegas to visit, The Star Trek Experience before it closes in September.

Yes I’m a Trekkie, and so is almost everybody in my family. I posted about the adventure closing back in June. If you check out the comments on that post, you’ll see what I mean about my family being tried and true Trekkies. We are devoted no doubt, but far from obsessive, maybe. Any way, I have never had the opportunity to go to The Star Trek Experience, and my sisters felt it was something that I had to see. Kel who had frequent flyer miles got me a ticket, and Tinaleigh who gets free hotel rooms set me up with a room.

Unfortunately, Kel will not be able to make it, but Tinaleigh will be there. She has been many a time, and will I’m sure have plenty for me to see. She is the list type or itinerary type of person, so I’m sure my weekend will be full. One place I will have to go is Quark’s Bar, just to see all the people in costume and possible try a Cardasian Fish And Chips or a Warp Core Breach.

Needless to say I am just a tad bit excited, and all aquiver with anticipation. I will however probably suffer from blog withdrawal, but perhaps Tinaliegh will bring her laptop so I can update.

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LceeL said...

I did the Trek thing a long time ago. I bought a denim shirt with the Logo and everything because I collect denim shirts - to wear, not to just look at. It was SO COOL. You're going to Love it.

Live long and prosper.

forsythia said...

I'm no great fan of flying either. My husband loathes it. He would much rather drive ANYWHERE than fly. You name it: Nome, Rome, Vladivostok---if you can get there by car, just give him a map and he's good to go.

I am getting really irritated at the new United Airline commercials. Instead of trying to fool us into thinking that flying is like "a trip to the moon on gossamer wings" they should spend their money improving the snacks. I never want to be given a "snack" bag containing 3 stale pretzels.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
I’m in total agreement with you. I’ve flown all over the United Sates and internationally repeatedly. I use to enjoy it and now find myself dreading it just because of the check in.

The last flight I took was just a commuter flight from LAX to San Francisco for a friend’s wedding. When I went through the check-in they stopped me because my high heels had a steel support rod in their heels. On the return flight check-in, the same thing happened. They took so much time deliberating the lethal intent of my shoes; we missed our flight home at midnight. We had to rent a car and make the 8-hour drive.

I know it’s necessary- but it really puts a damper on the fun.

Vixen said...

As a fellow trekkie, I know you will enjoy it. I only was able to go once and it was terrific. Do try the Warp Core Breach, at least for the experience.

I am sad it is closing, as I never got to take my husband and he is a more devoted trekkie than I am.

Have fun.

Eric S. said...

Lou, that's cool. I will get a denim shirt if they still have them. I love denim shirts, wore them for ages, but now only in the coldest weather, it's just too hot down here.

Forsythia, If i had the time I would definitely drive. But I only have the weekend, and what the heck the tickets were only $5.00, and not out of my pocket, I'm so selfish. Our whole family was raised on Star Trek. It's hard not to be a big fan in those circumstances. I can't wait.

Vikki, that is the worst part. back in 89 it wasn't too bad. I flew back from Germany, and it was still all about customer service, and comfort. 3 years ago when I flew home for Dads funeral, short notice flight, one way ticket = full scale search and inspection. It was so miserable, but I did expect it. I can't believe they messed with you over high heels. Then I heard about some lady suing because the made her remove jewelery, Body Piercing, and made her do so in front of male TSA Agents.

Vixen, I'm going to have to try a bunch of the stuff. I'm sure my system will be on overload. I'll try to get some pictures, and may even allow a picture to be taken of me. Then I can post some.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you're going to let me take a picture of you! Nope, no laptops, this is vacation. And yes, I have a list of things to show you, you are going to have sore feet and be on sensory overload. I can't wait.


Eric S. said...

Tinaleigh, we'll see about the picture, you know how I am. I suppose I can survive a couple of days with not internet, one must make a few sacrifices.

tashabud said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tashabud said...

I still write letters to family members in the Philippines during Christmas, but I don't write them in long hand anymore. I use the computer. But for short notes to family and friends, I write in either long hand or in print form. I must have two personalities because there are times when I write in long hand and other times in print form, but mostly in print form.

I do agree with you that it's always nice to receive a hand written letter. I still have all the hand-written letters my husband had written to me. I'm a hoarder like that. Hehe.

This is a nice heart-warming post. I chuckled at your experience at basic training. There you are, trying your hardest not to call attention to yourself and did just the opposite.

tashabud said...

I don't know what happened, but I was trying to comment on your latest post but, for some reason, it got posted here twice instead. I had to delete one of them.

tashabud said...

I'm so glad that you're going to The Star Trek Experience. It's worth all of the inconvenience you have to go through. I hope you have a strong stomach for the Enterprise ride. Be ware for the rough ride as you travel in the galaxy far away, encountering all the asteroids and other planets. Have a wonderful time.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
I hope my note post in the right place. This comment is in reference to letter writing. I totally agree. There is no more precious commodity than a hand written letter.

I have several that my mother wrote me. Gone now over 20 years, they’re very special to me. Also, several years ago, one of my cousins (whose about 20 years older than I am) sent me a letter my Dad had written to him. (My father died in 1973.) My father was 24 years old when he wrote the letter and serving during WWII. He mailed the letter from Okinawa. It’s dated 1944. To say the least it is just mind boggling to hear my father talking as a young guy and again the most precious of memorabilia for me.

Eric S. said...

Tashabud, No problem, I had put a link in the post, that for some reason keeps opening this one. I'll have to figure this stuff out. I'm sure I can add a little code to correct this and make comments easier.

I know what you mean about the different style, I don the same thing. I think when I want a more personal feeling or expression, I'll use longhand. When I want to get a specific thought across I'll print. I have to concentrate real hard to make my long hand legible.

Thanks, I never forgave my mother for that LOL. There was no hiding in the shadows afterward.

I can't wait for the trip. I'm sure I'll be on sensory overload the whole time.

Eric S. said...

Vikki, That's so nice that you have those letters. I don't have any letters from my father. I guess I'm allot like him, we did not write much. We didn't call much either, no problems, we just called when we had something important to say. It was funny to talk to him on the phone, he would say a few things, then there was an awkward silence, and then we'd say good buy.

Mother writes all the time. She stays in contact with friends from clear back in her childhood. She is very adamant about writing her letters, and considers it important.


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