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We're back, I'm saying we're, because I am receiving enthusiastic assistance in composing this post. Rascal is doing his level best to help me type this post. Now that I'm back on a somewhat normal routine, aided by a co-author, I'll continue my Writers of The Web series, with a little un-requested assistance.

First off, allow me to get some basic info out. Everybody is having a hard time with the comments icon here. I'm working on it, and trying to move it to the footer of each post, this has turned out to be not as simple as it should be. For now I have changed the color of it to red, it is located in the top right corner of each post, just to the right of the date. The number is the actual icon, not the balloon. I'm pointing this out, because I'm selfish and love comments from my reader, and have been missing them.

Now lets to get down to business. Rascal, Peanut and I were browsing the web last night, doping Entrecards. We found a real nice site, especially if your in a mood for a love poem or two. Bittersweet Collide, where ends meet and the bittersweet collide. Pretty catchy huh, I loved that, and it got my attention. This site is authored by Lex and he or she (I don't know which for sure) call their blog Aidan. They have love poems, music lyrics and random posts. One of the poems, Pencils and Bleeding Pens, was simply dripping with sensuous adoration, and could potentially be used as a philter. They have other love poems and things of interest, and is well worth the read.

We found another site last night, that tugged on my sentiments and love of military stories. Luck and Success with Alok is posting his fathers biography. Currently he's involved in World War II, and has some very interesting photo's he posts with each section of the story. Anyone who's taking the time to tell their fathers story is alright in my book. I do so enjoy memoirs and biographies, they allow us a look into the past of an individuals life.

If you like a little fantasy, fiction, Majik's World is a stop you will just have to make. He is writing a novel, called Dustin's Chronicle. He has five chapters with many parts each. The feel of wizardry and adventure abounds on this site. I can already tell I will have to add this to my list of blog novels to finish reading. The Navigation on the site is a little awkward, he has not posted his archives or a contents in the sidebar. The easiest method is to check the Authors Note, where he does have a table of contents.

One of my old time favorites, listen to me, old time as if I've been blogging for a long time, Ha! Anyway, one of my favorites that I visit regularly is My Life as it Was, Is, and Will Be. The site is authored by Sarah, who writes very compelling, inspirational and thought provoking articles. She has a very welcoming way to her writing, and always seem to make me feel at home. She blogs about life, philosophy, spirituality, and family.

Last but by no means least, is a new find for me. She recently started visiting Chihuatude on a regular basis. Plunger Girl, has a way with making the everyday mundane things that happen, inordinately comical. Fair warning, she pulls no punches and talks like a construction worker at times. You may also consider not trying to drink anything while reading her posts. It never fails, you'll get halfway through one of her posts about an everyday occurrence, and she'll say some thing that will make you blow coffee, tea, whatever your drinking all over your computer screen. She also loves Chihuahua's so she has to be a good person!

So that's it for this week, enjoy your blogging, be sure to drop in on your friends and say hi. Take a few moments each day to find a new blog, and get to know the author. Explore, expand and enjoy.

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tashabud said...

Your partner in crime is cute. I'm glad you're back in your routine. I don't know where and how you find the time to do the things you do. I'm struggling. BTW, I like the color of your page. Good night.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,

I submitted this post to I find it worth a read. Here is the link:

All the best.

Vixen said...

I love this series because I love finding new blogs.

See I found the comment link! Yea for me.

forsythia said...

I think I'm gonna like your blog. I'll be back.

Eric S. said...

Tashabud, Thanks Rascal is appropriately named, he is a rascal. Time, what is time? I exist on an average of 3 hours sleep a night for three to four weeks, then crash for 2 to 3 days not accomplishing anything. I think I may need to learn a little something about time management, scheduling, and pacing myself, LOL.

Jena Isle, Thank you so much, I voted for it and yours. You are too kind to me.

Vixen, thanks, I enjoy finding new blogs also. That is what started this series. I know most people have probably already found many of the site's I find, but to me they are completely new. It never hurts to show others appreciation for their efforts, and this is my particular method. It also give's a little link luv to others.

Forsythia, Thank you very much and your welcome anytime. Just come on in and make yourself at home.

redchair said...

It's so great that you did a post like this Eric. It really does encourage us all to do some window shopping. Never know what you'll find.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Vikki, It's something I do every Monday, unless it falls on one of my crash days LOL. I love going around and reading different blogs, and trying to find new and fun blogs. That's probably why I don't get to all my regulars every day.

Lex said...

I've long been away, and I've only known about your mentioning my blog here. Thank you so much

Eric S. said...

Lex, my pleasure, and thank you for writing your poems. They are wonderful and I enjoy them very much.


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