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Yesterday, I downloaded the new Entrecard Toolbar, and last night I gave it a good work out. I dropped 95 cards, off and on, for about 3 and a half hours. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but you have to consider that I read about 95 percent of the first articles on any given blog, and some I went through their achieves. This is how I find some of the best sites, and following links within those blogs, or user comments. Oh and I managed to leave a bunch of comments too.

The funny thing is, the first site I'm going to introduce, I found by receiving a friends request on BlogCatalog. The Senator's Daughter, by Teresa Campbell, Is a "Blog Novel". And one I will have to catch up on. I read the first chapter, Welcome to Sudan, and was captivated right away, Unfortunately, work call and I was unable to read the next. But many of you know I like to spread out my reading of a blog novel anyway, and make it last. I must say that Teresa Campbell has found a new fan. She has managed to paint a picture of the setting, and introduce her two Main characters so thoroughly, I felt as if I have know them for some time. Teresa has a talent for the descriptive writing, and seems to be able to paint with words. I'm not sure as yet if the story is going to be focused around her tough as nails female pilot, or the Senators daughter, now a doctor on an mission of aid. Both characters have a flair to them in their own way, and are intriguing to the reader. This novel is a must read, and I assure you I will be making my regular pilgrimage to catch up and then follow The Senator's Daughter.

Next is a blog called PlottDog Press writers and writing by T.L. Raun. This site is a site for writers. There are a number of novels there, and it hosts guest writers. As a matter of fact, I found one of my favorites there, Tashabud and her The Big Picture. It's nice to see a site that is setup to help and showcase new writers. I plan on going over and really checking it out.

The next blog of distinction is un1versal sessions or 1verse, a poetry site by Charles Sapp. He has some very interesting and intriguing poetry. The one I read right away was The Cunductor it is about the germination of thoughts. I fell in love with the poem because it made me think of the mountains of home. Another that had a special meaning for me was Heroes & Heroines. He has some very good poems, and is well worth the time to take a read.

My final blog for today is Moomette's Musings, she does a lot of sponsored posts, but they are always good reads. What I want to point out though is her post for the August 3rd. Blog The Recession. She is promoting the same thing I am really, go around reading your regular blogs, and finding new ones. but spend some time looking around, getting to know your fellow bloggers. Leave some comments, they don't have to be long, or carefully composed, That may be hard for me. Just let them know you've been there and enjoyed their content. She is also promoting Blogging For Blood Cancer with Goodies for Mom and Friends of Heroes. If you have a blog, on August 11-18th Join in the effort to to raise awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's fight against the various forms of blood cancer. Check the links, and find out what you can do to help, it doesn't cost anything and you may win a prize

I just came up with an idea, I will pledge to donate all EC's earned from today until August 18 th from both of my sites, here and Chihuatude, to the prizes to be awarded by Goodies for Mom . So come by and drop, and I'll drop all I can, we'll donate it all to the cause.

I will leave you with a link to an absolutely beautiful picture Good Morning Summer of a Miami morning on Flickr.

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Shireishou said...

How to give credit to Goddies for mom, just go to and you will se option on right side "Give credits to this site" and just click it
Hope that help (I read Ur comment above my comment at Goddies for mom blog)
Nice to meet U

Eric S. said...

Shireishou, Thank you that worked perfect. Nice to meet you also, I am heading straight over to your site now to get to know ya. Thanks for stopping by and please feel welcome anytime

livelife365 said...

Hey Eric,
I have nominated you for a Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award. This was given to me and I was told I need to select some blogs that I think are great and nominate them. I chose yours as one of them because I read your blog all the time and really enjoy it. You can visit my site to retrieve it. Thanks!


Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

Hi Eric thanks for visiting my blog & the mention of Blogging for Cancer. I am glad I found you through EC and have added you to my list of favorites.



Thank you so much for generous review of The Senator's Daughter. I really appreciate the positive feedback. It's good to know that at least one person out there enjoys it (other than family which doesn't count because they have to like it) Anyway, if you keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Take Care,

Vixen said...

I also read most of the blogs I drop on. That is probably why I have never reached 95 drops in a day. Before entrecard I found a lot of blogs when reading someone I enjoyed, seeing a comment, then following to check that person out. Also when people would make recommendations, like this post. I know one of the people listed here, but I am going to check out the others.

plotdog said...

Thanks for stopping by the PlotDog blog. You were write, it is a blog all about and all for writers. We very much appreciate the shout out. Come by, make friends, say hi and we will keep in touch.

Plot Dog

Eric S. said...

Mike,Welcome back, I'm glad you had a good vacation. Thank you so much, I don't know what to say other than I appreciate it. I don't feel that I deserve an award, I'm just having fun

Hi Cindi, Welcome anytime. I have to figure Entrecard out more, and I'll return the favor. It is a noble cause, and I'll support it all I can.

Desert Pups, It was my pleasure. Please continue writing, and I will continue reading. You have created a very captivating character. I know what you mean about positive feedback, it gives inspiration

Vixen, It does limit the number of drops you can make in the time you can allocate. But essentially, I think that was the intended purpose of Entrecard. I also find blogs from comments. When I read a comment I like or am impressed with I check out the the person. Still do that now.

Plot Dog, I intend to come by and really check out your site. I have it on my schedule LOL. Really I love the fact that your helping out others who want to learn. Thanks for coming by.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric, that's very generous of you to be donating some of your EC credits. Remind me when, I can donate some too. I like how you eagerly visit blogs and give your sincere comments on them. I laud you for that. Great post. Happy blogging.

Eric S. said...

Hi Jena, Thanks for coming by. Really its not much, but it might get some people to blog about it. It is an important cause.

If I leave a comment, it's something pertinent. I refuse to leave BS or spam comments. I guess if I don't have anything to say I won't say anything at all.

Jena Isle said...

Oh, I forgot Eric, to thank you for the EC widget of my blog "A Campaign for non violence" that you have posted in your sidebar. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks. All the best.

tashabud said...

Hi Eric,

I went to check out "The Senator's Daughter". I was captivated and riveted. Thanks again for sharing your new discoveries with us.

You really have done and are still doing a lot for us bloggers. Your contributions to the blogging community are all very positive, and I commend you with deep respect and admiration.

I wish I have more time in a day to visit more blogs. I'm the same way as you. I read and comment on each I've visited so far. However, if after one or two tries I don't get acknowledgment in my blogsite, then I just quit visiting or commenting in that site. I figure, it's a sign that the owner isn't interested in making friendship with me. Also, if I see the same entrecarders dropping in my site, but not leaving any comments, I assume that they're only dropping them to earn Entrecard credits and nothing more.

Have a great day.

Brandi said...

Being currently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a blood cancer, it is just amazing me the amount of banners I have started to see over the past couple weeks for the "Blogging for Blood Cancer" Event. This is truly an awesome thing to see, and reminds me there may be hope yet, for myself and others. Keep up the awesome work, and thank you for all your're doing to spread the awareness!

Eric S. said...

Jena, It's my pleasure, and I thank you for the same.

Tashabud, I'm so glad you went to read it. I knew you would enjoy it. As for me, I'm just having fun, and trying to be a contributing member of the blogging community. It's people like you and the rest of my readers that I admire. There are always those who are power dropper's (see a new term I learned yesterday) but I like to believe there are more readers out there that just choose not to comment for there own reasons. I know what you mean about people not returning the favor of a comment, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Brandi, Thank you so much for coming by. I love your site, and applaud you for having the courage to blog about what you are going through. My thought s and prayers are with you and yours, and I hope the cure finds you. I so respect your strength and your unselfish attitude. I loved the post about how you felt you didn't have the right to complain, because you had not had severe reactions yet. That shows what kind of a person you are. I will be stopping by as often as I can to see how your doing.

entrepgirl said...

hi! thanks for leaving a comment in my blog about my layout. i appreciate it! :)

Kel said...

Wow . . . fascinating series of comments.

Eric S. said...

Entrepigirl, No problem, thanks for stopping by.

Kel, kinda like a disjointed conversation huh. That's part of the fun of this. You would be surprised by the people you meet.


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