Las Vegas Vacation, Vacation With No Work, A New Concept

Finally a vacation, even if it’s only a couple of days, with not even an ounce of work suggested.  Normally when I take time off to go somewhere, or take a weekend to go, I have work to do when I get there.  Either visiting Mother, and installing her new shower, in one weekend, or visiting my sister to help her build an Access Data Base.  This time around there is no chore or task that I will be expected to accomplish. 
I’m not going to know what to do, all that free time with no requirements or tasking assigned.  Well I guess I’ll just have to suffer through, some one has to do it, right.  I have been told by my sister that she is not going to bring her laptop, probably to keep me off the Internet.   I don’t know how I will handle the lack of blog interaction.  What will I do with my time?
Fortunately for me, Tinaliegh has a whole itinerary planed out.  I have been informed to wear comfortable shoes, and to be ready for allot of walking.  Is there that much you have to walk around and see in Las Vegas.  The main reason for the trip will of course be Star Trek The Experience, but will that take up two whole days? 
With out the Internet, I'm going to have to take my journal along so I can write things down and remember them.  I'll take a few pictures to post when I return.  And I can use the time to observe people and do a little character development.  Maybe I'll get some good ideas for my short stories.
I'll be gone until Monday, so comments will be answered then.  Wish me luck, and I hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Kel said...

You will have a great time Rico. The city of sin is a fantastic place to people watch. And you can walk around and watch the free shows at the various casinos all day long.

The only time I get bored is when the old man, or the sister, park themselves in front of a dealer or a machine and start gambling.

Eric S. said...

Kel, I'm not much of a gambler, I work too hard for my money to in my view waste it. Tinaliegh has a healthier outlook on it. I am looking forward to people watching, for research purposes. I can't wait to go.

Vixen said...

Oh Eric, have a great time. No work, woohoo! I hope you get some pictures to share. Especially after the Warp Core Breach.

tashabud said...

I'll be patiently waiting for all the good news you'll be posting for all of us to read. I'm confident that you'll have a great time while there. Have a great trip.

Jena Isle said...

That sounds wonderful Eric. Enjoy your respite. Thanks for the Buzz. I'm returning the favor with your past lives post.

Happy blogging and all the best.

Cromely said...

Most of the time when I go to Vegas it's to work a trade show. I've been there a few times for vacation. It's a very different city when you don't have to get up a 7:00 AM to catch a shuttle to the convention center. Getting to bed at 7:00 AM is more fun.

The Star Trek Experience is awesome. I spent 8 hours there one day, with the all access pass that includes pictures in the Captain's Chair and a Borg Regeneration chamber. The backround tour is also very cool. The rides are fun (I think we did each one twice), and if you like to read the placards in a museum, prepare for a lot of reading in the exhibits and timeline. Quarks Bar is okay, but not that great.

The casino just outside the Star Trek experience looks like it's straight off a Star Base (it's too shiny to be the Promenade, besides, that's the gift store).

Eric S. said...

Vixen, Thank you, I did get some pictures and had lots of fun. No Warp Core Breach though LOL.

Tashabud, Thanks, I had a wonderful time, and I'm sure I won't forget it. Posted some pictures.

Jena Isle, Thanks, This new Buzz is going to be fun I think. I did enjoy my trip, even more than I thought I would.

Cromely, I bet it is a little tough for a work situation. I discovered that traffic there is the worst of any place I have ever been.

We did spend a full day at the Experience, but unfortunately, the back stage pass, Captains Chair, and Regeneration Chamber were all gone already. Quark's I thought was fun, but overpriced.


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