I took Thursday off

Hi everybody, sorry I didn't get back to everybody right away.  I took a break from the computer Thursday, mainly because it was Blinda and my anniversary.  9 years of marriage, and 9 years living in sin prior to that, LOL.  I guess that would add up to 18 years, doesn't seem like that long. 
I hope to get this paragraph thing figured out this weekend, if not I'll be loading another template. For now I'm off to complete my assignments from Wordy Wednesday.


soulMerlin said...

...well try to get 'from' right for starters.



soulMerlin said...

...ps 9yrs of living in sin + 9yrs of living in bliss = 1 Heaven.

congratulations to you both!



Eric S. said...

OOPs, Thanks Merlin, It has been wondrous. Your site is my next stop

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric,
You always come up with brilliant and enterprising ideas. Let me pick up on that word meme.

About your paragraph, I went help to this site before :" Blogging for Dummies " . You can try and get some help there. Good luck.

maggie's mind said...

Happy Anniversary!

Eric S. said...

Jena, Thanks so much. I'll check out the link, But I may just stay with my new template. If I can figure out how to make the background a lighter, more worn looking blue jean effect I'll probably do so.

Maggie, Thank you, it was an enjoyable evening. It always amazes me how fast time flies. Hard to believe 18 years have gone so quickly.

ShawnD said...

I like the new template Eric, it's clean, fresh, and got an elegance to it

Eric S. said...

Thanks Shawn, I'm just happy I got the paragraphs working. I hope this one works for a little while.


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