Finally! Now I can concentrate on what I should. Content!

The previous template, was driving mad due to the paragraph issue. It simply would not recognize paragraph breaks. Even if I tried to force them using HTML, they just would not work. Too much of what I have done, and that which I intend to do, relies on paragraph's for ease of reading, not to mention simple grammar.

So I found another template, that is very clean and customizable. This one was converted from a Word Press theme by Amanda at Blogger Buster. I will be able to go in and change background colors and texture, fonts, link colors, and so much more. Amanda is a real true life saver, when it comes to Blogger template hacks and tutorials. Many of the hack's I have implemented, I found on her site. Her tutorials are simple and easy to follow and understand. Even if you don't know much about HTML or Java, no problem, she'll explain it and give you the code to change what you want.

I would like to highlight some of these, so you will be able to find things easier. The first is the tabbed navigation widget, that I used before. The One I used here is from Hoctro's Place, and is very simple to install. You can even add more tabs, but that gets a little more complicated. I found this hack through Blogger Buster of course.

Then there's the three column widget at the bottom. This is strictly Amanda's, and is the simplest hack of all. Just cut and past some code, and viola, you have more widgets. What I like the most about this widget area, is they load last, so the more complex toys don't slow down your content.

Two of the hacks from Blogger Buster, you will undoubtedly notice. The first is the in line comments form. No more do I have a pop up window, for comments. Also my comments are highlighted so people can easily differentiate between my readers comments, and mine. As most of you know, I like to answer all the comments I receive, and this will allow new visitors to see at a quick glance that I take and active role in the comments section.

The last one I want to point out, is a couple of simple navigation buttons. You'll notice floating on the bottom left and right of the page, two buttons. The one on the right, the up arrow, when clicked will take you to the top of the page without reloading that page. This is a time saver if your looking for something at the top. The other button, the home button, on the left, will do just that. No matter where your at on my blog, just click this button, and it will take you to my home page. No don't click three times, because it won't take you to Kansas.

I will be installing one more add on in a few hours, a reactions feature. It will allow you the reader to post a reaction very quickly and easily. You can let me know if my posts strike you as funny, interesting, or cool and be able to rate them also. This feature is now available in Blogger in Draft, and Blogger Buster shows just how to set it up. So once I get it installed, feel free to leave me a reaction.

Don't be surprised if, as I figure out more HTML and CSS, you don't find a return of the blue jeans background and theme. It will be a lighter more worn look, and hopefully have the feel of those old comfortable pair of jeans that were always a constant companion in my old life. Yes I miss the blue jeans theme also, but it really was too busy.

Well now that I am finally done tweaking and playing with my template. I can finally concentrate on my content. I can now get serious about all the other stuff I've been wanting to write, without the aggravating distraction of a template that does not work.


tashabud said...

I still miss old Denim. Hehe. Hello, Eric. I've come over a couple times, but couldn't find a place to leave a comment until now. I had to do a hard lookin' before I finally found it.

Anyway, what I have meaning to tell you is, "Belated Happy 18th Anniversary!" Good going to both of you. I wish you many more. Have a great day.

Eric S. said...

Hi Tasha, Thanks you so much. I know the comment icon is one of those things I'll have to figure out how to move. I know it can be done, I'll just have to experiment a little.

Great job on your past live's episode.

maggie's mind said...

Looking good! I also wouldn't mind a return of the denim, but it's your blog, so you do how you like, and I'll just keep reading. ;)

Eric S. said...

Maggie, thanks, I think it will eventually come back, but like a say in a tamer version. I will need to learn some more CSS and HTML, but eventually it will happen. It was just so busy that it even bothered me.

Anyway for now I will just concentrate on creating some decent content, if that is possible. Thanks for the loyalty.

Ari Herzog said...

Heya Eric, poking around to see what you're doing with this new theme as I've done the same on my site.

The comments doodad is the source of my current search.

Eric S. said...

Ari, Thanks for looking around. The comment icon is an issue I think will have to be addressed. A more visible icon, and better location is needed. As soon as I figure out how, I'll let you know what I did.

Ari Herzog said...

Alright, take a look at my blog at [] and you can see what I've done. On the mainpage, you can click the comment number at top right or in the post-footer; and on the postpage, the post-footer line is there as well as another line farther down.

Although, I must add for your desire to be "minimalist," you have a lot of stuff going on in the sidebars which adds to the pageload time.

Eric S. said...

Ari, thanks, I'll check it out. I didn't mean I had a desire to be minimalist, I meant I commend your desire to be minimalist. I like my stuff, some of it is fun, some of it is linky. I wish there was a way to have fast page load and keep the neat stuff.


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