Do You Want A Digital Photo Frame?

I do, and that is why I'm making this post. I know, this is slightly out of character for me, but I saw this give away deal on Lisa Reviews. The frame is a Sony DPF V900, and it can store 1000 photos. Now that's allot of pictures, but you can upgrade with a memory card, and store even more photo's. The frame will display the pictures individually or as a slide show.

The rules are listed on her post, Sony Digital Frame Giveaway. Basically you have to leave a comment on her post, add the post to any social networks you are a member of, and if you have a blog, write a post about her giveaway. Easy enough right? Well I Twitted it, Kwipped it, Mixxed It, StumbledUpon it, and Dugg it. Now I'm writing about it. You also have to subscribe to her feed, which was no problem, because I already have her feed in three different places. If you notice my side bar, I have her feed there also.

So if you would like a chance to win a Sony Digital Picture Frame, go by her site, and add you bid to the prospect. Let her know what features of the camera you like, and be sure to grab a feed. Good luck to all, but no offense, I hope I win the giveaway.

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tashabud said...

I went to Lisa's site and read up on this particular article and then I ended up reading one of her reviewed books: How to Catch and Keep A Man. I was interested to hear from a man's perspective. Being married for over 30 years, I'm curious to see if his assessments are right on with how I've dealt and treated my husband. LOL. However, I didn't buy the ebook, so I only get to read the teaser portion--the advertisement.

I'm giving you a better chance at winning the digital camera. I didn't enter, for 'm too lazy to go through all the different steps. Good Luck to you. I hope you win it too.

Eric S. said...

Tasha, she always has some good reviews. I like to go there and see what she thinks about things. I have found some good sites through her.

If I win the frame, I will probably send it to my one of my sisters. They would really like it.

LceeL said...

Well, I hope you win, too.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Lou.

Kel said...

Golly Gosh and Gee Batman . . . that sounds like a whole slew of new villains: The Twitter, The Kwipper, The Mixxer, The Dugger.

[canned female "horror" screams echo through the blog ether]

Eric S. said...

Well Robin, we'll just have to make use of all the assets available in the Bat Cave to handle these villains.

ROFL, You crack me up Kel.


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