Dead Tired

I'm sorry everybody.  I know I missed Mondays writers of the Web, but I worked until 11:30 PM last night.  I could barely keep my eye's open.  Between that and the long weekend trying to get this template straight, I couldn't function.  As a matter of fact, I'm barely functioning now. I will continue Writers of the Web next Monday, I have some good selections already.  I just have to get some sleep. 
Anybody who knows how to get a template to recognize paragraph breaks, contact me.  I NEED HELP!
Good night all I'll see you tomorrow, Wednesday with a fun wordy Wednesday Meme


tashabud said...

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite. Hehe. As you sleep, it's my turn to work late into the night and day to write my story. It's crunch time for me!!! Hope you'll feel rested and rejuvenated after your badly needed sleep.

Anonymous said...

Sleep, shush, sleep, sweet prince. May gentle respite ease thy spirit and refresh the wellspring of thy muse.

tashabud said...
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tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
Sorry, totally messed up on the previous comment, so I deleted it and resposted this again. I hope you don't mind that I'm using the last pareagraph of your story to incorporate with mine?

"One grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, while cutting a line along his forehead, and yanked Lukas's hair, scalp and all painfully off his head. Lukas began to scream out in pain, and the other Indian came over and grabbing his beard pulled his chin up. Lukas felt the knife, slice deep, through his neck. Lukas could feel the blood running down his neck. He tried to scream, but the only sound that came was a sickly sounding gurgle. The third Indian that had remained sitting until now, got up and walked slowly toward Lukas. He drew Lukas's own knife from his belt, and drove it deep into Lukas's chest, pulling upwards. He then reached inside Lukas's open chest, and cut out his heart. With a wild terrifying war cry, he held the heart up for Lukas to see, as he died."

I have till Thursday at 5pm to post it, so if you could please let me know before then, I'd appreciate it very much.

Thanks again. Tasha

August 13, 2008 5:45 AM

redchair said...

I like your new blog set up. It's a lot smoother on loading. Talk to you soon.

Eric S. said...

Tasha, Thanks, I can't wait for yours. I know the feeling of anticipation / dread. But in the end it's worth it. I know you can handle it. No problem use what you need.

Anonymous, Thanks, I think I know who you are, but not sure.

Redchair, Thanks, it was a lot of work that's not quite done yet. I have to figure out the paragraph issue.

soulMerlin said...

Let's face it Eric ~ You're just going to have to give up on sleep.

Remember - 'Prioritise' (brit' spelling)



-emirie- said...

I don't know if this work on you but just give this a try. On the word editor click edit html mode just near the compose mode and place
between the paragraph you want to separate.

Have a good night sleep so that you can write more stories for us the next day.

-emirie- said...

oh the symbol didn't come out. I mean place less than sign,the word br,slash,greater than sign. place it with out commas and space

Eric S. said...

Soul Merlin, Thanks, prioritization has never been my strong suit. Sleep is one of those things that seems to catch up with me all of it's own accord. I can go for weeks with just two to four hours a night. Then all of a sudden, BOOM, it hits me like a ton of bricks.

Emirie, thanks for the suggestion. It still didn't work, but nice thought. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.


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