Contemplating Some Change

I have been thinking about changing my template. The Blue jeans theme has it's purpose, it's meaning, and in reality, was a sentimental gesture on my part. The problem is, I'm growing to dislike the side bars. I want a little more versatility, and broader range. One of the problems I'm having, is I wish to use Bloggers new Blog list feature. I have tried and tried, but something with this template just seems to not like it. I like the idea of the latest post of my favorite sites being sampled. That's why I have the rss feed's. The problem arises when loading the page. All the rss and widgets slow down the load. I have received some complaints, no not really complaints, suggestions that maybe I should change a few things.

Amanda over at Blogger Buster has posted 125 Excellent Blogger Templates. Amanda is the best for helpful tips, tricks, hacks and more for Blogger. I use one of her templates on Chihuatude, and many of her hacks. I went and checked out her list, and there are some beautiful ones. I found one that has the layout I want, and some nice colors. I can also use my mountain scene in the header. Totally Lost, what a name, has some very nice looking features, and with Amanda's hack and tools, it can be pretty cool.

I would like my friends opinion, so please go over and take a look at this template Totally Lost, and tell me what you think. Picture it with my mountain scene photo in the header.

I believe I'm also going to sort through my widgets, and figure out what I want to keep, and what I want to get rid of. So leave me a comment and let me know what you like and don't like about this template, widgets, layout. Then go look at the other and let me know what you think.

Just as an update, I am currently at 2,000 EC that will be donated to the Blogging For Blood Cancer Champaign at Goodies for Mom. The amount is growing daily, I generally manage on average 100 drops a day from each site. The one day I did 200 from each site, but that was a very long day.

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-emirie- said...

Hello Eric, I love the template totally lost as a matter of fact I downloaded it to be use on my blog unfortunately after downloading the template the header is missing so I register on this header site and search for it, but because of busy schedule I just downloaded another template with headings. If you give a little time to search for that header I think you will find it.

Have a nice day.

Eric S. said...

Ermie, thanks, I think I found the link for the header. I would like to use my own picture though. Thanks for the input. It is a very good looking template.

LceeL said...

Hello. I like that 'Totally Lost' template. It looks cool. Clean. I find your current look too 'busy'. I find it confusing. But that's just me, I guess. Some things just do that to me - get visually confusing, that is.

BTW - check out the latest revision to The Kid. Top post on newest writer.

Eric S. said...

Lou, yea I think so too. I like the look, but I have tried so many different ways to make it look cleaner, less busy, but to no avail. There's just too many different things going on.

I'll go check it out.

Vixen said...

Hey Eric,

I really like that template. It is clean, crisp and attractive all at the same time. I think you header graphic would look great on there also.

ShawnD said...

I tried installing the new template Eric but it messed up, when I went to look at my blog it just gave me this whole bunch of code but anyway I'm content with the blog page I got now and I got two new postings a shortstory and a thing on Nikki hope you enjoy

tashabud said...

Hi Eric, I went to check out the template you mentioned, and I still like your existing template. It's very unique looking to me. It makes your blog looks so neat and tidy. I'm sure that if you put all the things you have in your blog in the new template that it will look cluttered. This is just my opinion, of course. You should go with your gut instincs. Good luck in your decision.

Eric S. said...

Vixen, Thanks I actually loaded it in a test blog, and put my mountain scene in the header, it really looks cool, I'm going to keep fiddling with it and see what happens.

Shawn, Come over this weekend and we'll get yours straightened out.

Tasha, I know, I love the blue jeans look. I just have some hack and tweaks I want to do that this template won't let me do. I wish I knew more XML, Uh Oh, I smell another tech book search coming on. I would love to be able to afford to have a professional fix me up just the way I want it, but I don't see that anytime soon. Thanks for your opinion.

maggie's mind said...

I love the denim, but I also like the clear and crisp and clean of the other one. Really, it's gotta be up to you, whatever you choose, and you can always change it until you love it. Either way, I'll visit. ;)

ShawnD said...

Eric I got a proposition and a challenge for you. I just got a short story started but not finished and I don't know how to finish it and I thought to my self, 'Lets see if Eric would like to contribute.' So how would you like to read it, it's called Need for Speed, so far it's got a good set up and tell me if you accept, you can either contribute the rest or just contribute a few paragraphs and I end it. But tell me what you think on a comment after reading what I have, if you feel you can't I'll do the rest later on. But I think you would do an amazing job.


Hey Eric

I kinda like the Blue Jean theme, it goes with the Small Town Mountain Boy. Anyway, once again thanks for the kind words on The Senator's Daughter. You keep reading so fast I don't know if I can keep up as the novel isn't finished as of yet. I've only posted up to chapter nine so please be patient. Oh, if you have any suggestions you can email them to me.

Take care,

Eric S. said...

Maggie's Mind, Thanks, Iknow I love the Blue Jeans also, I just wish I knew how to make a larger widgets above the two side columns. I'll figure it out, maybe copy the stuff I want to keep over to that template, and look at it with some content. Maybe that will help me decide.

Shawn D, I'll check it out and see what you have going. Thanks

Desert Pups, not to worry, you just write at your pace. I'm not going anywhere, and I'm sure you'll be getting more readers. You are very talented.

Kel said...

I dig the blue jeans theme ~ mostly, I suspect, because it reminds me of Dad and much like Dad you are.

And yet, I don't think Dad would have ever gone so boldly into this new techish medium [blogging].

So, I journey'd via the link to the Totally Lost template and think it would look good with your mountain scene header. It is a pleasant and well-organized looking template.

BTW, I'm enjoying the occasional visit to MerlinSoul's blog and WarriorWitch's blog. Did you see the "Waiting to Die" post on MerlinSoul's blog?

Eric S. said...

Dad anywhere near a computer, I don't think so. I had to set the clock on his TV and VCR every time every time the power went out.

Yes I read that post, Great way of telling a story. He has the soul of a Bard I believe. I was also taken back by his award, and Jena Isles.


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