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Allow me to introduce my blogging buddy. Mr. Peanut, who is also my avatar, is my constant companion while I'm on the computer. I set this drawer up so I could put my feet up while browsing, but Mr. Peanut decided it was his. He and I have conversations about the sites I visit, NO I'm not crazy just a little neurotic . At time's I ask him what he thinks about my comments, and he sits there and cocks his head to one side or the other. He has been the one responsible for rating my comments. He is also the one responsible for me getting so heavily involved in blogging. His attitude and actions caused me to start my first blog, Chihuatude. Shortly after that I started this blog.

This blog has changed my basic wallflower personality. In the past, I have been a lurker, going around reading blogs, enjoying their content, but never leaving a comment, never saying thanks, or letting them know I appreciate their site. The comments I have received here have, over a period of a a few months, changed my blogging personality. Knowing how the comments made me appreciate my readers, and let me know there were people out there interested in my ramblings.

A short time ago I changed the HTML code in my template to allow following comments. This means that if you leave a comment, you leave a link to you site or profile. Just recently signed up with SezWho, and loaded their code on this site. The advantage of SezWho, is that it tracks a commenter and allows other members to rate them. What good is that, you ask. Well as you build your reputation, simply by going around and leaving comments, people see your rating and want you to come comment on their site. They will then come to your site and leave a comment. We all leave comments on different sites, and why not let it generate a little traffic to your site.

What we all need to do, is start rating the comments, and content, on the sites we visit. Many of you are Entrecard members, and know how easy it is to find new, fun and interesting sites through that endeavor. Now that Entrecard and SezWho have joined forces, we should start taking advantage of both, and using them to steer traffic to our sites. So as you leave comments, be sure to rate your fellow members, I think it will benefit us all in the long run. I have been rating comments and content since I signed up with SezWho, and enjoy it when I visit other sites where comments have been rated.

If your not a member of SezWho, sign up and enjoy the reviews. You do not need a blog (Kel) just a user name that you regularly leave comments under, and its free..

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Eric S. said...

I just found out that SezWho will not be working right on Sunday, Aug 3, today. They are reworking and relocating their server. So check back with them later, and get a membership.

maggie's mind said...

Mr. Peanut is adorable, and I think it's cool that he's always right there while you blog. Sweet!

Eric S. said...

Thanks Maggie's, and Mr. Peanut says thanks also. He is adorable, and he knows it. He is also the smallest monster I have ever seen LOL.

redchair said...

Hi Eric,
I have a kitty that's my best confidant and fathom he’s bigger than Mr. Peanut. Mr. Peanut is precious.

I'll check out the SezWho. I'm not familiar with it.

You brought up something that’s real important in establishing traffic for all of us. It’s not just a matter of leaving comments on sites that we visit. That’s essential if in turn we want people to reciprocate and visit our blog. But saying thanks to people who do take the time to leave a comment on our blogs. I don't know about you, but I find I’m reluctant to bother visiting a blog if the owner doesn’t at least say, “Thanks for stopping by.” I think nominal effort can create scads of repeat traffic.

Eric S. said...

Vikki, "Thanks for coming by" LOL. I agree, I love a site that when you go to the comments section, the owner responds to the people that leave comments. It make it feel more like a conversation or community.

I have been involved with a few Social network's like Yuwie and MySpace, but the problem, I have with them is the members seem to lock themselves into that network seldom venturing outside of its boundaries.

I like searching around to find interest information and good reading material too much to stay "cooped up" in one site.

I have found that bloggers in general are like a community of their own within the WWW. They enjoy meeting and communicating with new people. And we all want people to see what we have done, human nature I guess.

Eric S. said...

Oh, yes I'm sure Mr. Peanut, or Peanutty, as he is sometimes called, is smaller than you kitty. He only weighs 3 lbs 4 onz and is a little over a year old. But he listens to my ramblings with an attentive ear all the time.

Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings said...

Hi & Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting. I found your About Me page so thorough and interesting; it's nice to know the background of people who are writing. Your sisters' are right ~ you have led an interesting life!

Vixen said...

Hi Eric. First off let me say thanks for visiting and commenting my blog. I have just recently began using Sezwho. I will say that Entrecard has been a fabulous tool for me to find new friends and reads! Like you.

We have four chihuahuas and so I can say with authority that Mr. Peanut is adorable. And I really love the phrase 'Chihuatude'

LceeL said...

I have been so BAD lately about responding to comments on my blog. I need to allocate time better, or something, because there just ain't enough no more.

Eric S. said...

Cindi, Thanks for coming by, and welcome anytime. Thanks for checking out my about me page, I know it was sort of rambling, but fun to write.

Vixen, Thanks for stopping in to say hi. I enjoyed your blog, and yes Entrecard is responsible for me finding it. From your comment on Chihuatude, you have quite a list of characters with a little chihuatude yourself. Peanut says thank you.

Lou, I know what you mean about the time. It seems like there's less everyday. Luckily I am such a nocturnal person, I do many of my posts at night, leaving the afternoon to answer comment and check out more sites.

Kel said...

Hmmmm . . . Bah Humbug . . . errr, I guess it should be "Bah HumBlog." I think I need to just stick with visiting you and Julie regularly, at least for awhile. I am on the bloody computer 40 hours a week (or more) for my work and just can't bring myself to spending my "recreational time" on it too.

Although I did really enjoy visiting Tasha's novel and blog site, and MerlinSoul's too.

Eric S. said...

Kel, I can understand that completely. I do appreciate your visits, and I think my readers like your comments also. So we'll deal with it, and enjoy your sense of humor.

Will said...

HI Eric,

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now a fan. Seems we have a few things in common.

I was once a plumber, my first dog was a chiwawa and I spent a few years in the mountains of Montana.

Looks like I have some learning to do. I have been lazy and not updating the look of my blog.

Eric S. said...

Wil, thanks for stopping by. I checked out all five of your blogs, and will be following them to see how it goes. You sound like you quite a bit of exp. with the internet, and I want to see how the things you do affect your site traffic. I guess you can call me a learner by observation. Welcome anytime.

Jena Isle said...

Your dogs are cute. How do you manage to take care of them in spite of work and blogging (smiles)?

I still have to earn credits from sezwho. I guess I'm still not familiar about how to earn credits. I do comment and rate but there are no earnings reflected on my dashboard.

All the best.

Eric S. said...

The dogs keep me sane, LOL, no most of the work with them my wife does, I just get to play with them.

I don't fully understand sezwho yet. But it make's sense to me that if people see your comments on a post. And they have been rated high, their going to want to check you out.


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