Ah so Contented and Refreshed

I did not realize how tired I was. Working on the Past Live's story was so invigorating and fresh, it managed to obscure my hackneyed, exhausted, existence. This being a good thing, and lending a new outlook to my life. I guess it goes to show that one should at times, go ahead and jump off that fence to try their hand in something new.

I have for so long wanted to write, but never took myself seriously. I have to admit that blogging has added that needed kick in the butt to get things moving. This is teaching me, once again, to explore those new and interesting endeavors. The rewards are unexplainable, and ever so valuable.

I thank everybody for their very kind and generous comments on Past Live's Part 10. You really have no idea how your kindness and generosity has boosted my self esteem. No it's not giving me a big head either. I'm still the same old down to earth somewhat eclectic person as before

I am going to start developing my character for the Possibilities idea. I will have to get with Lilly, and Vikki for suggestion's on organization and how to keep track of all those who offer to write a story. Give me a few days, and I'll have something down, and may even be ready to start. The nice thing about these collaborative projects, is that you get a different outlook and feel from each contributor / author. It also benefits each blog, with perhaps new traffic and readership.

Now that I am becoming an attention hound, I live for the comments form my readers, I will be striving to keep up more regular postings. I am thinking of doing another Past Live's story, but I believe I may tackle another time and location that I am not as familiar with, but a fan of. Check back, and I'll try to keep everybody informed.

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LceeL said...

You did really, really well with your 'contribution' to David's Past Lives. And I am looking forward to your 'community fiction'. I hope I'll be allowed to jump in.

Eric S. said...

Lou, thank you and you will be one of the first to know when things fall into place. I love your stories, and am impressed with how your taking your readers back to review The Kid's story before his death. You have created such a unique character that your readers will be curious and want to understand him.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Eric , I missed some of your posts as work has been toxic. I know how you feel after a taxing , well done job. You feel like a deflated balloon. Congrats again on your story, very well written. You're a good writer!

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jena, Yes that is a very good description. It's funny how much writing drains, no that's not really the right word, depletes maybe. You poor everything out, and you feel like there's nothing left. But it's a good feeling rather than bad, one of satisfaction.


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