I’m being punished

Evidently I am being punished for having a good time in Vegas.  I have come down with some kind of miserable flu bug or something.  I won’t go into all the symptoms, just know they are extremely unpleasant.  The worst part is I still have to work, can’t miss too much of a bad thing eh.
Anyway, I have not been able to spend much time on-line.  So please forgive me if I have not made it to your blog yet.   As soon as I am able to sit at the computer for more than 15 minutes at a time, I’ll be around to say hi.

Oh What A Blast!

Star Trek 006I got home just a little while ago. I had a wonderful time in Vegas, and enjoyed Star Trek The Experience oh so much. I felt like a little kid in a candy store. We got to see the Klingon Encounter and the Borg Invasion, then we ate lunch at Quark’s Bar & Restaurant. Unfortunately, many of the shops and special shows were already closed down. Next weekend is the final weekend for Star Trek The Experience.

The best part was that I got to see some of the characters. I have a few photo’s, but please keep in mind that Star Trek 009I normally don’t let anyone take my picture, Don’t ask me why because I don’t know. There was the Andorian, K'Stran Thral, who was walking around Quarks. My sister Tinaliegh got involved also, and let me get some pictures of her. I won't post them here though until I get her permission, just a courtesy. Then there was the Ferengi Quan, who was making polite conversation with patrons of the bar. True to Ferengi Nature he was interested in improving the income of the bar.
Star Trek 012Later while waiting for the Borg Invasion we met a Klingon female, Major Kahlen, who allowed us to take a picture. I tried to get her to have a drink of blood wine, but she refused saying "Not until after your conquest Human". She simply had no sense of humor.

Much later we had caricatures done of us. Tinaliegh was a Orion female, great cartoon, hopefully she'll let me post a picture of it. I was done as an Andorian, quite appropriate for me, an alien from a planet of snow and ice. The artists were very good, and were obviously having a grand time doing the caricatures.
Star Trek 016

Over all, Star Trek The Experience, was the highlight of my trip. Tinaliegh and her husband had more fun watching me than anything else. I heard, on a number of occasions, "your grinning from ear to ear". At Quarks, we had Trip Tucker's Chili and Chips and Hosi Sato's Coconut Shrimp for appetizers. I had the Promenade Fettuccine, while Tinaliegh and her hubby had Moogie's Choice Pasta. I took one look at the Warp Core breach, and decided it would probably knock me flat on my back, so I had a Chaotica's Death Ray, which was strong enough to dam near incapacitate me.
Star Trek 003
I stayed at the Flamingo, and we spent a considerable amount of time in the casino's. I discovered that I was pretty much uninterested in gambling, I just couldn't wrap my mind around the concept. I did do a little, to be sure, but found it more interesting to walk around the casino and watch people. Here's a picture of the view from my hotel room, of the pool at the Flamingo.

Las Vegas Vacation, Vacation With No Work, A New Concept

Finally a vacation, even if it’s only a couple of days, with not even an ounce of work suggested.  Normally when I take time off to go somewhere, or take a weekend to go, I have work to do when I get there.  Either visiting Mother, and installing her new shower, in one weekend, or visiting my sister to help her build an Access Data Base.  This time around there is no chore or task that I will be expected to accomplish. 
I’m not going to know what to do, all that free time with no requirements or tasking assigned.  Well I guess I’ll just have to suffer through, some one has to do it, right.  I have been told by my sister that she is not going to bring her laptop, probably to keep me off the Internet.   I don’t know how I will handle the lack of blog interaction.  What will I do with my time?
Fortunately for me, Tinaliegh has a whole itinerary planed out.  I have been informed to wear comfortable shoes, and to be ready for allot of walking.  Is there that much you have to walk around and see in Las Vegas.  The main reason for the trip will of course be Star Trek The Experience, but will that take up two whole days? 
With out the Internet, I'm going to have to take my journal along so I can write things down and remember them.  I'll take a few pictures to post when I return.  And I can use the time to observe people and do a little character development.  Maybe I'll get some good ideas for my short stories.
I'll be gone until Monday, so comments will be answered then.  Wish me luck, and I hope everyone has a good weekend.
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Letter Writing, Is It A Lost Art?

Image by creo que soy yo via FlickrHow many of you write letters to family and friends on a regular basis? I’m not talking about E-Mail, I mean a real honest to goodness hand written letter. I know I have never been good about letter writing, but my Mother writes letters to family and friends all the time. It’s always fun to receive a letter from her in her own hand. She does do form letters for the holidays, kind of a synopsis of the year, but it’s not the same.

I was so bad about writing letters, that while I was in basic training, way back when, Mother called the red cross. Mother informed them that she had not heard from me, and was worried that something might have happened to me. The thing to remember here, is that I was keeping a low profile, not getting in any trouble or doing anything to attract the attention of the Drill Sergeants. Imagine my surprise to be called before the First Sergeant, to explain why the Red Cross was calling him asking about my welfare. He made me write a letter home, and then assigned me to KP for a week, and gave me additional duty (mowing the grass around the barracks and his office). I made sure to write home after that, at least until I finished training.

What brought the subject up you ask? I have been reading a new book I picked up,

Posterity: Letters of Great Americans to Their Children
by Dorie Mccullough Lawson

Read more about this book...

It’s very interesting to read a letter from someone to their children. To see the different style, and personal feeling from one to another, it is similar to reading some of the personal blogs I frequent. There are letters from George Patton to His Son, Thomas Jefferson to his Daughter, Groucho Marks to his son, the Rockefeller’s, and so many more. The language and wording of each letter is unique to the individual and the era. After reading this I have may have to go out and get

Reagan: A Life In Letters
by Kiron K. Skinner, Annelise Anderson, Martin Anderson

Read more about this book...


I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan
by Nancy Reagan

Read more about this book...

I’ve heard that Ronald Reagan was a very active letter writer, and that it was his preferred method of communication.

I’m still not good about writing letters, especially now. I think we may have lost something with the advent of E-Mail. Gone now is the personal touch, feeling, and beauty of a hand written letter. But to be honest, if you were to receive a letter from me it would be anything but beautiful, my handwriting is atrocious to say the least. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I don’t write much longhand, not to mention my terrible spelling. Besides, E-mail is so much more convenient, faster, and cheaper. So I’m sorry Mom, but I haven’t changed much, and you will most likely not receive many hand written letters from me.

Quote of the day:
Why are our days numbered and not, say, lettered? - Woody Allen

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To Fly or Not To Fly, Depends On The Reason

Final Loadings
Image by N582WJ via Flickr
Flying is one of those things I absolutely loathe. It’s not that I’m afraid of flying, it’s more because of the difficulties involved in actually getting on a plane. There is the check in process, and then the security, however necessary it may be. And then of course the interminable wait to finally board the plane. Naturally there is that little fault I seem to have, I need to be in control. I’m a terrible passenger, and feel sorry for any one who has me as a passenger in their vehicle.

I do on occasion convince myself of the need to fly to some distant destination. Usually due to something I have to do, like a family funeral, wedding, or something of that nature. In the last three years, I have flown twice, and prior to that the last time I flew was in 1989. Now for the first time in a very long time, I’m going to fly because of something I want to do. This weekend, I’m flying to Vegas to visit, The Star Trek Experience before it closes in September.

Yes I’m a Trekkie, and so is almost everybody in my family. I posted about the adventure closing back in June. If you check out the comments on that post, you’ll see what I mean about my family being tried and true Trekkies. We are devoted no doubt, but far from obsessive, maybe. Any way, I have never had the opportunity to go to The Star Trek Experience, and my sisters felt it was something that I had to see. Kel who had frequent flyer miles got me a ticket, and Tinaleigh who gets free hotel rooms set me up with a room.

Unfortunately, Kel will not be able to make it, but Tinaleigh will be there. She has been many a time, and will I’m sure have plenty for me to see. She is the list type or itinerary type of person, so I’m sure my weekend will be full. One place I will have to go is Quark’s Bar, just to see all the people in costume and possible try a Cardasian Fish And Chips or a Warp Core Breach.

Needless to say I am just a tad bit excited, and all aquiver with anticipation. I will however probably suffer from blog withdrawal, but perhaps Tinaliegh will bring her laptop so I can update.

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Monday's Writers of The Web

We're back, I'm saying we're, because I am receiving enthusiastic assistance in composing this post. Rascal is doing his level best to help me type this post. Now that I'm back on a somewhat normal routine, aided by a co-author, I'll continue my Writers of The Web series, with a little un-requested assistance.

First off, allow me to get some basic info out. Everybody is having a hard time with the comments icon here. I'm working on it, and trying to move it to the footer of each post, this has turned out to be not as simple as it should be. For now I have changed the color of it to red, it is located in the top right corner of each post, just to the right of the date. The number is the actual icon, not the balloon. I'm pointing this out, because I'm selfish and love comments from my reader, and have been missing them.

Now lets to get down to business. Rascal, Peanut and I were browsing the web last night, doping Entrecards. We found a real nice site, especially if your in a mood for a love poem or two. Bittersweet Collide, where ends meet and the bittersweet collide. Pretty catchy huh, I loved that, and it got my attention. This site is authored by Lex and he or she (I don't know which for sure) call their blog Aidan. They have love poems, music lyrics and random posts. One of the poems, Pencils and Bleeding Pens, was simply dripping with sensuous adoration, and could potentially be used as a philter. They have other love poems and things of interest, and is well worth the read.

We found another site last night, that tugged on my sentiments and love of military stories. Luck and Success with Alok is posting his fathers biography. Currently he's involved in World War II, and has some very interesting photo's he posts with each section of the story. Anyone who's taking the time to tell their fathers story is alright in my book. I do so enjoy memoirs and biographies, they allow us a look into the past of an individuals life.

If you like a little fantasy, fiction, Majik's World is a stop you will just have to make. He is writing a novel, called Dustin's Chronicle. He has five chapters with many parts each. The feel of wizardry and adventure abounds on this site. I can already tell I will have to add this to my list of blog novels to finish reading. The Navigation on the site is a little awkward, he has not posted his archives or a contents in the sidebar. The easiest method is to check the Authors Note, where he does have a table of contents.

One of my old time favorites, listen to me, old time as if I've been blogging for a long time, Ha! Anyway, one of my favorites that I visit regularly is My Life as it Was, Is, and Will Be. The site is authored by Sarah, who writes very compelling, inspirational and thought provoking articles. She has a very welcoming way to her writing, and always seem to make me feel at home. She blogs about life, philosophy, spirituality, and family.

Last but by no means least, is a new find for me. She recently started visiting Chihuatude on a regular basis. Plunger Girl, has a way with making the everyday mundane things that happen, inordinately comical. Fair warning, she pulls no punches and talks like a construction worker at times. You may also consider not trying to drink anything while reading her posts. It never fails, you'll get halfway through one of her posts about an everyday occurrence, and she'll say some thing that will make you blow coffee, tea, whatever your drinking all over your computer screen. She also loves Chihuahua's so she has to be a good person!

So that's it for this week, enjoy your blogging, be sure to drop in on your friends and say hi. Take a few moments each day to find a new blog, and get to know the author. Explore, expand and enjoy.

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Simple Sunday's Good New's From The Front Line's

puppy bloggerStraight from the desk of the newest puppy blogger. Rascal sends his regards, and say's happy blogging to all.

I heard from the Nephew today. He is settled into his new unit in Iraq, and seems to like the work he's doing. I'm not going to talk about what he does, or where, because I am not sure what is allowed and what is not. The last thing I want to do is get him in trouble or put him and his buddies in any kind of danger.

He has given his weapons names. It's funny, but they are all female names, and he refers to them as his girls. There's Sasaha, Natasha, and Kelly. I'm sure some of that is to be expected. I remember Basic training, and the Drill Sergeants telling us our weapons were our new girl friends. Most important is that he is safe, and has a positive attitude. I sent him an email asking if anyone in their unit has a Mil Blog. It would be nice if they did, I could visit it regularly to get updates.

It's good to hear from him, and I hope he keeps me in the loop. I hope even more that he keeps his mother in the loop, and contacts her regularly. It's amazing how just getting an email from him is some how comforting, and so powerful at the same time. I can't explain how proud I am of him.

We just recently found out that my Step Son will be re-deployed at the end of the year. I have so many conflicting emotions about it. Fortunately his job will keep him around the base, at least that is what he tells us. Hopefully we'll get to see him, his wife, and our grandson before he deploys. They are stationed over on the East Coast, and it's not easy to get out to see them. We may have to bite the bullet and figure it out if he doesn't get leave.

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Finally! Now I can concentrate on what I should. Content!

The previous template, was driving mad due to the paragraph issue. It simply would not recognize paragraph breaks. Even if I tried to force them using HTML, they just would not work. Too much of what I have done, and that which I intend to do, relies on paragraph's for ease of reading, not to mention simple grammar.

So I found another template, that is very clean and customizable. This one was converted from a Word Press theme by Amanda at Blogger Buster. I will be able to go in and change background colors and texture, fonts, link colors, and so much more. Amanda is a real true life saver, when it comes to Blogger template hacks and tutorials. Many of the hack's I have implemented, I found on her site. Her tutorials are simple and easy to follow and understand. Even if you don't know much about HTML or Java, no problem, she'll explain it and give you the code to change what you want.

I would like to highlight some of these, so you will be able to find things easier. The first is the tabbed navigation widget, that I used before. The One I used here is from Hoctro's Place, and is very simple to install. You can even add more tabs, but that gets a little more complicated. I found this hack through Blogger Buster of course.

Then there's the three column widget at the bottom. This is strictly Amanda's, and is the simplest hack of all. Just cut and past some code, and viola, you have more widgets. What I like the most about this widget area, is they load last, so the more complex toys don't slow down your content.

Two of the hacks from Blogger Buster, you will undoubtedly notice. The first is the in line comments form. No more do I have a pop up window, for comments. Also my comments are highlighted so people can easily differentiate between my readers comments, and mine. As most of you know, I like to answer all the comments I receive, and this will allow new visitors to see at a quick glance that I take and active role in the comments section.

The last one I want to point out, is a couple of simple navigation buttons. You'll notice floating on the bottom left and right of the page, two buttons. The one on the right, the up arrow, when clicked will take you to the top of the page without reloading that page. This is a time saver if your looking for something at the top. The other button, the home button, on the left, will do just that. No matter where your at on my blog, just click this button, and it will take you to my home page. No don't click three times, because it won't take you to Kansas.

I will be installing one more add on in a few hours, a reactions feature. It will allow you the reader to post a reaction very quickly and easily. You can let me know if my posts strike you as funny, interesting, or cool and be able to rate them also. This feature is now available in Blogger in Draft, and Blogger Buster shows just how to set it up. So once I get it installed, feel free to leave me a reaction.

Don't be surprised if, as I figure out more HTML and CSS, you don't find a return of the blue jeans background and theme. It will be a lighter more worn look, and hopefully have the feel of those old comfortable pair of jeans that were always a constant companion in my old life. Yes I miss the blue jeans theme also, but it really was too busy.

Well now that I am finally done tweaking and playing with my template. I can finally concentrate on my content. I can now get serious about all the other stuff I've been wanting to write, without the aggravating distraction of a template that does not work.

Done fighting this template

I will be loading a new template.  Things will be changing throughout the day.  It is a simple process to load a template, but to get it set up the way you want it takes a considerable amount of time.  I will be adding widgets and customizing the navigation bar as I go.  So if things don't work correctly, come back a short time later, and hopefully it will be completed.  Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

I took Thursday off

Hi everybody, sorry I didn't get back to everybody right away.  I took a break from the computer Thursday, mainly because it was Blinda and my anniversary.  9 years of marriage, and 9 years living in sin prior to that, LOL.  I guess that would add up to 18 years, doesn't seem like that long. 
I hope to get this paragraph thing figured out this weekend, if not I'll be loading another template. For now I'm off to complete my assignments from Wordy Wednesday.

Wordy Wednesday, Maybe a Meme

As I have been trying to improve my writing, I thought up an idea for a Meme.  I'll post the past 7 words of the day by Dictionary.Com.  You can pick a word, and leave me a comment informing me of the word.  I then must go to your blog, and leave a comment using the word you choose for me.  It can be the word you choose or a similar word with the same or relative meaning from the Thesaurus.
The challenge for me, is that the sentence or paragraph will have to relate to your most recent post.  Anyone who wants to join in can copy the Meme and rules and post them on heir own site.  You don't Tag anyone, but if they want to play along, their welcome.
Words of the day.
1.   chichi
\SHEE-shee\, adjective:
Affectedly trendy.
2.  enervate

\EN-ur-vayt\, transitive verb:
1. To deprive of vigor, force, or strength; to render feeble; to weaken.
2. To reduce the moral or mental vigor of.
3.  provenance

\PROV-uh-nuhn(t)s\, noun:
Origin; source.
4.  exalt

\ig-ZOLT\, verb:
1. To praise, glorify, or honor.
2. To heighten or intensify.
3. To raise in rank, character, or status; as, "exalted the humble shoemaker to the rank of King's adviser."
5.  tittle-tattle

\TIT-uhl TAT-uhl\, noun:
1. Idle, trifling talk; empty prattle.
2. An idle, trifling talker; a gossip.
6.  vexillology
  \vek-sil-AHL-uh-jee\, noun:
The study of flags.
7.   asperity
\as-PAIR-uh-tee\, noun:
1. Roughness of surface; unevenness.
2. Roughness or harshness of sound; a quality that grates upon the ear.
3. Roughness of manner; severity; harshness.
Now all you have to do is pick your word, leave me a comment, and sit back and watch me struggle to be creative.  Who knows it may be good for a laugh or two at my expense.

Dead Tired

I'm sorry everybody.  I know I missed Mondays writers of the Web, but I worked until 11:30 PM last night.  I could barely keep my eye's open.  Between that and the long weekend trying to get this template straight, I couldn't function.  As a matter of fact, I'm barely functioning now. I will continue Writers of the Web next Monday, I have some good selections already.  I just have to get some sleep. 
Anybody who knows how to get a template to recognize paragraph breaks, contact me.  I NEED HELP!
Good night all I'll see you tomorrow, Wednesday with a fun wordy Wednesday Meme

The New Look Is Here!

I Worked all day and night, but finally got things set up. I still have a few problems, I'm sure they are related to me going the template code and adding tweaks and twists. I added the tabbed view widget By Hoctro. It is pretty cool, and cleans up my upper side bar. Then I had to go in a change the size of the two lower side bars. I also added a three column widget section at the bottom of the page. I need to figure out how to make my elements center themselves in the widgets though. I'll be working on that for some time.

My first priority is to figure out why the template is not allowing me to set up paragraphs with in the post. It's driving me crazy, and I'm sure it's something I did, that make's it even worse. So I have a lot more work to do.

I do like the cleaner look, and the colors seem more inviting to me. I don't know why but I just seem to like these colors. The picture in the header was taken with one of those cheap cardboard panoramic cameras you can buy at most service stations. It was taken in Ouray Colorado, from Ophir Pass.

I think I'll keep trying to tweak the blue Jeans template also. If I make progress with it, and change up come of it's layout features, it may make a comeback. Who knows what will happen, someday I may have a professional set one up for me, just the way I want it. Until then, I guess I will have to immerse myself into some XML and Java to figure everything out.

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We're Still Here, Just Changing Up.

Please bear with me. The Change of template did not go quite as well as planed. I will have every ones links updated as soon as possible. Keep checking back to see all the differences. Thank you for your patience.

A Work in Progress

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that's why it's called present.

After all the encouragement and kind words from my friends here, I have been working on a story I had started some time ago. When I finish the first chapter, and put it through my editing then my sisters editing, I will be posting it. How ever the first post will not be here on Ruminations. Jena Isle has asked me to do a guest post on one of her sites, Gewgaw Writings. So I will send her the first chapter to post . I will then add chapters here as I complete them. I can't explain how good it made me feel to have someone ask me to do a guest post on their site. This is all so new to me, I feel like such the beginner, I'm experiencing emotions I'm just not familiar with.

I can tell you this, the story is based in the future, but you'll feel like you've gone back in time. I dreamed up the idea about a year ago, and started writing it down. Building a character base, and developing a story line. I never dreamed of putting it out for the public to see, for I think of myself as a reader not a writer. I always wanted to write a book, but never took it seriously. I still don't consider myself a writer, I am just an amateur, tinkering with his thoughts. If I manage to create something you all will enjoy reading, so much the better.

I will be doing some new things here each week. I'm going to engineer them to help me improve my writing, and would appreciate constructive critique at any point. If you catch me messing up, give a shout out, and let me know so I can correct my bad habits.

So much has happened to me this week that I'm still reeling from it. I have made more friends here in the blogosphere than I imagined possible. One of the reasons I think is because I am opening up a little, and letting people know who I am. I have received two more awards, one from Jena Isle of Random Thoughts, and one from Soul Merlin of From Dusk 'Till Dawn. I will be doing post for them a little later on, and sharing the link luv with more of my deserving friends. I don't want to crowd the awards together, I think it would make me look stuffy or big headed, and I'm not. But it is important to pass on the honor, so I will do my award posts, spread out over a few weeks. Thank you both, I am honored and flattered beyond imagination.

As an interesting bit of news, check this out,

Mia Farrow reporting from the Darfur Olympics. What, Darfur Olympics, Really go check it out and see what I'm talking about.

Contemplating Some Change

I have been thinking about changing my template. The Blue jeans theme has it's purpose, it's meaning, and in reality, was a sentimental gesture on my part. The problem is, I'm growing to dislike the side bars. I want a little more versatility, and broader range. One of the problems I'm having, is I wish to use Bloggers new Blog list feature. I have tried and tried, but something with this template just seems to not like it. I like the idea of the latest post of my favorite sites being sampled. That's why I have the rss feed's. The problem arises when loading the page. All the rss and widgets slow down the load. I have received some complaints, no not really complaints, suggestions that maybe I should change a few things.

Amanda over at Blogger Buster has posted 125 Excellent Blogger Templates. Amanda is the best for helpful tips, tricks, hacks and more for Blogger. I use one of her templates on Chihuatude, and many of her hacks. I went and checked out her list, and there are some beautiful ones. I found one that has the layout I want, and some nice colors. I can also use my mountain scene in the header. Totally Lost, what a name, has some very nice looking features, and with Amanda's hack and tools, it can be pretty cool.

I would like my friends opinion, so please go over and take a look at this template Totally Lost, and tell me what you think. Picture it with my mountain scene photo in the header.

I believe I'm also going to sort through my widgets, and figure out what I want to keep, and what I want to get rid of. So leave me a comment and let me know what you like and don't like about this template, widgets, layout. Then go look at the other and let me know what you think.

Just as an update, I am currently at 2,000 EC that will be donated to the Blogging For Blood Cancer Champaign at Goodies for Mom. The amount is growing daily, I generally manage on average 100 drops a day from each site. The one day I did 200 from each site, but that was a very long day.

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I've Been Nominated, and Am Honored

Wow, I was taken completely by surprise. Mike, from LiveLife365, who blogs about healthy living. Mike, who I admire and respect for his style can make a subject that most think humdrum, exciting and interesting, has nominated me for the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award.

The award was established in 2005, and is given for brilliant, happy and interesting Blogs with sparkling style. I don't know about brilliant and sparkling style, but I try hard to keep things interesting and upbeat. The funny thing is I had to search a little to find what the award was about, but I finally did. And in the process found that some impressive blogs have received the award in the past. I could not find out where or who created it though, so if anyone knows drop a comment. I am truly honored and flattered to have been given the nomination.


The rule that go along with this award are.

1. The award may be displayed on a winner’s blog.
2. Add a link to the person who you received the award from.
3. Nominate up to seven other blogs.
4. Then add their links to your blog.
5. Add a message to each person that you have passed the award on to in the comments section of their blog.

So of all the great blogs I visit regularly, and there's currently close to 80, there are many that I could nominate. But only being able to pass the honor on to 7 make's it a little more difficult.

My Lymphoma Story, by Brandi, because she has the courage to blog about what she is going through with her disease, and in a cheerful way. I find her to be an extremely unselfish person who try's to promote cancer research by telling her story. Her posts are always cheerful and upbeat, and she feels that she "can't - fairly complain".

Goodies for Mom, by Lois, For all the work she is doing to support Friends of Heroes, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, giving of her time and energy to such a positive and noble cause.

Because Someone Cares, by Rachele, who blogs about things she is passionate about, and her family. And mostly because every time she hears of a suffering child her heart breaks.

Lilly's Life, by who else but Lilly, She has a wonderful sense of humor, or is it humour Lilly. She always has fun upbeat and interesting posts. She is also the brainstorm behind Past Live's, and a very talented writer, willing to help others out.

Tasha's Take, by Tashabud, because she is just a good person, great writer, and her The Big Picture - A Novel was one of my first good finds. Tasha always comments on lord only knows how many blogs. Gives words of encouragement to new bloggers anytime.

The Little Children, by Jena Isle, who is a very busy little blogger. she has seven different blogs, drops cards regularly, comments on tons of blogs, and helps new bloggers out all the time. She is also a very talented writer.

Maggie's Mind, By Maggie of course, who always has fun and interesting posts, and is willing to help people at the drop of a hat. She is a very good person and talented writer, who has great fun stories.

I could go on and on, but I'm only allowed seven. So I'll just have to stop there for now.

Monday's Writers of the Web

Yesterday, I downloaded the new Entrecard Toolbar, and last night I gave it a good work out. I dropped 95 cards, off and on, for about 3 and a half hours. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but you have to consider that I read about 95 percent of the first articles on any given blog, and some I went through their achieves. This is how I find some of the best sites, and following links within those blogs, or user comments. Oh and I managed to leave a bunch of comments too.

The funny thing is, the first site I'm going to introduce, I found by receiving a friends request on BlogCatalog. The Senator's Daughter, by Teresa Campbell, Is a "Blog Novel". And one I will have to catch up on. I read the first chapter, Welcome to Sudan, and was captivated right away, Unfortunately, work call and I was unable to read the next. But many of you know I like to spread out my reading of a blog novel anyway, and make it last. I must say that Teresa Campbell has found a new fan. She has managed to paint a picture of the setting, and introduce her two Main characters so thoroughly, I felt as if I have know them for some time. Teresa has a talent for the descriptive writing, and seems to be able to paint with words. I'm not sure as yet if the story is going to be focused around her tough as nails female pilot, or the Senators daughter, now a doctor on an mission of aid. Both characters have a flair to them in their own way, and are intriguing to the reader. This novel is a must read, and I assure you I will be making my regular pilgrimage to catch up and then follow The Senator's Daughter.

Next is a blog called PlottDog Press writers and writing by T.L. Raun. This site is a site for writers. There are a number of novels there, and it hosts guest writers. As a matter of fact, I found one of my favorites there, Tashabud and her The Big Picture. It's nice to see a site that is setup to help and showcase new writers. I plan on going over and really checking it out.

The next blog of distinction is un1versal sessions or 1verse, a poetry site by Charles Sapp. He has some very interesting and intriguing poetry. The one I read right away was The Cunductor it is about the germination of thoughts. I fell in love with the poem because it made me think of the mountains of home. Another that had a special meaning for me was Heroes & Heroines. He has some very good poems, and is well worth the time to take a read.

My final blog for today is Moomette's Musings, she does a lot of sponsored posts, but they are always good reads. What I want to point out though is her post for the August 3rd. Blog The Recession. She is promoting the same thing I am really, go around reading your regular blogs, and finding new ones. but spend some time looking around, getting to know your fellow bloggers. Leave some comments, they don't have to be long, or carefully composed, That may be hard for me. Just let them know you've been there and enjoyed their content. She is also promoting Blogging For Blood Cancer with Goodies for Mom and Friends of Heroes. If you have a blog, on August 11-18th Join in the effort to to raise awareness for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's fight against the various forms of blood cancer. Check the links, and find out what you can do to help, it doesn't cost anything and you may win a prize

I just came up with an idea, I will pledge to donate all EC's earned from today until August 18 th from both of my sites, here and Chihuatude, to the prizes to be awarded by Goodies for Mom . So come by and drop, and I'll drop all I can, we'll donate it all to the cause.

I will leave you with a link to an absolutely beautiful picture Good Morning Summer of a Miami morning on Flickr.

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The Comment Hound

Mr. Peanut

Allow me to introduce my blogging buddy. Mr. Peanut, who is also my avatar, is my constant companion while I'm on the computer. I set this drawer up so I could put my feet up while browsing, but Mr. Peanut decided it was his. He and I have conversations about the sites I visit, NO I'm not crazy just a little neurotic . At time's I ask him what he thinks about my comments, and he sits there and cocks his head to one side or the other. He has been the one responsible for rating my comments. He is also the one responsible for me getting so heavily involved in blogging. His attitude and actions caused me to start my first blog, Chihuatude. Shortly after that I started this blog.

This blog has changed my basic wallflower personality. In the past, I have been a lurker, going around reading blogs, enjoying their content, but never leaving a comment, never saying thanks, or letting them know I appreciate their site. The comments I have received here have, over a period of a a few months, changed my blogging personality. Knowing how the comments made me appreciate my readers, and let me know there were people out there interested in my ramblings.

A short time ago I changed the HTML code in my template to allow following comments. This means that if you leave a comment, you leave a link to you site or profile. Just recently signed up with SezWho, and loaded their code on this site. The advantage of SezWho, is that it tracks a commenter and allows other members to rate them. What good is that, you ask. Well as you build your reputation, simply by going around and leaving comments, people see your rating and want you to come comment on their site. They will then come to your site and leave a comment. We all leave comments on different sites, and why not let it generate a little traffic to your site.

What we all need to do, is start rating the comments, and content, on the sites we visit. Many of you are Entrecard members, and know how easy it is to find new, fun and interesting sites through that endeavor. Now that Entrecard and SezWho have joined forces, we should start taking advantage of both, and using them to steer traffic to our sites. So as you leave comments, be sure to rate your fellow members, I think it will benefit us all in the long run. I have been rating comments and content since I signed up with SezWho, and enjoy it when I visit other sites where comments have been rated.

If your not a member of SezWho, sign up and enjoy the reviews. You do not need a blog (Kel) just a user name that you regularly leave comments under, and its free..

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Do You Want A Digital Photo Frame?

I do, and that is why I'm making this post. I know, this is slightly out of character for me, but I saw this give away deal on Lisa Reviews. The frame is a Sony DPF V900, and it can store 1000 photos. Now that's allot of pictures, but you can upgrade with a memory card, and store even more photo's. The frame will display the pictures individually or as a slide show.

The rules are listed on her post, Sony Digital Frame Giveaway. Basically you have to leave a comment on her post, add the post to any social networks you are a member of, and if you have a blog, write a post about her giveaway. Easy enough right? Well I Twitted it, Kwipped it, Mixxed It, StumbledUpon it, and Dugg it. Now I'm writing about it. You also have to subscribe to her feed, which was no problem, because I already have her feed in three different places. If you notice my side bar, I have her feed there also.

So if you would like a chance to win a Sony Digital Picture Frame, go by her site, and add you bid to the prospect. Let her know what features of the camera you like, and be sure to grab a feed. Good luck to all, but no offense, I hope I win the giveaway.

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Ah so Contented and Refreshed

I did not realize how tired I was. Working on the Past Live's story was so invigorating and fresh, it managed to obscure my hackneyed, exhausted, existence. This being a good thing, and lending a new outlook to my life. I guess it goes to show that one should at times, go ahead and jump off that fence to try their hand in something new.

I have for so long wanted to write, but never took myself seriously. I have to admit that blogging has added that needed kick in the butt to get things moving. This is teaching me, once again, to explore those new and interesting endeavors. The rewards are unexplainable, and ever so valuable.

I thank everybody for their very kind and generous comments on Past Live's Part 10. You really have no idea how your kindness and generosity has boosted my self esteem. No it's not giving me a big head either. I'm still the same old down to earth somewhat eclectic person as before

I am going to start developing my character for the Possibilities idea. I will have to get with Lilly, and Vikki for suggestion's on organization and how to keep track of all those who offer to write a story. Give me a few days, and I'll have something down, and may even be ready to start. The nice thing about these collaborative projects, is that you get a different outlook and feel from each contributor / author. It also benefits each blog, with perhaps new traffic and readership.

Now that I am becoming an attention hound, I live for the comments form my readers, I will be striving to keep up more regular postings. I am thinking of doing another Past Live's story, but I believe I may tackle another time and location that I am not as familiar with, but a fan of. Check back, and I'll try to keep everybody informed.

I submitted Lilly's first chapter, and therefore all the rest to Mixx, Digg, and StumbleUpon. Please click on each of these links, and cast a vote. Thanks.

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