A Sure Sign of Aging

I really do not mind working long hours, and have generally thrived on such things.  I guess it is part of my nature and upbringing.  We have been so busy this week, I have not been getting home until 9:00 or 10:00 at night.  I love having work, and being active, but there are limits to everything LOL.  Now just a few years ago, you would not have heard me mention it at all.  But as I get older, it does seem to be more difficult to maintain that same level of activity.

I got a rude awakening to a sure fire sign of aging today.  Allow me to set the stage.  Being in the plumbing trade, one of my frequent pleasures   is remodeling a bathroom.  This can actually be fun sometimes and "work" other times.  Today was not that bad, I got to work inside. Nice air conditioned house, with the windows open in the master bathroom and bedroom so all the dust from construction could get out.  Of course the air conditioning did not do much for me, since my responsibility was in the bathroom.  But what really set me off, was the full length mirrors  covering every available wall.  Why would that set me off you ask?  Well for some time now my wife Blinda has been teasing me about a bald spot on the back of my head.  Naturally, my response has always been "I can't see any bald spot, so there must not be one or its not very big".  Well needless to say I can't say that anymore.  You have no idea what you can notice about yourself when everywhere you look all you see is you. 

I also found it amusing how noticing such things made me feel tired and somewhat "aged".  I can still remember teasing my father about his thinning hair, and wrinkles.  I don't think for one minute that he took any of it seriously, but I wonder what he thought when he looked in the mirror and saw the wrinkles.  I bet it was something like "Oh well it gives me character".  Now I can say that I have a little character of my own.  I saw somewhere on the web, a tattoo, that some guy had done.  It depicted a lawn mower traveling around the gentleman's  bald spot with the "clippings" flying off to be lost forever.  I may have to find that picture again, and contemplate my own form of character enhancement. 

What is the moral of this story.  Stay out of rooms where everywhere you look you can see a reflection of yourself.  It leads to way too much "thought" LOL. 

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Jena Isle said...

he he he, I was smiling while reading this post. I like this post. It was narrated in a straightforward, humorous way.

Thanks for sharing.

tashabud said...

I smiled too as I read this post. I have to admit that we're one of those people with a bedroom and a master bathroom full of mirrors. Not by our own making. They were already there when we bought the house 14 yrs. ago. I have to admit that the mirrors make the rooms look lots bigger. Unfortunately, I also agree with you that the mirrors are not too kind to us when it comes to pointing out to us of all of our physical imperfections. Don't despair Eric, what you're going through is just a natural aging process. What's important is for all of us to try to age gracefully. If there really such a thing. Hehe.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Jena Isle, I have to admit I was laughing at myself more than anything else. I just kept thinking of how I used to tease my father, and thought "Oh well I guess I can tease myself for him". It was a fun post to write.

Tashabud, not to worry, I won't despair, maybe complain a little and grunt and groan a little more often, but that the way life goes. I have no trouble with loosing my hair, and have been considering the advantages. Less time to get ready because I don't have to comb it HA HA HA.


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