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Wow, I now know how Tashabud felt when she stumbled across my review of her novel. I was playing on Technorati the other night. One of the cool features is that you can see references or links to your site from others. A site I have visited often, but evidently not often enough, had done a review on me. Lisa Reviews, did a post about my site, way back in June, and I missed it. I was flattered, very appreciative, and a little ashamed. I can assure you Lisa, I will be more vigilant and visit on a regular basis. Lisa said she liked my site because I was not in a "Niche", and posted thoughtful articles. She also liked my sister poking fun at me. I knew Kel would become famous due to her comments. I still cannot get her to start a blog, but will gladly let her blog vicariously through me.

Now to get on with the business at hand. I have found some very good site's this week. The first is one, we have visited before, but there is one particular post that is so impressive and thought provoking, I had to add it. LouCeel, posted a poem he wrote back in 1976. The Eastland Disaster, is the story of a shipwreck in Chicago on July 24th 1915. 835 people perished, and 22 local families were completely wiped out. There are still questions about the incident to this day. From reading the poem, you can tell that LouCeel is passionate about the subject. after you read the poem, read his Yesterday's Backstory, and you'll find out why he is so passionate. You will also see that he is a kind and compassionate person. I must admit, I read the Backstory first, then the poem. Strangely enough, having never lived near the water, I have always been drawn to stories of shipwrecks.

The next site I just absolutely love is Before The Sun Sets, The author is known as Grandma Julia. She did a story about her youth and experiences at catholic school, titled Young Witches On Training. Her writing took me back, and allowed me to see through her eyes. I have a hard time explaining the feelings that cropped up. I'm not usually the most emotionally in-tune person, and sometimes I find it hard to figure them out when they occur. She talked about how she felt when the mean girls teased and tricked her. Relating their laughs to that of cackling witches. Much of the reasons behind the bullying was due to social-economical status. She also had a very good paragraph describing her culture in reference to sharing meals with other people. That particular paragraph gave me a warm comfy feeling.

Now I have always been a fan of Merlin from King Arthur's Court. Naturally when I saw a comment on another site from soulMerlin, I had to check it out. I found an interesting character who has four sites. On one of his sites, From Dusk Till Dawn, there was a post that grabbed me, and held my attention. Dreaming of Christina is a touching article about about his finding peace, and reconnecting with his mothers spirit. His mother had passed three years previously, and he had gone through the full range of emotions. This post is so touching and full of feelings, I lack the words to describe it.

Finally, Life Ahead is a blog from an infants point of view, from Japan. The blog is written by the mother, but in the babies voice. Baby Erika is 5 months old, and has a hole in her heart. She is going through regular doctors visits, and seems to be improving. At her last post, the hole had shrunk from 2mm to 1.5mm. Its a fun site, and I will be watching to see how things progress. Infants are just too much fun.

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Kel said...

Arrrrggggghhhhh! I did it, you got me. I went to each of the sites linked in your post. Much to long a time later I'm back to grouch and growl and complain that I just don't have time in my life to get pulled in to more than your and Julie's blogs. Dammmittt!

SoulMerlin's site was fascinating. Here I've gone and bookmarked it . . . dammmittt.

And I enjoyed the odd beats, the strangely hypnotic ebb and flow of Grandma Julia's writing. But she's obviously not had much real contact with genuine witches, as she'd have chosen some other stereotypical nasty to associate with the evil that children do to each other.

Eric S. said...

Ha Ha HA! I new I would get you sooner or later. That is half the fun of blogging. I have to admit though, when searching for these site's, I am on a mission, and will bookmark promising looking posts. I then go back and read them when I have time.

Most site's I find as I found SoulMerlin's. By reading the comments on other posts I had previously bookmarked.

You can "feed" just about any site you want to your Yahoo or Google start page. All you have to do is click on the RSS button or the subscribe button. It makes it far easier to keep up with your fav's. The feed generally shows the most recent five posts of that blog.

SoulMerlin's site is too cool isn't it. and Grandma Julia's, wow. She has a pretty large following also.

You realize your comments are part of the draw to my blog. Now all we have to do is get Tinaleigh involved again, and it will get real interesting.

soulMerlin said...

Hi Eric....I'm so glad you enjoyed my posts. I am really impressed with your site and your work. This has all caught me at a moment in my daily work, when I have so little time to respond to things, that there is a danger of seeming distant and uncaring...but the glut of work I am going through at the moment will ease in a week or two and things will get back to normal.

Hi kel...and I'll get to your blog as well in a few days.

Thank you so much for mentioning me.

all the best


Eric S. said...

Soul Merlin, you are welcome any time. Your post Dreaming of Christina has helped a friend of mine. She does not have a computer, so I printed it and let her sig. other deliver it. I love your site, it has a feel of the Midevil to it.

Much to my chagrin, I have not been able to convince my dear sister Kel to start a blog. I'm quite sure she would have a fun time, and post some very interesting stories.

I understand the time constraints of work completely. I hope it all settles down for you, and you accomplish that which you set out to do.


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