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I had all kinds of sites planed out for this week, but after paying a visit to Vikki's Blog, The Red Chair Gallery, I just couldn't continue as planned. My intension was to check on the progress with her elderly neighbor. Unfortunately she had one of those nutcase flamer show up and start posting demented comment's. But that is not what I want to write about tonight.

I read a short story she did, and was absolutely floored. Past Live's Part 2, just simply took my breath away. She also did a drawing of her main character, Sassy, who is a child during the day's of slavery. Yes Sassy is a slave girl, who has an interesting story. Many of my regular readers have already seen it, for I saw their comments. But I couldn't help but write about this.

The best part, is that this is a collaborative project. The story started on Lilly's Life, as a fictional story of reincarnation. The subject, David, has decided to go through a "Past Life Regression therapy session. The theory is that a hypnotist can take a person back through their many previous lives, and help them to understand their progression through time. It centers around the belief of Déjà Vu, I would bet that most of us have experienced it at least a few times in life. Being the skeptic I am, I can usually rationalize or assign a cause for my own Déjà Vu expedience's. But there are many that I can not clear up within reason. I have never really considered the question of what kind of past life I may have had. For that matter, I am not entirely sure I believe in reincarnation and past life. But what a fun subject for a story line.

Past Live's Part 1, starts of with an introduction to David, and an explanation of specific, unexplained fears that cause him to search out this Past Life Regression technique. Each part after the first one, ends with the death of that person, and a link to the next part Past Live's Part 2. Now I found this an interesting and captivating way to engage the reader.

The best part about this story, is Vikki's Life and Red Chair Galleries has offered the opportunity for anyone who wishes to participate in the story to take part in the writing. Each post starts with a blurb about or from the previous post, then goes on to describe each of the previous live's of David.

Now for Past Live's Part 3 we bounce back to Lilly's Life, It's being told in David's voice, carefully directed guided through the hypnosis by the Doctor Harlowe, the hypnotist. It takes place in 79 AD in Greece or a city thereof. I will hint that it is a famous promiscuous and erotic city of history or maybe theology. David is once again a female, but this time middle aged for the era. She is the unhappy wife of a prominent "merchant", and has other love interests. Her death is the same is a surprise to her, and everybody else in that city.

For Past Live's Part 4, we jump over to LouCeel. We are taken back in time once more to 1282 in Romania. David is a Jewish merchant dreaming of life in the new Jerusalem. Thinking of the hard times he is having, and the good times to come. LouCeel did a wonderful job of taking me back to that time, I felt as though I was standing there having a conversation with the man, Yacob Vobescu. His death is just as surprising and different as the others.

I can assure you I will be following this story line, and maybe I can come up with a story of appropriate quality to offer. I will be thinking, contemplating, and trying to contrive something interesting, that may be accepted.

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Jules said...

Hey Eric! I thought you were perfect to do a chapter. You better do one or else! hahah

This is SO up your alley!

tashabud said...

I agree with Jules. It will be interesting what kind of persona you're going to take on. I've been asked already, but I asked to do mine at a much later time. In the mean time, I'll enjoy everyone else's.

redchair said...

Thank you for your comments on my work and this amazing mention in your blog. I send you my wholehearted appreciation, Eric.

Like you, I don’t know if I put credence into reincarnation. But, in the same vain I don’t understand these innate talents, fears and seeming Déjà vu experiences. It’s just fun to think about the possibilities.

I was so happy to hear you’re going to write a story for Lilly and I. (Lilly told me last evening) We have people jumping on our bandwagon from everywhere. ‘Who’d-a-thunk it?”

Anyway, I really like your blog and the way you write. I’m anxious to see your story.
Oh- I have Part 6 up on my blog. (Not quite as lovable a character as Sassy)

Eric S. said...

Jules, Thanks I have emailed Lilly, and started the process. I won't say who or where its going to be about, but I plan on having fun with it.

Tashabud, Thanks, the persona I have figured out, but I won't say what. you'll just have to come check it out. You should definitely do a post.

Redchair, Thank you very much, I am looking forward to it. The possibilities are interesting to say the least. Like I said I have a few experiences that I can not rationalize so, maybe, who knows.


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