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So it's Monday again, wow where did the time go.  Monday, that day most people don't look forward to.  I however have gained an appreciation for Monday because of my blog.  It's the day I get to show off those sites I have found over the previous week.  I must apologize for not posting over the past few days, and offer a bland generic excuse of course.  I have been very busy at work, 15 and 16 hour days in triple digit heat whew; am I glad its over.  There is nothing worse than working through the weekend, then right back to work again for the next week.

Now then to get on with the fun, I found this site first site, and for the life of me can't remember how.  I'm sure I was on somebody's blog, reading the comment posts.  Anyway she is a young girl 17 years old in Ireland. Her user name is Fiendish, and she loves lists, music,  reading, and people who read her blog, Baa Baa Blogging, although she also has another blog.  Her July 7th post, Some Fiction, is a chapter of some fiction she wrote.  It is a wonderful story of one hot summer evening, but with so much more to it than that.  She ties in familiar feelings and thoughts of what is going through her characters mind.  The story is very well written, and has a catchy first paragraph.  I have added her to my feeds in the side bar because I liked this post so much.  She also has a very fun sense of humor that shows in some of her other posts.

My next recommendation is a blog that is kind of a personal journal and showcase for her art work, with a focus on the personal journal.  Bag Blog tells stories of those everyday happenings, and makes them fun.  She is an artist, and regularly posts pictures she has painted.  Her pictures are very good, and shows her obvious talent.  I especially enjoy her posts about her grand children, they are so fun to read. 

Dancing on Thin Ice is another find that I enjoy reading often. This is another journal style blog, and she has some very good posts.  She regularly posts interesting poems or song lyrics that have meaning to her.  After reading some of her archives, I found out her husband has Leukemia, and has been undergoing the wretched treatment for that disease.  This post, Dancing Dark Circles, is about some of her thoughts, feeling, and emotions she has been going through. I found Dancing Dark Circles, a particularly moving read that made me consider what it would be like to have a loved one going through such a thing.  It is not a depressing read at all, but more of an introspective of what she feels. 

Cabin Fever, is a fellow follower of Kaboom.  Her boyfriend is deployed, and she tells of what it's like for her waiting, and waiting.  She has some interesting and fun posts, and mostly tries to express to people what it's like for her.  One particular post I enjoyed reading was Future Tense, She expresses how excited she is that her boyfriend is supposed to be coming home soon.  Because I can not do it justice, here's and tidbit

Conversations over the phone or through IM tend to drift to daydreams we're sharing with each other about places we want to see, things we want to do, time we want to spend - all together. Together. After this past year we are resolved to drink up every last opportunity to explore our lives and world with the other by our side. We think up these fun crazy ideas and talk about them, we'll do them one day, but for the moment just having that piece of the future to hold on to, to work towards, is enough

And finally, a little "Lost in America" Western roadside photography.  This site has some wonderful pictures of places in America.  Many of the pictures in this post are of places that do not exist any longer.  Stunning photography, and worth a look.

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Liara Covert said...

Mountains are breath-taking. you can discover miracles anytime. Thanks for the suggestions.

Kel said...

I so miss the mountains of home. And especially "winter;" real, honest, deadly, exquisite winter.

My hubby is emotionally alergic to cold, so I don't get much of that any more, and I tend to get pretty blue during the green and soggin winters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I can't imagaine how you find the time to find all these sites broski! I just don't have the desire to fish about that much.

tashabud said...

Whew! You got me feeling very tired and worn out just by reading all the things you've done during the past week. And still have the time and energy to review many blogs? Wow! My hat's off to you. Make sure you give yourself time to rest.

Jena Isle said...

Now I look forward to your Monday's posts. You;re got style in writing. I like it.

Jena Isle said...

I mean, YOU'VE GOT STYLE. Sorry for the typo.

Eric S. said...

Sorry every body, I worked late again last night and didn't have the energy to even turn on the computer. So I'm a day late responding.

Liara covert, Your welcome, and yes I love the mountains also. There is so much beauty, adventure and as you say miracles all the time.

Kel, I know what you mean sis. I especially miss the winter, when I'm dealing with the triple digit heat down here. I find the time, because I'm a night owl and very seldom go to bed before 2:00 AM unless I've had a real hard day

TashaBud, I'm sorry I didn't mean to make you tired, LOL. I do try to get rest but last week was brutal. Thanks.

Jena Isle, Thank you very much, and I look forward to them also.

Fiendish said...

Thank you so much for your kind mention! It really made my day to catch up on this after I got back from holidays. Thanks again :)

Eric S. said...

Fiendish, Your quite welcome and deserving. I did so enjoy your little bit of fiction. You have a descriptive style, which I have to say is one of my favorite styles. Now that your back from holidays, will you be posting more stories?

Thanks for coming by.


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