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Ah but you say it's not Monday. Officially it is Tuesday, 12:12 AM, and true to my nocturnal nature, I am doing my midnight search for good reading blogs. I have been receiving email notifications of my dear sweet, dramatic, sister's visit to my blog; and resisting the strong temptation to go and respond right away. She has such a unique and dramatic sense of humor, I always welcome her visits. I wish I could convince her to start a blog, for I could virtually guarantee a good time reading it. Ah but for now we will have to sustain ourselves with her, hopefully, frequent comments.

I have found a number of excellent reads this week, and guess what I found them thanks to Tashabuds friends. First I will start with one that I started reading her last post first, OOPS. Gewgaw Writings, has an interesting Novel going about The Adventures of a Native Kaliga Man. First off it caught my attention because it was military based. This for anyone who knows me, is a surefire hook for me, but there is so much more to the story than that. Of course you have the inept and highly conceited superior officer, and the young, very bright and competent Lieutenant whom the troops trust and understand. There is also an interesting friendship between the young officer and the popular rebel leader, who is loved and respected by the people. With all of these elements in play I can assure you I will be going back to read the full story.

Gewgaw Writings led me on to yet more sites, for she has a number of her favorite sites listed in the sidebar. Hunting The Muse, is another creative writing blog. He has some fun posts, and some good tips for writing. I really enjoyed his post Personal Embarrassment, that covers a hiking expedition he had as a teenager at camp. It was a very fun read, but I did not see where the embarrassment came into play. It was something I could see happening to me at that age, hell at any age.

I also have a fondness for young aspiring writers. Writings of a Teenager. is one of those sites that will impress the daylights out of you. This young writer, is telling a story of the time of the Aztec's. The story of a young Aztec who dreams of being a warrior. I found it compelling and fun to read. I'm not sure of the age or for that mater much else about the author, but I can tell you that whoever it is has talent, and I'm sure excels in their creative writing classes.

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Jenaisle said...

This is a pleasant surprise Eric. Thank you for taking time to read my posts at Gewgaws and featuring it here in your blog. I am flattered and I appreciate it a lot.

You too have a great blog. The word "mountain" always echoes a familiar song in my heart.

All the best.

Brady Frost said...

Thanks for the link, Eric, I am glad you liked my blog. I think I might have to stick around a bit and check things out. I'm impressed so far!


livelife365 said...

Hey, Eric, great post. Nothing better than discovering new writers--it is an exciting and rewarding process I have been doing for decades (consider my overflowing book collection). I always enjoy visiting your blog. When you have a chance, take a look at this young adult novel I wrote, years ago, for my son, that I have self-published, and let me know what you think.

You can read the first chapter (for free) on my Good Reads page.


Eric S. said...

Jenasile, Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed your site, and am making my way through chapter by chapter. Tashabud will tell you I like to read a chapter or two a day, to keep my anticipation going. Also because I read so many different blogs, its hard sometimes to fit more than one or two chapters a day in. Not to worry though, you've got me hooked, and now that I have posted about your site, I'll be leaving some comments here and there. I'm getting better at that now.

Brady, Thanks for coming by. I loved that story about you embarrassing moment. I won't spoil it for everybody else, but I can see why you would not easily forget it. I'll be checking in on you also, to read your future posts, and peruse your archives.

Mike, Thanks I appreciate the compliment. I signed up for good reads through your post you did a couple of weeks back, my user name is Chihuatude. I'll go check out your book, from the overview on the web link it sounds like a fun adventure fantasy read.

Kel said...

Hmmmm . . . "Sweet, dramatic sister" . . . not quite sure how I feel about the 'feel' of that. I suspect there was some generously planted tongue-in-cheek energy happening there L'il Bro.


Eric S. said...

Kel, who me? I claim complete innocents, and will stick to my story. After all I am the "Baby" of the family and can do no wrong, right, LOL.

Kel said...

Better be careful about asserting that you claim innocents . . . LOL! And there's NO WAY you'll get away with claiming innocence either!!! *wink*


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