A little Publicity for Lt G, who is now Capt. G. by the way

As many of you know, I am a major fan of Lt. G. and his now silenced Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal. Well, City Girl, Lt G's Fiancee, is trying to keep all readers informed of what's going on with him and his men, "The Grave Diggers".

Well today The Washington Post did and article about him and his blog, titled Silent Posting. The article is a very good read, and we get to meet Lt. G's Father. I have read a number of posts throughout the blogosphere about Kaboom being shut down by the Army. But this is the first major newspaper article I've read. If you get a chance, it's worth the time, just to get to know him a little better. There are also links to some of his previous post's, including this one that got him in trouble. What got his blog deleted was the fact that this one post was not approved or reviewed by his Commanding Officer.

City Girl let us all know about one of the Grave Diggers that was injured in a non-combat incident. PV 2 Hotwheels, as he's know on Kaboom was injured in a generator fire, a freak accident, and shipped back to the US. I have been following his recovery at a site called CaringBridge.org. This site is established for anyone who has a family member who has been injured or is recovering from some kind of medical treatment. It is not limited to the military, anyone can make use of it. The site allows family member to basically set up a blog, they call it journal, and guest book to keep others informed of the progress.

If your interested in a fun and romantic read with a considerable amount of Word Ninja feel, read European Interlude II. This was close to one of the last posts Lt. G. made, and described a portion of his leave when he got to spend some time with City Girl. It is also when he proposed to her. Talk about fun, he lets you know exactly how nervous and intimidated he was. Well worth the time to read, and if you want to have a little envious fun, check out the comments. Wow!!!!!!

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tashabud said...

You're right. That post is so much fun to read. I like the love story in it. And it's real, not fiction. Congratulations to both of them.

Jena Isle said...

I've visited the site and read the comments- more than a hundred of them, Wow!

Their love story is amazing.

Thanks for sharing.

Eric S. said...

Tashabud, I'm glad you went to read it. I know I enjoyed it more than a Guy should have. I have to admit mostly due to Lt. G's writing style. I felt like I was sharing his dubitable feelings . It must have been unfamiliar ground for him.

Jena Isle, wasn't that so much fun to read. All those regular readers who were wishing them well, WOW. It was not uncommon for him to have 50-60 comments on a normal post. This one, I can say with complete jealousy, has to be the one post (except the last of course) with the most responses.

Kel said...

I guess I must work up the ummph to visit that site. I think, because of Dom's threatened mobilization, I've hesitated to go to a soldier's journal. But you have so often posted such strong pointers there that I will just have to work up the umph.

P.S. Seems the waiting is over, they've mobilized Dom's unit to Fort Benning and are slated for ship out to Kuwait this coming Saturday. Will send you a note via email when I get his army address for the mobilization.

Eric S. said...

Kel, Dam now I'll have to worry right along with you. Just keep thinking positive, there is a certain power in that. I hope he stays in contact with you, it'll help to alleviate your fears.

You really should go read the European Interlude II. It has very little to do with the war or the military.


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