Ignorance and Apathy, The Cost!

Yesterday, I had said that I am not the most emotionally in-tune person. Well there are a few emotions, I recognize and understand all too frequently.

American Heritage Dictionary, defines emotion as A psychological state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is sometimes accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling.

Last night, I experienced one of those spontaneous psychological states that definitely was accompanied by some very specific physiological changes. Anger, fury, exasperation, hell I was flat out pissed off! I was so mad, that at the time I could have eaten railroad spikes and spit out nails.

What, you ask got my ire so enraged? I came across a post while I was browsing. It described what happened to a mother of an 8 year old girl at a PUBLIC library. They had been waiting to do a quick search on Amazon. A gentleman got up from his computer to use the bathroom, and the mother went over to make her quick search. When she turned the monitor on, she looked around to see if the gentleman was coming back to continue using the computer. Her 8 year old then asked her "Mamma why is that little girl doing that". When she looked back at the monitor, she was confronted with a despicable display of an girl performing a "Lewinskie". I will leave it up to your imagination top fill is the blanks.

That would piss you off also you say. Well believe it or not, at that point I was simply shocked. What so enraged me, was that when the mother reported it to the librarian, she was told.

"Yes we have a policy against the viewing of such site's. Yes we know he is viewing such sites. But he always uses the computers in the back row away from the others."

Now the mother points out that the back row of the computers just happens to be a short distance from the children's book section.

When she complained further. Eventually the library manager came out to find out what the fuss was all about. He also was aware of it. she became quite animated, and expressed her displeasure for all to hear. She was told that if she did not quiet down, she may be asked to leave and her library card revoked.

Now you know what so enraged me. How could a presumably government employee, for that matter anybody, justify allowing something so obviously wrong, not to mention illegal to go on. For god sakes it was a public library. Do they not understand that they are providing this degenerate with the stimulus, and easy access to a variety of potential victims.

Now that I have vented, and expressed my outrage, I will provide you with the link to the original post. Fair warning, the post contains quite a few expletives and metaphor's of a colorful nature. Can you blame her?

A Little too Ironic Don't You Think

I guess Dad was right, Common sense was misnamed, if it was so dammed common everyone would have it.


LceeL said...

There is a large controversy regarding whether or not libraries should filter Internet traffic to block porn sites. One of the arguments goes like this - if a child needed to do a report, for example, on 'Breast Cancer',and the libraries computers were properly filtered, then that search would never be allowed to happen. And that represents the crux of the issue.

Now, what should have happened is that the gentleman should have, at the very least, been ejected from the library for leaving his computer unattended with that smut on the screen. And to my mind, it is not beyond a stretch of the imagination that charges could have and should have been brought against him. The library, although their hands are tied by the 1st Amendment (and that's the way it SHOULD be), did NOT handle the situation properly.

livelife365 said...

Wow, you would think that it would be a simple decision--toss the perv out of the place! I'm far from a prude, but there is a time and place, especially when children or so close. That library should be investigated. Nice reporting, Eric, hope your anger has subsided...


Eric S. said...

Iceel, I do not think the libraries should filter their Internet. There is simply too much valuable information that would be flagged due to keywords and tags like you said. What I have the serious problem with is that employee's handling of the complaint. I would have expected them to remove the "gentleman" due to the complaint, not threaten the mother who is making the complaint.

I could care less what people look at in their own home, on their own computer is their own business. With the exception of child exploitation sites that are illegal. But then how would we know right. I hope the authorities continue to track down such sites and get rid of them. In a public place, especially such as a library, there should be a far more respectable response to a complaint of this nature. If I had been in her shoe's, I think I would have taken the complaint father. I probably would have had trouble controlling my temper. They had a policy against viewing such sites, and I would assume you have to sign something before getting to use a computer. The problem is when the employee's choose to disregard said policy and knowingly allow to "gentleman" to continue to view such sites.

We all have a responsibility to protect the children of our world. They are the one's who can not do so for themselves. We all have our freedoms that we as Americans are guaranteed under the constitution. As I see it though, Our freedoms should not interfere with such basic life and a child's innocents. I guess what I'm trying to say is our freedoms take second place to basic human rights.

Mike, I agree wholeheartedly. I was infuriated at the actions of the library employee's. There is no excuse for their ignorance of the issues, especially when they are front page new's just about every other day. Nor any excuse for the apparent apathy for the social environment, the children, they serve.

Yes I did cool down, I waited to make my post so I could reasonably ponder my feelings, and not say something I normally would have avoided.

Jena Isle said...

I agree with Eric. It is a public library and while he has a right to view whatever he wanted, he should have done it in the privacy of his home.

As social beings in being in a public place we have the responsibility to take into consideration other people using the facility. It's just like you have the right to "fart" but not in a public place.

Irresponsible people like those should not be tolerated.

I remember one adage which goes this way: "Evil proliferates because good men do nothing." (I forgot the author).

Good posting Eric. Happy blogging..I hope you have calmed down by now.

You might want to visit Ken's blog to relax. (I'm serious, this is the URL. http://kenarmstrong.blogspot.com).

Have a happy day.

Jena Isle said...

There are some typos - "AND BEING IN A PUBLIC PLACE." sorry for that. The keypads have a mind of their own.


Eric S. said...

Hey Jena, I must have just missed you. Thanks for your comment's. I get carried away with children's safety. I have seen the pain and suffering, and it is long term, associated with pedophilia.

I understand the constitutional issues Iceel discusses, and unfortunately our sociaty will probably be debating them for eternity.

Yes I have calmed down, I will go check out Ken's site though.

Kel said...

Yup, its situations like that one that really get my back up too.

I agree with LCeel though, as awful as this situation is, our 1st Amendment rights must be rigorously protected.

But Rico, I'm right there with yah man being completely flabergasted that the library threatened to toss the mother, not the perv, out of the library. The only perspective here that I might be able to offer, is a sneaking suspicion that the perv is more than likely always carefully soft-spoken and mild mannered . . . "gentle," "non-threatening," EASY to deal with.

I would think its highly possible that the mother, as angry and shocked as I would be, was probably NOT soft-spoken, apologetic, easy to deal with.

Unfortunately, most folks react to the energy they encounter with an "echo" of that energy. Odds are that her anger engendered a feeling of being threatened in the library staff present, and they responded in the human-typical mode of "fight or flight." As they were staff and could not "fly" they "fought back."

I would not be surprised to hear that, in retrospect, the library staff wish that they'd taken the mother's part.

Eric S. said...

Kel, I know the first is important, but I keep thinking of those poor kids. They are the ones who deserve to be considered so they can appreciate their constitutional rights.

I love how you always show things in an understanding light. I'm sure the employee's were probably freaking out, BUT.

Kel said...

The issue is definitely a classic "sticky wicket."


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