A Cup of Tea, and Relaxing Reading

Finally, a chance to sit at my computer, drink a little tea, and check all my friends blogs. Yes I do drink tea now, thanks to Mike, who writes a blog for living a healthful life. Sorry Mike, it's not green tea, but it is decaffeinated.

I have been very busy over the past couple of days. Working those wonderful long hours. I can remember just a few months back when I was hoping for work. Guess that just goes to show you, be careful of what you wish for. I wonder why it can't be consistent in the construction industry. Today it was 104 degree's and some ungodly level of humidity. I drank two gallons of water, and just could not seem to get enough. I may as well have worn swimming trunks, because I stayed soaking wet all day, and there was no rain.

I have taken the opportunity, and sent Lilly an email, and guess what? I have been honored with a chance to write a chapter for the Past Live's saga. I have been thinking, day dreaming, and fantasizing about my characters for a couple of days now. I have a good start on it, and have been having a great time with it. Just so everyone knows, Past Live's Part 5, and Past Live's Part 6 have been completed, and are just as much fun as the first 4. I'll let everyone go and read them, make sure you leave a comment and let the authors know what you think.

The potential for this collaborative work seems to be limitless, except perhaps by time and history. It is going to be so much fun to watch this project form and develop. The creativity so far had been phenomenal, and I for one can't wait to read the next chapter. I feel somewhat intimidated, but am putting it aside to concentrate on the chapter. I won't tell anyone who, when, or how the chapter will take place, so don't bother asking, LOL.

Just to let everyone know, I won't be posting Friday, because it is my wife's birthday. I have to come up with something to do that will be fun for her. I am not even going to turn on the computer, I think she believes I have gone crazy because of the amount of time I spend on it. If anyone has some "cost conscious" ideas for a romantic evening, let me know.

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livelife365 said...

Hey, this guy Mike seems really cool...oops, wait, that's me! Thanks for the props, Eric, and glad to hear you're drinking tea--maybe someday you'll try to green stuff.


Jena Isle said...

What about candlelit dinner at home with just the two of you.

You can send home the household help for a night's vacation and the children to their grandmother.

And then who knows what can happen after that? (smiles)

Jena Isle said...

By the way, happy birthday in advance to your wife.

tashabud said...

Happy Birthday to her as well. I know just the right event. Take her to her favorite restaurant, so no one has to cook at home. After that, take her to see Mamma Mia!And after the movie, go for some ice cream dessert. Or maybe some wine at home instead. If you have a jaccuzzi, employ it for a maximum romantic effect night with your wife. We can just imagine where that will lead to after that. Hehehe. Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

Carola said...

Hello come from a blog Italian
Forgive my English reluctant
reminescenze distant school ..
I have admired your blog ..
But the funny thing you know what I was
drawn from your Avatar is simpaticissimo


Eric S. said...

Mike, hoping you wouldn't mind. I'll eventually try the green stuff, but for now, I'll stick with my Honey Vanilla Chamomile and Cinnamon Apple Spice. Great post on collections by the way

Jena Isle, Good suggestion, except we don't have any household help, and I'm not that good of a cook. I can grill just about any thing but cooking take more work for me than I'll have time for. I'll relay your birthday wishes, and thank you.

Tashabud, Thank you I'll relay your birthday wishes also. I think you may have hit the nail square on the head. I have a secret restaurant that she has not been to yet. I read your movie review, and Mamma Mia sounds like a good fit. Oh how I wish we had a jacuzzi, I like the train of thought LOL.

Carola, welcome and thank you. I checked out your blog. Simply gorgeous template, I wish I spoke or read Italian. The avatar is my 3 lb 4 oz Chihuahua. He's a daddies boy, and I have more pictures of him on my Chihuatude site.

tashabud said...

I'm glad that you have the same idea. Enjoy and cherish every moment. Let me know what you think of Mamma Mia after you see it, okay? Have a grrre....at weekend!

Kel said...

Hmmmmph . . . as YOU are the household help, letting them go for the evening might have been awkward . . . eh?

Terribly exiting to have a visit all the way from Italy !!! That's just TOO cool!

Eric S. said...

Yes that may have reduced the romanticism just a tad bit, LOL. We had fun anyway, I couldn't talk her into a movie, and because of things going on in Chihuatude land, we had to stay home. But it was nice, I got her a bottle of her favorite perfume, and a couple of CD's she had been wanting. That put me on the good side, showed I had actually paid attention to what she says. Works wonders. (smiles)

I was shocked, my head probably swelled more from that one visit than any other. I checked her site out, it really is quite beautifully laid out. Unfortunately I couldn't understand a thing on it. I wish I had a knack for other languages. Do you still speak French?


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