The Body Will Have it's Retribution

I must apologize for not posting the past couple nights. I have a habit, that seems to be completely uncontrollable. I will stay up until 2:00 AM, almost every night. Of course I still have to get up in the morning and go to work. This means that I get on average about 3 to 4 hours of sleep a night. Most people know that to maintain a healthy life, one should get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Now I have tried on a number of occasions to go to bed at a reasonable hour. Unfortunately any time prior to 1:00 AM, and all I do is lay there in bed and toss and turn. This serves to aggravate me, and I get up and read a book, which means I will be up till 4:00 AM, therefore only getting 2 hours of sleep. It seems like a vicious circle, but I generally don't think anything about it.

Once a month or so, my body decides that enough is enough. For the past 2 days, I have managed to slumber though my work, and complete all tasks required of me. However, when I get home I have found myself sleeping sitting up on the couch. It's a simple matter of you can abuse your body for just so long before it will take matters into its own control and force correction. I just wish it would do that with some of my other bad habits, smoking for one.

I will try to be a little more observant, and keep my schedule more subdued. Hopefully this will allow me to keep up with my blogging, and get the required sleep. On a healthier note, I have decided to attempt to quit smoking again. I am planing out the procedure this time, and will have things in place for when I "need" that coffin nail. I am going to be using a friends blog as a support group, Maggie's Mind. She has a blog where she supports a number of people trying to quit smoking. She is another friend from Plurk, and has commented here before.

For the time being, I plan to enjoy the holiday weekend, with a barbecue at a friends house. We will be having smoked brisket, and I am making stuffed jalapeno's for a treat. I brown venison burger, and mix in the seeds from the jalapeno's. I then stuff the ground meat and a four cheese mixture into the jalapeno's, wrap them with bacon, and grill on a charcoal grill. Of course there will be a margarita machine, and I will have plenty of my Shiner Hefewizen to drink. Hopefully I'll still be able to walk home when its all done. We'll talk to everybody later, and I hope all of you have a wonderful 4 th of July, enjoy.

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maggie's mind said...

Hey, I wish you all the best in quitting smoking! If I can be of any help or support, please just shout. My best advice for the early days: deep breaths and water through the cravings and just one day (or one hour) at a time.

tashabud said...

I feel for you on not getting enough sleep. I have the same problem. No wonder I'm so tired everyday.

Congratulations on trying to quit smoking. My family in the Philippines used to cultivate a small tobacco farm up in the mountains. I used to gather, dried, and roll them.
Fortunately, I never took up the habbit. Most of my siblings are smokers, though.

Our 4th of July celebration was great, and hope yours was also.

Eric S. said...

Maggie's Mind Thanks I will remember, and don't be surprised if I stop by and leave some nonsensical, withdraw induced comment.

Tashabud, Thanks, at least I know where I stand, and am not surprised when mother nature steps in to make the necessary corrections. Also thanks for the support, and be very thankful you never took up the habit. I think it was the worst mistake I ever made. Yes I enjoyed my 4th, thank very much, glad to here yours was good also.

Kel said...

Insomnia sucks. Nicotine addiction sucks. Good luck with both.

Gem said...

It's nice to hear that you're quitting smoking. I strongly believe there' nothing good out of it.

But I'm with you too... I could not also get enough sleep. But the reason is because I do work in the evenings.

Eric S. said...

Gem, thank you, It's not been easy, and I have slipped but am doing better with it. My sleep issue comes from 8 years of night shift. I can't seem to convince my brain that 10:00 is time for bed. Thanks for coming by, and your welcome anytime.


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