4th of July

While yesterday I enjoyed our barbecue, and all the goodies that went along with it. I remembered that our Declaration of Independence was written on paper, but was paid for in blood. I don't mean to be depressing, but we should continue to remember those who are still paying for the freedoms we too often take for granted.

Below is a video tribute to those that protect our freedom found on YouTube from user name mkamglenn

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tashabud said...

I have great respect to all our soldiers, especially the ones who'se lives are endangered day in day out protecting our country and our freedom.

A nephew of mine is currently serving his 3rd tour of duty in Irag. I pray for his and his comrades' safety.

Kel said...

My son's deployment (Eric's nephew, Dominic) has been delayed until July 23rd. I'm relieved about the delay ~ Dominic is spitting nails, its his first tour, he wants to get on the ground and get through it. He's only 18 . . . damn it.

Tashabud, I appreciate your nephew's service. And will add my prayers to yours for his, and his company's safe return home.

Eric S. said...

Tashabud, Send our thanks and appreciation to your nephew and his buddies. I have a close kinship to the military, for many reasons. Most current as Kel said is my nephew Dom, whom I am sure is frustrated to no end at his delay. Second is my own service, although during peace time, and then My Fathers service.

tashabud said...

Kel: Thanks for the good thoughts and well wishes. I think I know what you must be feeling for your son, because my sister has told me several times how scared she is for her son's safety while he's in Iraq. I am for him also. I'll be praying for your son also for a safe tour.

Eric: I will surely relay your well wishes to him and to his group. Thank you also for your military service.

Jenaisle said...

Tasha has informed me of the post you wrote about Gewgaw; Again thanks and thanks to her too.

I now understand your interest in anything military.

I too, have several relatives in the military, including one of my sons.

I'm praying for all soldiers fighting for liberty and freedom in foreign lands.

Eric S. said...

Jenaisle, Thanks, and we will add our thoughts and prayers to your family as well. I bet it is tough as a mother, I can't imagine the feelings and thoughts that must cross through your mind daily. I have followed a few of the Mil Blogs, and some of them are wives or mothers. It is refreshing to read and feel the strength of soldiers families.


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