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I am an avid reader. Usually of novels, but recently of blogs. I have been finding more and more blogs that have very good authors. I love to read creative stories, and imaginative poems. Heck I love to read just about anything. I have a number of favored books that I read over and over, but now I am finding it easy to have favored blogs. The advantage of the blogs, is they post new stories or poems on a regular basis. Much of this you won't find in a book store yet. It gives me the feeling of a first find. You know that feeling when you browsing the shelves of new releases, and you find that new author and book that just catches your imagination. I enjoy it so much I think I'll share it with everybody.

I was browsing earlier today, dropping cards, when I came across a site that just grabbed my attention and would not let go. Soul Meets World, is authored by a self described "Word Ninja, and Story Sculptor". She has some very good stories in deed. One call The Shell was just amazing, Philosophical and inspiring. The author, Alexys Fairfield, had another post, Living A Dream, that made me want to go out and get a book, I never would have considered before, Siddartha by Hermann Hesse. I guess I'll have to go to WOWIO to see if I can find it, and down load the e-book copy for free. For those of you that are not aware of WOWIO, it is a site where you can down load 3 e-books a day for free with a maximum of 30 per month. Soul Meets World, is a must visit site for the reading enthusiast.

This next site took me by surprise, or more correctly the author took me by surprise, the site is called Delve Into The Mind Of A Blogger. The Author, Meghna, is 13 years old, and is passionate about writing, and is an avid reader. Something that seems to be uncommon in our youth today. Meghna, wrote a very good story, A Bid To Help Our Humanity, that I felt was inspiring, and showed a hope for the future that you just don't see that much. She also had a very good poem, The Earth Of Every Man's Dream, of a dream for peace. I would bet that we will be hearing from the best sellers list, about this young lady when she gets older.

My neighbor, Shawn, Started a blog on blogger. He is an aspiring writer, has been posting his stories on Storiesville but I convinced him to start a blog. He posted his first poem the other day, Predators of The Night, about wolves. It is a very good, interesting poem. I hope he will continue posting his stories. Shawn has some very good short stories also, so if you get a chance, check out his poem, and leave a comment. Maybe it will inspire him to continue.

Last but not least is a poem I found back on Memorial Day weekend. Daddy's Poem is well worth the read. I must forewarn you though be sure to have a box of tissues close to hand.

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Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for the endorsement. I agree, the blogosphere has a lot to offer and there are some gems out there.

Thanks for stopping by and reading some of my posts. Hope to see you again.

Have a great week.

Meghna said...

Hi Eric,

It was so kind of you to write such wonderful things about my blog, Delve int....Thank you!

I totally agree with you. Everyday when you search for new blogs, you find many awesome blogs and feel like not stopping reading them. I find many of them as inspiration and it keeps me going. Thanks again.

Eric S. said...

@ Alexys, You can count on me coming back. You have some good reading. Thanks for stopping by

@ Meghna, No problem, you have some talent girl. Keep going and I really do think you have a future


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