What to Do? What to say?

I have been spending a considerable amount of time browsing all kinds of blog sites. I want to try and find where I'm going to fit in in this big wonderful world of blogging. There are site's about life, sites about art, sites about history, of course political sites, and personal sites, and sites about blogging. There is so much information out there it's had to absorb it all.

I like so many different things, that I don't want to limit myself to one area or topic. I like food, art, literature, technology, and so much more. Where do I go to try and fit in? Why do I feel this need to try to fit in? I want to be an individual, and do my own thing, but at the same time I want people to find my blog at least interesting and hopefully fun.

I think I will just continue to do posts on the things I find. I got some of the best traffic when I did the Writers of The Web post. I think I will bounce around and a little, and do a little of everything that I am interested in. I have found some great sites, and my bookmarks is overflowing with data. I will have to spend some time organizing that.

I know the one thing that I have to do, is come up with some form of schedule. I spend a lot of time reviewing items in my Mixx and Blog Catalog I sometimes run out of time. I have gotten better and sorting through the Mixx information, but there are still times it takes me up to 3 hours just to clear my E Mail. Then I still have sites I have bookmarked to come back to. Not to mention the social media sites I am involved in. I need to find a smooth pace, because my blog is feeling the effects of my long nights.

I will start doing a regular posting of at least once a day. If I find more stuff, it may be more. I will continue on the personal blog basis, and make it like a journal of my web activity, with some of the fun stuff that happens to me through the day. Most important though to improve my page rank, is that I have to make posts on a regular basis. I still have an assignment to do from one of my previous posts, don't worry spicymist, I have not forgotten, I have just been "preoccupied".

For now, I will go doctor my tooth ache that has grown from a dull throb to an unforgiving, constant nemesis to my concentration. Have a good site you want me to check out, leave me a comment.


Kat said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog...I feel for ya with the tooth ache, just had a root canal this week ouch !

Eric S. said...

Thanks for the sympathy Kat.

tashabud said...

Thanks for dropping me one of your entrecard. Your blog looks very nice. I like the jeans background. Hope you feeling better soon.

Eric S. said...

Thanks Tashabud, being an avid reader, your site is one I have bookmarked. I can guarantee I will be back to read your novel.


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