Social Community Vs Blogger Community

I started out with Social communities. This is actually where I discovered blogging. I had, and still have an account on Yahoo 360. Which is where I had my first blog. It started out as just a family thing, you know to keep everybody informed of what I was doing. What it really did, was introduce me to reading blogs. I started searching blogs, and then it lead me to Blogger. Now isn't that interesting, a Yahoo service led me to a Google service. I don't even remember how it came about, I'm sure I was searching for anything Chihuahua. Finding Blogger allowed me to start the Chihuatude blog. Then I joined Windows Live, and got myself a Live Space account. This is where I discovered Live Writer, what a wonderful blogging tool. Then of course the was The Outdoor Channel, I joined this when we first got our AT&T digital TV service. They do not have Outdoor Channel, and I wanted to watch my favorite hunting shows. This whole phase is what I would call my beginner phase.

Then I joined FaceBook, and Twitter, and FriendFeed. At FaceBook, in one of the groups, I discovered Yuwie. and this exploded my community participation. Then I signed up at ZenZuu. The last two, Yuwie and ZenZuu are sites that "share profits". What I figured out is that you have to be on them almost constantly, viewing members pages, and concentrate on building a down line. What I mean is that focusing on getting people to join and viewing pages, takes allot of time. While it is fun, I love to search out more things in the way of reading material. I spent so much time on Yuwie, that I started missing my blog reading. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and still visit all the sites regularly. But FriendFeed is about the only one I really use now, mainly because it tracks many of my other community activities.

Then I discovered the Blogging Communities. They saved my sanity, for they fed my desires. I joined Digg, Stumbleupon, Mixx, Entrecard, SocialSpark, BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, BlogMadd, BlogRush, and Blog Explosion. All these communities promote blogs, and feed you topics that might or might not be interesting. My favorite, and hence the ones that I use the most are Mixx, Entrecard, and BlogCatalog. Each for its own reason. Mixx because it's a very friendly community of people who share what they find on the Web. I know that I have gotten to read things because someone else found it first, but then I probably would not have found it if not for Mixx. BlogCatalog because it is a little more community oriented, and has a friendly atmosphere. They also share information, and techniques. I think it is a much better site for the blogging beginner like me. Entrecard because it is a community that allows you to advertise on other blogs by earning credits. You earn credits by dropping cards on other members. This entails surfing around and reading quite a few posts, right up my alley. I have found some very nice sites this way, and am finding even more through Mixx and BlogCatalog. Eventually I will get more active with Stumbleupon and Digg, but for some reason I don't feel as comfortable there as I do at Mixx.

What I have discovered, is that for me the Blogging Communities are more fun and useful. I still visit the Social Communities, but not nearly as much as I did. I have been spending so much time working on my two blogs, and really do appreciate all the helpful information I get at the Blogging Communities. So if you are one of my friends at the social communities, you now know why I have not been around as much.

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