Sleepy Saturday

All is right with the world today. I have finished my E Mail early, and completed all my Mixx notice reviews. I have even gone through and organized my bookmarks. That was not so easy. I had over 60 pages bookmarked, and had to go through and separate them into functional categories so I could find them easily. I decided to take a break from surfing for a little while, couple hours at least. So after I get this posted, I plan to go play at Plurk.

Blinda is in playing her Play Station games, she and her father trade games out with each other. Now that is something to laugh at, a 60 something year old guy addicted to Play Station, and good at it too. He'll buy a game, play it all the way through, then send it to Blinda, who does the same in reverse. She can get really into her Play Station, I guess just as much as I get into the Internet. At least we don't have to fight over the computer.

I am listening to my radio station on LaunchCast. I love that, no commercials, and you choose what you want to listen to. I have a mix of genres selected, and when a song comes up that I don't want to listen to, I just hit the "Never Play Again" button. You can rate songs as they are being played, and then LaunchCast matches your selections up with other users who have similar taste. Then they play song those other users liked. I have discovered some very good new to me music that way.

My toothache has finally subsided and is leaving me in peace for the time being. It was a very long night though. Due to not being able to sleep for most of the night, I managed to browse around and drop 196 Entrecards and read almost every one of the posts. You have no idea how time consuming that was. Entrecard even started posting the Wow and Go Go instead of the normal Thanks in the widgets. Its amazing what lack of sleep due to pain will do for you, or to you.

Anyway, I may regret it later, but I am about to open a Shiner, and a can of smoked baby clams and sit down to conversate with my fellow Plurktonians. Come on around, and join in the free and open conversations at Plurk. You will be surprised. If you have used Twitter, I bet you will become a Plurker also.

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Flanboyant Eats said...

well I had a good Saturday, too. I went to Church and then came home and rested (well after I ate!) I then blogged all night. It's sooo time consuming but gratifying when you make friends that appreciate you!

Thanks for your last comments on my writing...

Have a great week!

Eric S. said...

Welcome back Flanboyant eats. I agree it is gratifying, and when you have people that leave comments, it helps to inspire. It makes the time spent well worth the effort. Glad you had a good Saturday also. I love your posts.


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