Ok so I was wrong

I'm talking about social networks again. Ya Ya I know "get over it". It can be fun, and you get some interesting things going sometimes. In my last post I talked about the social networks, and how much time they take up. I have been avoiding my Yuwie page lately because I figured everyone was going to be a little upset with me. Not the case, I am still getting just as many friend requests and comments as before.

Twitter was one I could never quite figure out. It is a unique concept, but are you going to sit there all day and respond to little single line comments. I know there really is more to it than that, but when I first signed up with them, that's what it seemed like. With Twitter, you can use your cell phone or PDA. There was even a case where a young man got arrested in China, and he managed to send a "Twit", resulting in his friends contacting the consulate and getting him released.

Well the new one on my desktop is Plurk. It is similar to Twitter, but you can respond to the posts within that post. It can be like having a conversation. Believe me some of the conversations get downright comical. Some of course are very serious, and then some are philosophical in nature. Mostly it is just friendly conversation. I had signed up with Plurk, about a week ago. I spent a little time there, and was not really getting the feel of it. I guess I just didn't say anything to perk much attention. It seemed to me that the conversations were more clickish at first, boy was I wrong.

I kept reading blog posts about how much fun everyone was having at Plurk, and thought I would give it another try. I went and hung out for awhile, posted a few responses to ongoing conversations, and started getting a few friends requests. Then I read this post tonight at Plurkiverse, a blog site about Plurk. I found this post through Mixx, my absolutely favorite Blogging community. The post was all about Karma, a Plurk term or rating. The more involved you are the more Karma you acquire, pretty simple huh. You would think so, but there is a little controversy going on over at Plurk about the Karma rating process. Nothing serious, but enough for them to rate a post.

I thought I would leave a comment, and for a change, I posted my Plurk user name, and next thing I knew, I had about thirty friends requests in about an hours time. I have downloaded an add on Plurk sidebar for Fire Fox, so I can keep up with what's going on while I'm surfing. Now I can continue my regular surfing while Plurking. All I have to do is figure out how to get my Plurk feed to my FriendFeed, and I'm all set. I'll keep my Twitter account, because my Mixx automatically updates my Twitter. But I think I will be slightly more active with Plurk, simply because it is fun. If your not using <!--" target="_blank">Fire Fox with the Google Toolbar yet, I suggest you get it, it's much faster than IE, and I think better. Then you can get the Plurk Sidebar and have a Plurking fun time. If you sign up using one of the links here, you'll automatically be my friend at Plurk. So we'll see you there, and have a Plurking good time with a little Plurkatude.

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honest ape said...

Glad to have you join Plurk. We're a friendly bunch over there, ain't we?


Eric S. said...

Most definately. Thanks for stopping by

Beaman said...

After reading your review of Plurk, I will have a go. Like you were, I'm rather perplexed at the point of Twitter etc.

Eric S. said...

Well beaman, I was not that interested in twitter, but Plurk is a little more fun. I am Chihuatude at plurk Thanks for visiting.


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