A Night Off The Net

Tonight I had the predominant urge to just sit back and enjoy a good book. Therefore I must apologies to those blogs I read regularly for not paying them a visit. Although I must confess that many of them have no idea I visit, other than an unexplained single increase in their RSS feed. I have a bad habit of being a lurker on many of my favorite sites. I generally will not make a comment unless I feel I have something to contribute, and I am far to contemplative to make spontaneous comments. For some reason I have to mull over what exactly I want to say. There is something about putting your thoughts into written form that makes them seem more potent, powerful, or maybe even cavil. I find it interesting, for me at least, that I will freely talk verbally with people I have never met, but feel compelled to be careful of what I write. Perhaps there is the thought that a verbal conversation can be forgotten easily where the written word is preserved for better or worse. I'm not sure what that makes me, careful, cautious, or maybe pompous. It is also interesting that I love to get comments on my blog, but for some reason feel other bloggers would consider what I have to say as trifle or annoying.

Anyway, I took a break from the Net tonight to enjoy a good novel of the paper back version, instead of the electronic version. There is something comforting about the feel of a good book. Each one has its own weight and texture, that adds to the experience. I know, that sounds absolutely ridiculous, but to me it adds to the overall adventure. Somehow it lets me identify with the story, or maybe the author. There is something basic, and fundamental about the turning of the page, and anticipation of what is coming next that appeals to my old fashioned nature. I suppose that goes to show that no matter how much I want to become more involved in the Internet and technology, I can not escape my origins. The glowing warmness of the computer screen shall never replace the comfort and repletion of a good book.

I will leave you with this quote from The Walking Drum by Louis L'Amour.

Knowledge is priceless, material possessions and money can be lost or stolen. Knowledge can never be taken from you, even if given freely you still retain it.

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priyanka said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tashabud said...

This prose is beautifully written. Perfect in every way. I understand your position, but I'm still hoping for you to comment in my blogsite anyway. Hehe.

maggie's mind said...

I feel a night away from the internet and with a good book instead may be coming soon to my home. :)

Thank you for your comment on my Thursday 13, and if you do make the leap, please do get in touch with me. You know where my blog is, and my email is on my blog, too. I have only my own experience to share, and I am not an expert, but I'm glad to lend any support or encouragement I can. Good luck!

Eric S. said...

priyanka sorry but your comment was blatant spam, therefore I removed it.

Eric S. said...

@Tashabud, You got me good with chapter 11, it left me wanting more. I left you a comment this time. I'm trying to work a little harder on my lurking issues. LOL

@Maggie' Mind, At times there is nothing better than a relaxing enjoyable book, Thanks for coming by, and be sure that when I get ready put my plan in action I'll pay you another visit.

tashabud said...

Eric, yes I read your comment and I geatly appreciate it. I'm glad chapter 11 got you good. Make sure you don't miss chapter 12. My other readers liked that one too. Thanks again.

Eric S. said...

Tashabud, not to worry I'll be there! I love extending and spreading out my enjoyment of a good book.

Kel said...

I have only a few blogs I visit regularly, yours, my step-daughters, Exquisite Corpse, and the blog at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. I . . . "lurk" I think you called it, on two. For much the same reasons I think, a feeling of not quite being up to the task ~ yet.

I doubt I will ever be significantly internet oriented. I do not find the computer screen warm, nor welcoming. Yes, it is an intriguing tool for research and remaining connected to friends and family. But a real book, a weighty, tasty, world in hand, alternate life to sample vicariously, no, I cannot imagine a computer screen replacing that for me.

But I am really captivated tonight, reading your current blog entries, and reading the comments of the visitors who chose to chat, rather than slip in and out unobtrusively.

This is a most interesting development in my youngest brother's life. Bravo dear heart. Bravo.

Eric S. said...

Kel, I love the way you describe reading a book. It is exactly what I was trying to achieve. You have always had that flair for the descriptive word, and its one of the reasons I have always said you would make a great author.

Yes this "community" of bloggers is unique in more ways than you can imagine. They help each other, and tutor each other, and are there for support. I have been amazed myself at the way I communicate now compared to just a short time ago. I have found information and communication for many of my interests, and it has allowed me to express things I never would have before. I hope this will eventually give me the courage to post some of my short stories. I'm working on it.


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