My nocturnal activities disrupted.

We have had an extremely rough couple of days. For any who also watch my Chihuatude blog, you know what's been happening. For any one else who might be interested, We breed Chihuahuas and Basset Hounds. We have had a litter of Basset puppies, and then suddenly some medical issues with the mother. So if your wondering why I have not had a daily post for the past couple of days, that is why. If you want to find out what all happened, check out Chihuatude.

My normal operating tempo goes something like this. 6:30 AM, Alarms goes off. 6:30.05 AM; I try, sometimes successfully, to slap snooze button. By 7:00 I am up and soaking in the coffee. Usually on the couch watching, but not paying attention to the news. It takes me at least two cups, and 15 to 20 minutes to wake up. 7:30 off to work for hopefully a full 8 hour, sometimes 10 or 12 hour day. After coming home, showering and eating dinner, I turn on the computer. First thing of course is to wade through the email to see if there is anything interesting. I then start surfing the net. I check all my favorite blogs, and some of my social network sites. I am a member of Face Book, My Space, Live Spaces, Yahoo 360, Yuwie, Zen Zuu, Social Spark, Entrecard, and a few other specifically blogger community sites. Usually by about midnight I have figured out what I'm going to post. Some times that decision is made long before I get home. By 2:00 AM I have my posts done and do a final surf to see if anything interesting has come up. Then it's off to bed.

Most people think I am a little nuts because I very seldom go to bed before 2:00 AM. Unfortunately this is a remnant of a prior occupation. I worked night shift for all most 8 years straight. Out of those eight years, I probably only had a total of five to six months of day shifts. Only when I get very tired or had an extremely long and day, will I go to bed at about 11:00 PM or midnight.

Well anyway, the past couple of days has been nonstop. One thing right after the other. We have been taking turns feeding the new babies, every two hours, and watching to make sure nothing else goes wrong. My nocturnal Internet surfing has been effectively curtailed for a little bit. I have managed to maintain some work, but I'm afraid I have let some of my social networking profiles suffer. Not that big of a deal really, I don't have thousands of friends like some of the profiles I've seen, but I do have, all told, a couple hundred. I like to at least drop a graphic or comment on them regularly. So if any of my social network buddies are reading, Sorry I'll get to ya as soon as I can. To everybody else, as soon as things calm down a little I will work on some more fun posts about what I like.

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