A most unusual day

Today started off early. I had to get up and go to Dallas early to prep a job for inspection. Dallas is one of the biggest pain in the you know what cities when it comes to inspections. They require some pretty ridiculous things. It seems that each city adds their own individual list of things that have to be done to get a green tag.

Well anyway, the drive was not too bad. I expected traffic, so was not upset at having it take hour and a half to get there. As I was filling up all the plastic, one of the test balls broke, and flooded the house. So I spent about an hour sweeping it out. Luckily it was in the top out stage, which is just been framed, and we put all the plumbing in the wall, set tubs and showers, and run vents out through the roof. A little extra work, no problem.

After I finished the job, I had to drive back to Fort Worth, and do a rough in. As I was driving back, I decided to stop and get some thing to drink. So I pull into this Race Track gas station, and buy a soda and bag of sunflower seeds. As I was getting ready to leave, I saw this young lady looking into her car through the window. Obviously she had locked her keys in her car. Now this particular area was not a nice part of town, so I decided I would try to help. I asked her if she had help coming, and she said she had called work for someone to come get her, but she did not know what to do about her car. Well being that I have a little experience in getting people into their car. I offered to try and unlock her car for her. She said OK, and I went to work. Now this is a little harder when you don't have the right tools. As I was working on it a grungy looking probably homeless man comes up and tries to help. I was about to give up, and then realized that if I left, she would not be in good company. I kept trying, and then someone else gave me an old car antenna to use, and it actually worked. I got her door open just as her friend from work showed up. She was so happy, and thanked me.

I then started the long drive back to work, and surprisingly there was little traffic, and I was able to get there in about half an hour. The rest of the day went very well, it was hot but not near as humid as it has been. Finished work early, and came home.

Perhaps, a good deed is rewarded.

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