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As everybody knows, I spend a considerable amount of time browsing the web. I find on occasion, by many different means, some very interesting sites. I have a habit of bookmarking sites that I consider to be very talented authors. By that category, I am talking about people who seem to have that knack of transforming words into wonder filled creations that seem to capture the imagination and trap the reader like a tantalizing spiders web. I wish to share some of these with you, and with a little bit of luck, every Monday.

I found Magic & Moments at Dragon Fly Cottage the other night on my Entrecard spree. Lucky for me, I had a pain induced insomniac night, otherwise I may not have found this site. I know that sounds a little strange, but because of my tooth ache, I spent the night browsing the web, trying to "lose" my pain in thought. Magic & Moments at Dragon Fly Cottage is authored by Maitri, who has a unique way of losing herself in the written word not so unlike the rest of us that love a good novel, is a writer and independent publisher. She had written a post titled When Our Lives Echo A Book Which Echoes Itself that seemed to capture me, pull me in, and wrap a warm comfortable feeling around me. Maitri was writing about one of her favorite books, and how she could lose herself in the pages. She also told about how she loves to find a peaceful quite place with no distractions, just a little solitude, to read her book. I could empathize with her in that endeavor, for at times I find it difficult to find that place of solitude that allows you to completely enjoy your novel. I was also able to relate to how time seems to transform when you are engulfed in a great novel. I had to go and add her favorite novel to my wish list at, and hope to get it sometime soon so I can read it and try to envision where she was as she read it. Maitri's post is a must read, simply for the enjoyment of it. then if your so inclined as I was add her favorite novel to your wish list.

If on a winter's night a traveler
by Italo Calvino

Read more about this book...

Beaman's World found me, instead of me finding him. He left a comment on one of my posts. As I always do I returned the favor, by visiting his site. He had a beautiful poem about a butterfly, titled The Butterfly (A Villanelle) Beaman has an impressive skill at weaving words into poetic prose. He is also one of my friends at Plurk, and manages to surprise me with his poetry even in the form of a "good night Plurk". Beaman is starting up a poetry site, I have to admit that I'm not sure if he has it done yet, that should be a wonderful addition to the web. I will find out how he's coming with his site, and post a link for it here. For the time being, visit his blog, read the posts, and make sure you read The Butterfly (A Villanelle).

Thanks again to Entrecard, I found The Big Picture - A Novel. This is a blog who's author, Tashabud, a self proclaimed dreamer, adventurer, risk taker, and hopeless romantic, is writing a novel. Each post is a chapter, and is really a good read. You have to go back to the first post to read from the beginning, be sure to have you snacks and drinks close by. It is a captivating story of Love and betrayal. I have not decided if the betrayal is between characters or a self betrayal by the main character. There are some twists and turns, which make for interesting and enjoyable reading.

Last but not least is a post I "Stumbled Upon"on the nonist, I'm adding it here for the pictures of places of perpetual dreams. Go and check the pictures and see what I mean, but definitely read the creative quip at the start, you'll find it amusing and entertaining.

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Mike Foster said...

Hey, nice post. I visited your dog site before, but just made my way here. Full of good, interesting stuff; glad I dropped by. Take care...


Eric S. said...

Thanks Mike, I like your site's also, you really have some good healthful tip's. Thanks for dropping by

Beaman said...

Thank you for the very nice mention. :) It was a lovely surprise.

My new website is not quite ready yet. Should be ready within 3 days or so. I'll announce it anyway.

tashabud said...

Eric, I'm pretty blown away by what you've said about my novel. That is the best compliment I've ever heard about my novel. I'm now in heaven. It's such a big surprise, too, since you never left any comments in my novel site. Thanks so much again.

I must tell you that your blogsite's design and layout are very impressive. I love the blue jean background. Equally impressive are your postings--excellent reading. I'll surely go to visit the blogsites you've mentioned.

Eric S. said...

@beaman, your welcome, I do enjoy your poems, and interesting poetic plurks. Let me know when you get your site done, and I'll post a link

@tashabud, I'm glad you feel complimented, for you should. I have not completely finished your work in progress. I read a couple chapters a night, currently up to 10. I just have so many blogs to read that I must spread it out. Be sure I will continue to come by, and I will be nice and comment a few times.

tashabud said...

Thank you Eric. I'll surely be looking forward to your comments. I wish I can write as perfectly as you do. I do need an editor, desperately. I have ideas. I'm just terrible with grammar. With this, I apologize if my novel isn't as polished as it should be.

Lizzy said...

A wonderful review for tashabud's novel. :) I'm glad you like her novel and made her happy at the same time!


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