Fire Fox 3.0 Now Available for FREE Download

Wow, I just downloaded Fire Fox 3. I like the look, it feels cleaner than the 2.0.14 and is most definitely faster. I started using Fire Fox about six months ago. I know "what took you so long". Well to be honest, I just had no idea how much better Fire Fox was. I had downloaded it a long time ago, and never really tried it. I was trusting IE for all my surfing.

About six months ago, I started having problems with My IE. It was slowing everything down, and taking forever to load things. Then one night, I just thought why not try Fire Fox. Boy was I surprised at the difference. Pages loaded so much faster, and I liked some of the security features. What I liked the most was all the add on's available for Fire Fox. One of the Add On's I use more than anything else, is Blog Rover. It is similar to an rss reader, but looks more like a directory page. What I like about it, is that when you go to a site that is listed in Blog Rover, it pops out a box, kind of like a scratch pad. There you will find information from current posts at the site, and what the site is about.

What got me writing this post, is the availability of Fire Fox 3. I have been waiting, on pins and needles for it come out. As soon as I received notification , I went and downloaded it. Fair warning though, some of the older Add On's do not work with Fire Fox 3. But there are some new ones that don't work with the old Fire Fox. Luckily for me Blog Rover still works.

If your still using IE, you really need to try out the new Fire Fox. I just know that once you do, you'll be hooked for life. Just click on one of the badges, and start enjoying the smoother faster browsing.


Bag Blog said...

You have some very nice blogs. I visited the pics of your dogs - if I didn't already have three dogs...

Eric S. said...

Thank you Bag Blog, I appreciate the comments. 3 dogs is no where near enough LOL.

Meghna said...

Hi Eric,
I always thoguht Firefox was far better...have been using it for around a year now :P

Thanks for your visits to my blog and the kind words and encouragement!

Eric S. said...

Hi Meghna, I wish I had found Fire Fox a long time ago. Are you still on vacation, sneaking in internet time at the web cafe's LOL. I loved that post.


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